Erquellewen – Chapter 2- Which Way?

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Erquellewen paced around the room nervously. She had no clue where to go. Thinking of what might happen to her, she quietly closed the trap door, so it looked like no one came through.

Then she heard footsteps and voices. She dashed behind the door, praying that she wouldn’t get caught. She heard a voice that she didn’t know, and one that belonged to the knight she had talked to outside.

“Lord,” said the knight in a quiet voice, ” there is someone sneaking around the castle. Or so we think.”

“Do you think you could tell me what this creature looked like?” asked the stranger. Erquellewen guessed it was the King, since the knight called him Lord.

“Well, it was one of us. A woodlander. She had light brown hair and blue eyes. She was tall and skinny, and she looked to be about as old as the Prince. Should we keep an eye out for her?”

“Of course!” replied the King, “She could be here to do something we would not like. She will probably try to kill my son and I!”

“Yes, Lord,” said the knight, “We will kepp a close watch for her.”


Erquellewen was suprised to hear that the King thought that she would probably kill him. All she wanted to do was meet the King and the Prince. She could not believe she was being accused for something she would not do.

After the King and the knight were out of sight, she carefully looked around, and snuck out of the room. She didn’t think that anyone would think that she was the one that everyone was looking for. But she guessed wrong.

A servant had noticed her walking by. At first, he didn’t see her face, but then, as she looked back, he realized it must have been her. But Erquellewen was too quick. She turned the corner and turned another corner before the servant could catch up with her.

Erquellewen knew that the servant was chasing her. She was thinking of asking for directions, but then she remembered that everyone in the castle was looking for her. So she had to think of something else.

“I wonder if I can keep all of this hiding up?” she thought. Hopefully, no one would spot her again. She kept close to the wall.

All of a sudden, she turned and bumped into an elf. She hoped that the elf wouldn’t catch her.

“Sor-” The elf stopped talking real fast, “Have we-met?” he asked. The voice sounded familiar. Erquellewen noticed that the voice belonged to the hooded elf! But he ran before Erquellewen could realize who it was.

P.S.- All of my readers that read my last story, I got ERQUELLEWEN from this website. You can find your elvish name somewhere on this site…I think. But ERQUELLEWEN is Elvish for Lee Ann


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