Erquellewen – Chapter 17- The Quest

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Erquellewen had barely touched her breakfast. She stared at it, thinking of her dream. If Legolas died, she would die of a broken heart. She would never have children. And worst of all, she would never see her family again. She could imagine the looks on their faces when they heard the news.

Legolas tapped Erquellewen on the shoulder. “Are you OK?” he asked. “You’ve barely touched your food. Erquellewen nodded, but Legolas could tell she wasn’t telling the truth. “Don’t lie to me Erquellewen. I know that you’re worried. So tell me, what is wrong?” He took her hand in his own. “You can tell me anything.” he said.

“I…” Erquellewen wanted to tell the truth, but she didn’t want Legolas to be worried. “I had a dream that slayed Saruman. I just wish it would come true.” she lied.

“Ahh…” Legolas nodded. “I know what you mean. All of us wish that Saruman were dead. Who knows, maybe your dream will come true.” He let go of her hand and walked away.

Kree had been perched on a rocky ledge below the four friends. Suddenly, he came tearing into the sky, screeching. Lief carefully looked over the egde of the cliff. Climbing up, were two, hairy spiders. They were from the group that had attacked Erquellewen and Legolas on the first day of their escape.

Lief whispered to his other companions. “Gather everything quickly. we must climb higher. I forgot that some of them looked down on their valley from this exact ledge. They make sure noboby is trespassing there.

Legolas darted over to the fire and stamped on it. It took a little time, but it went out. Mithwethiel dashed over to the food and stuffed it into their sacks. Lief went to calm Kree down. But Erquellewen just peeked over the ledge.

“Erquellewen!” Mithwethiel hissed. “What are you doing?” Erquellewen didn’t answer. Instead, she stared at the tips of the spiders’ legs.

“There are poison barbs on the ends of their feet!” she hissed back at Mithwethiel. We better keep our distance!”

A few minutes later, the companions were about halfway up to the top af the mountain. Lief was an expert on climbing. He said he had climbed the Misty Mountains dozens of times.He knew the easiest way up. The spiders were far behind. Erquellewen could only see their eyes.

A few more minutes passed and the spiders had stopped on the ledge that the companions were eating on before. Erquellewen and her friends had found a nice large cave to live in for a couple of days.


The day had come for the friends to leave the cave. but it was raining very hard, so their journey was delayed. In that time, Lief had said that he had something important to say.

“Erquellewen,” he sayed proudly. “You have an amethyst. That amethyst must be returned to it’s rightful place. It was stolen thousands of years ago. Now you are it’s bearer. Keep it safe, for it is very rare. It belongs in the Valley of Doom. This valley has never been located on any map. The map makers thought it would be too dangerous to put it on their maps. They did not want to loose their people.”

Mithwethiel and Legolas stared at Erquellewen. Erquellewen stared straight into Liefs face. Could this be true? Could she really be the bearer of a valued treasure? Could she complete the quest, or would she die trying? Her dream about Legolas had been swept out of her mind. Everything she knew had been forgotten. The only thing on her mind now was the journey.

“Where is this valley you speak of?” Legolas asked. He wasn’t looking at Erquellewen now. He was looking at Lief. “How can we tell you’re not lying?” He was frowning, but smirking at the same time.

“I’ll take you there!” Lief said. But little did the companions know that they were being watched. Thousands of huge black eyes were peeking in the cave.


“Boss!” said Darkeye the spider moments later. “I have information about the trespassers. They are headed to the Valley of Doom. I’ve never heard of it. But The man said that one of the females has an ancient medalion of some sort. He said it was a valued treasure. But I didn’t attack. I thought we could-“

His voice was cut off as the “boss” spoke. “Why didn’t you kill them?”

“Sir!” Darkeye pleaded. “I was just getting to that part! I thought we could follow them to that Valley of Doom, steal the treasure, and kill them!”

“Good idea Darkeye!” grumbled the boss. “But we only follow MY orders!” He slashed at Darkeye with one of his poison barbs. Darkeye fell to the ground in a heap. There he died.

“Let’s go kill the trespassers now and take the medalion!” shouted the boss.

And his followers chanted, “Asmodeous, Asmodeous! Kill, kill, kill! Asmodeous the Scourge has returned!”


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