Erquellewen – Chapter 13- Bad Luck

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Erquellewen waved good-bye as Mithwethiel tugged at her. Erquellewen didn’t really want to leave Rivendell. The food was fantastic. Everyone made her feel relaxed. She knew she was protected. But now, as they walked towards the mountains, she felt queasy.

“I hope we’ll make it to the mountains!” Mithwethiel said with excitement. She was smiling broadly. Legolas didn’t say a word. He just looked at the ground, as if he were in a trance. He was thinking about love. He wanted to know if the feelings he had for Erquellewen really meant that he loved her.

“What foods do we have, Mithwethiel?” Erquellewen asked. Her stomach wasn’t growling, but she wanted to make sure they had enough.

“Well,” she said looking through her pack. “We have six pieces of lembas from Galadriel, three pouches of berries from Aragorn and Arwen, and three apples from Elrond. We have more. Six pears from the four hobbits, and three of these, from Bilbo.” She held up three canteens filled with water. “He says it’s water from the springs in Rivendell. ‘Course I believed him. Where else would he get it?” She giggled.

Then Erquellewen saw something else in her pack. “What is that?” she asked, pointing. There was a tone of disgust in her voice. The thing was black and moldy.

“Oh, that?” she asked, “That’s from Gimili. He says that it’s some dwarf food. He said it tasted good. I’ll try it first.” she added, seeing the look on Erquellewen’s face. Mithwethiel broke of a piece and tried it.

“It’s okay,” she said. “At least enemies won’t take it if we’re robbed.” Erquellewen thought that it sounded as if Mithwethiel knew that enemies would come and take all of their food. But she didn’t want to bother Mithwethiel. She was too excited. Erquellewen knew that Mithwethiel would feel out-of-place if she really did know.

“I wonder if she has any special powers?” she thought. “Maybe she’s like Galadriel?” She glanced at Mithwethiel. She was skipping down the road, humming a tune. At times she would spin around, with her arms in the air.

“Sometimes she acts a little childish for her age.” Erquellewen thought, “Maybe she should calm down just a little.”


That night, Erquellewen, Legolas, and Mithwethiel hid their canteens. They slept with their packs next to them. Hidden in the shadows, they whispered. They talked of many things, like the battle with the Urak-hai, the council, and the party.

When they finally fell asleep, Erquelleen dreamed of the enemy. Erquellewen was standing next to Legolas and Mithwethiel. Both looked down sadly. The enemy had found their packs. They took the dwarf food, too.

She woke up, panick striken. She looked over and her friends were both out of bed. Then she saw them looking for the packs. They left the lembas though. Her heart beat slowed down. Legolas had said that just one bite of lembas could make a stomach of a grown man full. There were six pieces, so they really had more than enough.

Mithwethiel looked down at the ground. She didn’t look scared, but she looked disapointed. Legolas looked calm. He was in his trance once again, thinking about love. Erquellewen sighed.

“So my dream came true,” she said, “And now all the food is gone. But you both looked horrified in my dream. And at least we still have the lembas.” She sighed again and put her hands in her pockets.

Mithwethiel looked at her nervously. “You mean to say,” she said, “that you knew this was going to happen?” Her eyes were big, and she looked angry. “You should have told us that this was going to happen!”

“I didn’t know until last night,” Erquellewen said, feeling accused, “I didn’t have the dream until last night. I thought you would know. And anyway, I didn’t wake up until after it happened. So don’t blame me!”

“Oh, well,” Mithwethiel said, “Erm- sorry!” Legolas was still staring at the ground. “And Legolas,” she added, “are you going to talk at all?” He jumped at the sound of his name.

“Oh,” he looked at them both. He knew they were worried about him. “Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Tell us what you’re thinking about,” Mithwethiel said, “I can tell there’s something on your mind.” He glanced at them nervously. He didn’t want to tell them how he felt. Erquellewen already knew. But he would feel strange if Mithwethiel knew.

“I just miss everyone back in Rivendell,” he said. Erquellewen and Mithwethiel nodded. They both agreed. Legolas sighed quietly. The girls had both believed him. “Well,” he thought, “I really do miss everyone.”


Later that afternoon, the companions walked down the road. They all nibbled on some lembas. Legolas wasn’t in his trance anymore, and Mithwethiel wasn’t acting childish. Erquellewen knew she was hiding something.

Finally, they reached the mountain. they started climbing up. They were moving very slow. Mithwethiel told them that they were headed for Smaug’s cave. Lucky for them, Smaug was dead.

All of a sudden, four horrifying Urak-hai jumped out of the shadows. They attacked Mithwethiel, but she was too quick. She pulled out her dagger and sliced the lead Urak-hai’s head off. Erquellewen found an arrow in her quiver, and stuck it into one of the Urak-hai’s eye. He fell. Legolas took his own dagger and stabbed at another.

“Where’s the fourth?” Mithwethiel shouted. They all climbed up a little higher. Then something wrapped around Erquellewen’s waist. The fourth Urak-hai had grabbed her from behind. It pulled her down. They fell toghether. Erquellewen had killed the Urak-hai while they were falling, but when they hit solid ground, she knew no more.


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