Erquellewen – Chapter 11- The Last Thought

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Erquellewen stared at the last person at the council. She could feel butterflies in her stomach. The person was hooded. Erquellewen tried to see the person’s face, but they wouldn’t lift their hood. Finally, Elrond spoke.

“And what do you think? Your thought will make the decision. Once you say what you want, it will break the tie.” There was a slight pause. Then the person spoke, “I think, my best friend should go where she wants. The boy can go too. But is it okay if I go with them?” The Girl lowered her hood. Her dark brown hair shined in the bright sunlight.

Erquellewen gasped. “Mithwethiel!” Erquellewen could not believe her eyes. Her best friend, Mithwethiel, came all the way from Mirkwood, just to help her friend. And best of all, she wanted to stay with her and Legolas. Mithwethiel smiled at Erquellewen. Her bright teeth glimmered.

“Then it is settled,” Elrond said, “They may go where they please. And Mithwethiel may go too.” All three elves smiled at everyone there. Then Mithwethiel ran up to Erquellewen and hugged her so hard, that Erquellewen couldn’t breath.

Legolas ran up to them, and had to wrench Mithwethiel off of Erquellewen, whose face was turning blue. “Sorry to interupt this little ‘Get Together,’ but we have a celebration party to go to.” He laughed as Erquellewen and Mithwethiel frowned. Erqeullewen jumped at him, and kissed him. “Who’s the one laughing now?” Erquellewen joked.

On their way to the party, Erquellewen asked Mithwethiel so many questions, that Mithwethiel started getting a little annoyed. At one point, Mithwethiel was getting so annoyed, that she didn’t warn Erquellewen to watch where she was going, and let her walk right into a tree. Legolas and Mithwethiel laughed so hard when they helped Erquellewen up, and Erquellewen punched them both in the stomachs.

A couple minutes later, they heard music playing. They ran now, excited to see everyone at the party. The light came into view. Then they ran even faster. Arwen and Aragorn came out to greet them. Aragorn asked how they were doing. Erquellwen told him what Mithwethiel did. He laughed too, and Erquellewen punched him in the stomach. Everyone laughed as he rubbed his stomach.

The room was full of candles and people looked at them as they entered. The dwarves looked at them in disgust again. “Why do you let them look at you like that?” Mithwethiel asked, “Give them a nice punch in the stomach like you did to us.” Erquellewen could see their hands on their axes.

“They have their axes at the ready, that’s why,” Erquellewen responded, “One slice and my head would fall to the ground.” She shivered as she said this. She remembered what Legolas had told her. Gimili only cared about taking orcs heads off. She wondered if Gimili would ever do that to someone if he was jealous.

I think we better head to the Misty Mountains first,” Mithwethiel said, “And please agree with me.”

“Why should I?” Erquellewen asked, “Why can’t we go to Hobbiton or anything first?”

“You’ll see. Just tell Legolas that we HAVE to go there,” Mithwethiel answered. This puzzled Erquellewen. It was Erquellewen’s decision run from Mirkwood. She should have been able to choose where to go first. This made Erquellewen jealous. She wanted to be the leader, not the follower.

Erquellewen was yanked to one side. She could feel rough skin scrape her arm. Gandalf looked into her eyes. Normally she would be happy to see him, but the look in his eyes told her that something was going wrong.

“Urak-hai have been spotted by the river,” he said, panick in his voice, “Get Arwen as fast as you can. Can you also get Aragorn, Legolas, Gimili, Mithwethiel, and the four hobbits?”

“Sure,” Erquellewen responded. “Go with them,” Gandalf said, “Fight them off. Most of them will get scared away. I’ll meet you there after the third Urak-hai is killed.”

Erquellewen thought that was a strange thing to say. How would he now when the third Urak-hai was killed? Erquellewen didn’t care though. She had to tell the others. She rounded them all up and they ran to the borders of Rivendell. There they could see the river. They ran up and saw some Urak-hai lurking in the shadows.

“When did Gandalf say he would get here?” Frodo asked. “After the third Urak-hai is killed,” Erquellewen whispered, “Now keep your voices down.”

“Erquellewen!” Mithwethiel screamed, “Look out!” She said this as she jumped onto Erquellewen. An arrow had shot out from across the river. The Urak-hai had spotted them. It was time for the battle to begin. The four hobbits had ran out first. The Elves followed. Aragorn and Gimili ran behind them. Arwen stayed where she was.

“Arwen, come on!” Aragorn shouted as he stuck his sword through an Urak-hai. Minutes later, the third Urak-hai was killed by Erquellewen. A great and terrible roar came from above the battle. There was Gandalf on a Balrog. It scared most of the Urak-hai away. But Legolas was too quick. He shot them down with his arrows.

“Everyone come back to me,” Arwen shouted. They listened. Erquellewen brought up the rear. The Urak-hai had followed them. But it was too late. Arwen had chanted a spell, and a great rush of water came down the river. The wave was shaped like white horses with riders on their backs.

Erquellewen dove out of the way just in time. The wave took the Urak-hai down the river, all of them screeching. They rushed towards the waterfall and fell. The group ran over to the ledge and looked down. At the bottom on the rocks, they could see the bodies of the Urak-hai.

“I recognize that,” said Frodo, “You used that spell the day you took me to Rivendell. When I was stabbed by one of the Nazgul.” Arwen smiled. But Erquellewen didn’t. That spell reminded her of her friend, Alakgrodion. He had used too much of his power using that spell. He died after he used it. He had dated Erquellewen for a while. She was suprised that she didn’t die of a broken heart. Thinking of this, Erquellewen cried silently all the way back to the party.


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