Erquellewen – Chapter 18- Extra Help

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Erquellewen looked over at Legolas. She could tell he was determined to accomplish their goal. The amethyst was glowing, but Erquellewen couldn’t find out why. She wanted to ask Lief or Mithwethiel, but she knew that many enimies would be watching them.

“That’s it!” she thought. “The amethyst must glow when enimies are watching. That’ll help help us a lot.” She wanted to tell everyone what she had found out, but her caution got the better of her. She didn’t want to be attacked. She could feel that the enemy already knew about the beautiful jewel.

Lief looked down at the road. There were orc prints everywhere. “I guess they weren’t all killed when the Ring was destroyed.” he thought. “I wonder if they know about the amethyst?”


Back at the cave in the mountains, the crew of spiders was eating the meal that the leader had given to them. “Sorry everyone, but we only have this herb. It’s said to make you tougher. But I think that’s a whole bunch of hubbub.” He laughed, his thousands of eyes squeezed shut. The crew always had to agree with their boss, so they laughed along with him.

Quickclaw came into the cave, a paper in his two front claws. “I found this while the companions were asleep. It is the map sir.” The great beast snatched the map from Quickclaw.

“Did you kill them, my dear Quickclaw?” he asked hopefully. Quickclaw took a while to answer.

“Sorry sir, but I didn’t.” Quickclaw waited for the consequences he deserved. The leader raised his claw, but then lowered it.

“My dear Quickclaw, I will sacrifice your life just this once. You are my greatest warrior now. But next time, you will be going to the gates of fire.”

“Thank you sir.” Quickclaw stamered. “Next time, I’ll be sure to kill the enemy.” He backed away carefully. If he moved to fast, the great would sure notice that he was afraid.

“Okay everyone, time is up!” the leader shouted. “Go to bed and stop shoving food down your throats!” One spider,
called Fatface, decided to keep eating. The great leader scuttled up to him, holding up a claw.

“Fatface, my friend. I have given orders but you have not followed them.” he pulled out his sword and slashed off Fatface’s head. It thumped to the floor. Spiders scattered to their rooms as the great leader slashed his sword at the air.

As this happened, the great leader, Japool the Wild, jumped and laughed at all of his frightened crew members.


“Gandalf, you must take some followers and find Erquellewen.” Elrond said. “They could use some extra help on thier quest.” He looked sternly into his old friends eyes.

“I can, and I will.” Gandalf replied. “Erquellewen will no longer be in need of any help.” He smiled and went to gather a crew.


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