Erquellewen – Chapter 14- Lief and Kree

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Erquellewen woke up. She was on Legolas’s back. She lifted her head and saw that he was almost out of breath. “I’ll get off your back if you want me to,” she said, as he looked at her in suprise. She unwrapped her arms from around his neck, and grabbed onto a rock sticking out next to him.

“Great!” he said panting, “You’re awake. For a second we thought you were-” he stopped and went back into his little trance.

Erquellewen knew he wasn’t thinking about love. He was thinking of his mother. She was taken by orcs, and was slaughtered by them. Death. He didn’t want to lose another person that he loved.

Mithwethiel started talking. She mentioned the surprise. She said that she was really excited. And she said there was food involved. This made Erquellewen excited too. She wanted to taste something other than lembas.


About an hour later, they reached the place where the surprise was. There, standing on the ledge, was a boy. He wasn’t an elf, but a human. He laughed when he saw how tired the three caompanions were.

“Hi Mithwethiel!” he said excitedly. He reached out and pulled her up onto the ledge. “I see you brought the two guests. What arer their names again?” he asked, reaching out to pull Erquellewen up.

“Greetings Lief!” she said, “These are the two that I told you about. Erquellewen and Legolas. Did you bring the food? We’ve had lembas for the last three weeks. We’re hungry. And we also found a stream running by the mountain. We refilled our canteens.”

“Yes,” said Lief, pulling out some food, “I did bring the food you asked for. Why did it take you so long?” A falcon swooped down and landed on Lief’s shoulder.

“I see Kree is in shape,” she said looking up.

“Yes. He told me that you were halfway up the mountain. But then he went back later and he said you were lower than you were before.”

“Urak-hai came and attacked us. Erquellewen was grabbed from behind and pulled down. We went back down to see if she was all right. Her heart was still beating.” Erquellewen blushed.

“So Lief,” Erquellewen asked, trying to change the subject, “How did you know to meet Mithwethiel here?”

“I let Kree out for a fly one day. He must have flown over Rivendell, because he came back with a note from Mithwethiel. It told me to meet her at the Misty Mountains. And so I sent a reasponse. I told her I’d bring food.”

“Oh,” she said. “Well, how long have you known each other?”

“I’ve known Mithwethiel for seven years. I’m sixteen, so it wasn’t that long ago.”

“Wow. Well, I’m going to head off to bed.” She walked away, and left her friends sitting on the ground.


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