Erquellewen – Chapter 22- Who Are They?

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Erqullewen swam to the edge of the water, the spider blood sticking to her clothes. She walked slowly up to the leader of the reinforcements. She had to climb over dead spiders as she walked. Some had escaped, but the others could not make it.

The only thing that Erquellewen could see under the hoods of the reinforcements were their ears. Many of them were Elves, but very few were Men and Dwarves. The leader was too tall to be a man or an elf, and it surely wasn’t a dwarf. Erquellewen reached forward to remove the hood, but the leader just grabbed her arm. The grip was so strong, that Erquellewen wasn’t sure that the leader would let her go. But finally, the leader did.

“We cannot remove our hoods until nightfall,” said the leader. It was a man, for he had a very deep voice. When he spoke, Gandalf jumped. He felt that he had heard the voice before. But he could not quite put his finger on it.

“Why?” Erquellewen asked. Erquellewen could not tell if the man was staring at her or not. She tried to catch the glint of the man’s eyes in the sun, but the hood just blocked the sunlight from showing them. Legolas and Mithwethiel walked up behind Erquellewen and put their hands on the hilts of their daggers. Erquellewen was glad that her friends were there to back her up.

“It is too risky. We are wanted in many places.” the man said. “We know you all. But you may not remember us.” At these words, Legolas and Mithwethiel signaled to each other. They slid their daggers out of their hilts just a little, ready to fight.

“I know who you are, Saruman,” said Gandalf from behind Legolas. Mithwethiel nodded towards Legolas and they both slid their swords out of their hilts. They held them high above their heads, ready to strike. But one swift wave of Saruman’s hand, and a force sent them both flying back. At the same time, they fell into the lake. Erquellewen ran forward to grab them, but Saruman grabbed her arm.

“Let go!” she shouted, trying to shove Saruman away. But he was too strong. Aragorn and Gimili charged at Saruman and hit him. He staggered backwards and let go of Erquellewen. She ran forward and dove into the water. Mithwethiel was almost at the bottom, unconcious. Erquellewen swam as fast as possible to her. She drapped her over hr shoulders, and went to find Legolas.

Meanwhile, Aragorn and Gimili were holding back Saruman. The four Hobbits kicked at his legs. Saruman jumped as the Hobbits kicked. But Gandalf ordered them to stop.

“Gimili, Aragorn, keep holding him back. Hobbits! Hold his staff. Don’t let him get it. I wish to have a word with him.” He strode over to him, smiling as he went.

Under the water, Erquellewen couldn’t find Legolas. She was getting worried, and she was almost out of air. She swam up to the surface, careful not to make a sound. But on the other side of the lake, she saw a figure lying on the shore. It was breathing deeply, half unconcious.

“Legolas!” Erquellewen gasped. She swam over quietly. When she reached the shore, she put Mithwethiel over one shoulder, and Legolas over the other. It was a struggle, but eventually, ahe reached the side of the lake where her companions were. Lief helped her pull Legolas and Mithwethiel out. He layed Mithwethiel in his lap. Secretly, he leaned over Mithwethiel and kissed her on the forehead.


Quickclaw smirked at a spider named Bloodwrath. They had been fighting ever since the battle with the mysterious attackers.

“Just wait’ll Japool hears about this!” Bloodwrath teased. Quickclaw scurried over to Bloodwrath and held his dagger in the air.

“Bloodwrath, you get one more chance. Another remark like that, and you’ll be joinin’ yer friends at the Gates of Fire!” Quickclaw argued.


For Lalaith-Elerrina: Quickclaw and Japool are spiders


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