Erquellewen – Chapter 15- Dreams and Terrors

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“Erquellewen!” Mithwethiel whispered. “You can wake up, it is time for breakfast.” Erquellewen looked up at Mithwethiel. She was holding out some apples. “Take one, they’re washed,” she said, shoving one into Erquellewen hand.

“Where did you wash them?” Erquellewen asked. She stared at the apple. The light glared on it’s red surface.

“There’s a stream down there,” Mithwethiel answered. “We passed it yesterday when you were still knocked- out.” Then she held something else out to Erquellewen. It was a light purple, and it shined brightly. Erquellewen had to shield her eyes.

“This,” Mithwethiel said, “is an amethyst. If you touch it, it will calm your mind and give you strentgh. You can put it on this chain. Tie it around your neck. When you get nervous, touch it. It will make you feel better.”

Erquellewen stared. “Where’d you-” She took it. Her hand was shaking as she reached out. Once she touched it, a warmness spread through her body. Her hand stopped shaking. She felt stronger.

“So,” Mithwethiel said, “Now we all have gems. I gave Legolas a Ruby. It gets paler when enemies are near. I gave Lief a Topaz. It clears the mind. It also helps you to speak with the dead. And I took an opal. It helps me see into the future.”

“That’s how you knew that our packs would be stolen,” Erquellewen said. She was glad that she got the amethyst. She wanted to feel calm and strong. Now she was able to do this.

“Yes,” Mithwethiel said. “You have figured out my secret. I’ve had this opal since my grandmother died. I had all the gems, so I used the Topaz to speak to her. When she died, I used the amethyst to calm down. I hadn’t noticed that the ruby had gotten paler. My grandmother was killed by Urak-hai. I hadn’t watched the ruby.” She sighed sadly.

“I know how you feel,” said Legolas, as he walked over to them, checking if they are all right. “When my mother died, I had sensed the enemy. I knew she would be taken, because I drank this.” He hald up a bottle of pure whine.

“Who cares?” Mitwethiel said, “It’s just whine. It doesn’t do anything.”

“No,” said Legolas, shaking his head, “It makes you have special dreams. It also makes you really drowsy. But when I drank it, I fell asleep in an instant. I dreamed of sixty Urak-hai coming to Mirkwood. They walked into the castle, killing anyone in their way. They went into my mother’s room and struck her in the heart. The last thing she said too me was, ‘I love you and your father dearly. Take care of him.’ And she died holding my hand.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that,” Mithwethiel said. “Erquellewen, why don’t you drink some of that stuff tonight? Maybe you can see how Mirk wood is doing without us.” But Erquellewen wouldn’t answer. She looked up at Legolas with tears in her eyes. She jumped up and hugged him.

“Of course, when you dream of these things,” he added, pulling Erquellewen off of himself, “they come true, or they’re happening that moment. You’ll know if it’s happening though. You’ll feel like you’re right there.”

“Well, fine,” Erquellewen said, rubbing her amethyst. “I’ll drink some tonight.” Mithwethiel smiled. Legolas hugged Erquellewen. But Erquellewen was scared. She didn’t want to dream of something bad.


That night, Erquellewen fell asleep holding her amethyst. She could feel the wine warming her body. It made her very drowsy, like Legolas had said. But she dreamed of many good things.

The air was fresh in Mirkwood. She was walking down the road. Guards were patrolling around the houses. But Erquellewen didn’t care. She knew she couldn’t be seen.

Then there was a scream. It wasn’t a human screaming though. It was an orc. Many had started to slash their swords. But the guards were too fast for them. They sliced many heads off. One rooled right past Erquellewen.

Then she saw it. A couple of orcs were dragging her family into the shadows. They were chained together. Their faces were grim. But the guards didn’t care. They were too busy defending their King. They cared nothing of the people of the forest.


Then it all changed. There was a dungeon and Mithwethiel’s parents were talking to Erquellewen’s parents. They were planning an escape. Erquellewen did not get to see Mithwethiel’s family get dragged away. But at least she knew now.

This time, Erquellewen was not there. It was going to happen in the future. Orcs were patrolling the corridors. Many of them laughed at the prisoners. Was this her parents’ doom? Would they be tortured, and never see Erquellewen again?


Erquellewen awoke, gasping for breath. She reached out and touched her amethyst. The warmness filled her body again. She calmed down for a while then fell back asleep.


It was the middle of the night. Legolas, Erquellewen, Mithwehtiel, and Lief walked down the road. Kree flew overhead. Orcs and spiders were lurking in the shadows. Erquellewen could feel it. She glanced at Legolas’ Ruby. It was getting paler.

“There is evil here somewhere. We must run,” she told her friends. But they just kept on walking. Then Erquellewen realized that it was a dream. It was going to happen the next night. The Erquellewen from the dream ran up behind them.

“Look Legolas!” She said, pointing at his ruby. It was paler than it was before. Everyone drew their swords. They glanced around nervously. Soon, they would be attacked.


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