Erquellewen – Chapter 23- What He Wants

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Legolas looked around, but everything was too blury. The only thing that he could see clearly was Erquellewen leaning over him. She was shaking him. Legolas could also see Lief and Mithwethiel next to him. But he couldn’t remember anything.

As everything came into view, he could also hear whispering. Lief and Mithwethiel crawled over and shook him some more. “What do you want? And why am I on the ground?” he asked. Erquellewen smiled and hugged him.

“Yeah!” Mithwethiel said. “Why did we both wake up on the ground?” Lief and Erquellewen laughed. They didn’t think it was funny that they got hurt, but they thought that it was very funny that they couldn’t remember something so obvious.

“Don’t- HAHA- Don’t you remember- Hoohooha!” Lief tried to say over his laughing. he and Erquellewen fell to the ground holding their sides.

“No, we don’t,” Legolas said. Mithwethiel nodded.

“Yeah, what happened to us?” she asked with a puzzled look on her face. This made Erquellewen and Lief laugh even harder. Eventually, Gandalf told them what happened.

“Do you remember us saying that Saruman was under the hood?” Gandalf asked, trying to be heard over the laughing.

“I do a little bit,” Legolas said. Mithwethiel nodded.

“Well, when you heard me say that, you pulled out your daggers, and tried to attack Saruman.” Saruman nodded from behind Gandalf. “When you did, he used his powers to stop you. Both of you were thrown into the water. Erquellewen swam right into the lake and saved you Mithwethiel. But Legolas, you had already washed up on shore. During that time, I had a conversation with Saruman.”

“Why don’t we remember this?” Mithwethiel asked, frowning at her friends, who were still laughing.

“The power I used,” Saruman said, “wipes your memory. But only the things that happened seconds before are wiped away. That’s why you can still remember everything else.”

“Now,” said Gandalf, “I will discuss certain matters with you. Saruman has decided to give up on being evil. He used his senses to find us. He knew that Japool the Wild has plotted to steal the beautiful amethyst from Erquellewen.”

At these words, Erquellewen held up the amethyst. It seemed warmer than usual. “Gandalf,” she said, “Do you think we are getting closer to our destination?”

“Yes Erquellewen,” he replied. “It shall take us three weeks at the most.”

Erquellewen smiled. Only three more weeks and they would finally be there. She just hoped that everyone would stay safe.


Meanwhile, Japool stared out of the cave entrance. He could see Quickclaw heading back with very few soldiers. For whatever reason there were so few soldiers, Quickclaw would be punished.


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