Erquellewen – Chapter 10- Decisions

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“Friends and strangers from distant lands, we are gathered here today for a special council,” Elrond spoke as he looked around at everyone there. Everyone stared into his eyes. Then Elrond spoke again, “If everyone will please introduce themselves to everybody, we can begin our council.”

As Elrond said this, everyone turned to their sides to introduce themselves. Erquellewen looked to her side where the lady with the long, golden hair sat.

“Greetings,” said the beautiful elf, “I am Galadriel. I’m pleased to meet you, Erquellewen.” Erquellewen was shocked. How did Galadriel know her name? Then she remembered that Galadriel was the Lady of the Golden Woods. Erquellewen always wanted to go there. It seemed like a beautiful place.

Then the man sitting next to Galadriel turned to face Erquellewen. “I am Celeborn, Galadriel’s husband.” He smiled as he shook Erquellewen’s hand. Erquellewen’s eyes turned big and bright. She was excited. She hadn’t expected to meet both the Lady of the Golden Woods AND her husband.

“I- I’m Er-” she started speaking but he interupted, “Yes, I know. You are Erquellewen.” This was even more shocking. She looked over at Legolas, but he was talking to an elf that sat next to him. Erquellewen wanted to tell him that the Lady of the Golden Woods and her husband knew her name. But she didn’t want to interupt him.

When the chatter started to die down, Elrond spoke again, “Today we are here to decide if Erquellewen and Legolas,” he gestured, “should be sent back to Mirkwood, or if they may go where they please.” At these words, everyone turned to talk. Erquellewen saw some dwarves looking at her with disgust as they whispered. She could tell that they would agree that she should be sent back to Mirkwood.

All of a sudden, Erquellewen could hear a voice in her head. She recognized it, but with all of the thoughts in her head, she couldn’t tell who it belonged to. It said, “I think that there are too many dangers in Mirkwood. I have agreed to let you go where you please. My husband agrees also.”

“Galadriel!” Erquellewen thought, “Thank you, so much!” Then Erquellewen heard Galadriel’s voice respond, “You’re welcome!” Erquellewen turned and smiled at Galadriel and Celeborn. They smiled back.

Erquellewen looked over at Legolas, who had spotted the dwarves. He looked at them nervously. Erquellewen grabbed his hand. He looked at her with a nervous smile on his face. She whispered to him so nobody could here her, “They agree that we should where we please,” she said, nodding towards Galadriel and Celeborn.

“That’s great news,” he responded, “And Arwen was talking to Aragorn. They both agree we should go where we want. I don’t know about anyone else though. Did you see those dwarves over there?”

“Yes I did,” Erquellewen said, eyeing the dwarves, “I can tell that they think we should be sent back to Mirkwood. They keep looking at us like we are orcs or some horrible beast.”

Elrond looked around at everyone. Then his voice boomed over the chatter, “Has everyone agreed on one of the two choices?” Everyone nodded. “We will start with Gandalf. What do you think?”

“I think,” Gandalf spoke loudly so that everyone around could hear, “that they should go where they please.” Erquellewen sighed quietly. She was relieved to hear this response. Since there were at least twenty one people at the council, there were five people that agreed for her and Legolas may go where they please. She smiled a little.

“Okay, Gimili. How about you?” Elrond asked. Legolas looked at him hopefully. They had been best friends for so long. If he said that he wanted them to go back to Mirkwood, it would break Legolas’s heart. But then Gimili smiled. “I think they should go where they’d like.”

This time it was Legolas’s turn to smile. Gimili saw Legolas smiling at him, so he smiled right back. “Gloin, what do you think?”

“Legolas has befriended Gimili for a long time now. I think they should go where they please.” Legolas’s smile got wider. Erquellewen also smiled more. She thought that every dwarf was going to go against them. But now two had agreed with them.

This went on and on. Now six people disagreed with the first three. Then the elf that Legolas had talked to had disagreed with those six. The elves sister agreed with the first three also. Galadriel and Celeborn did what they said. Celebrain, there child, agreed with them. Two more people wanted them sent back. Aragorn and Arwen didn’t. Two more did. Then there was one more vote to break the tie.


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