Erquellewen – Chapter 20- Enemy Ideas

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Erquellewen stared at Legolas. He had been acting very strange lately. She wished that they could talk to each other but Gandalf would not allow it. It would be too risky talking about anything. They could accidently let something slip about the amethyst.

Mithwehtiel looked back over her shoulder. She was at the end of the line with Lief. She thouhgt she had heard something scuttling behind them but she couldn’t see anything. It was pitch black. They were forced to walk in the middle of the night, for it was less dangerous. But Mithwehtiel did not like the idea. She thought it was too hard to see if the enemy was coming. And she was right. They had been attacked by orcs three times already.

Lief looked up at Aragorn. He looked somewhat familiar. But he just couldn’t figure out where or if he had seen Aragorn. He knew that he was the King of Gondor. But he lived in Rohan. He had never been to Gondor, and he wasn’t born until after the War.

Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin all looked around very nervously. They thought that they’d be attacked again. Before they started on their journey, he told Sam to look East, Merry to look South, Pippin to look to the West, and he said that he would look to the North. He just wished that he would have brought his flute. He hadn’t played a song on it since he left for Rivendell to visit Bilbo.

Gimili looked over at Legolas. He had not seen his friend in a while. He missed him very much. He wanted to hug him when they found the four companions, but they were about to be attacked by them. So he hadn’t bothered. If he did now, he would hold up the party, and they would probably be attacked again.

Gandalf reached into his robe to pull out the map. But when he reached in, the map was gone. He felt around every pocket on his robe, but it just wasn’t there. Where had it gotten to?


Japool stared at the stolen map. He couldn’t read it at all. It was in Elvish. He would have to search for Quickclaw. But he didn’t feel like roaming around in his cold castle. His room was cold enough. So he called to one of his servants and ordered him to look for Quickclaw. He nodded and went off to find him.


A couple of minutes later, the servant came back with Quickclaw. “What is it boss?” he asked.

“I have a plan.” answered Japool. “Read this to me my dear Quickclaw.” he asked kindly.

“Let me see it boss.” he said back. Japool handed him the map. “Let’s see here,” he grunted. “It says;

Where the river flows,
the black bird crows.
Look up and find the secret is yours,
When you do you will find you are poor no more.
For here is the treasure that will make you rich,
But be careful not to fall in the ditch.

“I don’t get it boss.” he said after the translation.

“Well I do. Can you follow the road on this map?” Japool asked. “Well of course you can. I need you to find four troops, including your own. Send one to the North, one to the South, one to the East, and one to the West. Around here you will find that nasty group that we stole this map from.” He pointed to a little blue dot, where he had marked. “At least I think you will. Attack with all four troops on each side. Steal the amethyst from the bearer, and follow the road back.”

“Okay boss.” Quickclaw said. He wasn’t so sure about this plan, but he was forced to follow his masters orders. So he scuttled out in search of four troops.


Back in Rivendell, Bilbo sat next to Elrond and Arwen. They sat in silence for a long time. All Arwen could think about was Aragorn. She could sense that he would be in trouble soon.
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