Erquellewen – Chaapter 12- Missing

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Legolas followed Gandalf back to the party. When they got there, everyone stared at them. They were bruised and scratched. Aragorn had a gash on his leg where a dying Urak-hai had cut him with it’s nails.

Arwen was unharmed, but Gandalf had burns on his clothes from sitting on the Balrog, which he had set free. Mithwethiel had seven scratches on her face, which she rubbed so hard, that they bled even harder. Legolas’s sleeves were torn, blood dripping down his arms. The four hobbits had about fourteen bruises each. But Erquellewen was nowhere to be seen.

Erquellewen had not left Legolas’s side the whole journey. Where could she have been? Legolas told Gandalf that she was missing. He gathered up the group and they went back outside to look for Erquellewen.


Erquellewen woke up. She looked around, but she couldn’t see where she was. It was pitch black outside. She looked down and realised that there was no ground beneath her. She could feel ropes around her wrists. Then she heard voices.

“We should question her now,” one said. “Are you sure she is the one that snuck into the castle?” another asked. Erquellewen knew she was caught. She was going to be questioned, then thrown back into that awful dungeon.

“I’m not from Mirkwood. I’m from Rivendell,” a voice said. But it wasn’t Erquellewen that spoke. The voice belong to somebody else. Erquellewen could not recognize the voice.

“I have heard about what happened in Mirkwood. It seems horrible,” the voice came from behind the tree again. “Question me with something that only the real kidnapper would know.”

“Okay. How old are you?” secretly, the two men knew how old Erquellewen was. The voice answered, but this time, Erquellewen’s lips moved. But she wasn’t controlling them. “I am three thousand two hundred and sixty three years old,” the voice answered.

“Okay then. We’ll let you down.” they said, as they climbed up the tree. Erquellewen could feel rough hands rub up against her wrist as they untied the ropes. Then she felt herself drop to the ground. “Oh, and by the way,” one of the men said, “What is your name?” Erquellewen’s lips were being controlled once more, “I am Firithdholien,” the voice answered. Erquellewen had heard that name before.

“Wow!” the man said in disbelief, “I never thought I’d meet the Great Firithdholien!” Erquellewen had heard the name in a book called The Greats. She then ran away from the two men and behind the tree where she heard the voice. There she saw an outline of a tall beautiful elf. The Great Firithdholien stood before her.

“Your friends are looking for you,” she whispered. Then she grabbed Erquellewen’s wrist and steered her back to Rivendell. On the way there, Firithdholien said, “Your eyes look red. Were you crying?” Erquellewen remembered the spell that made her think of her friend. She nodded and started crying again. But she soon stopped, because she felt someone wrap their arms around her neck.

Legolas had pulled Erquellewen into a giant hug. He kissed her so many times, that Mithwethiel had the turn to pull them away. She smiled at Erquellewen. Then they looked at Firithdholien.

“I found her tied to a tree. Two men were there. They wanted to take her back to Mirkwood. But I fooled them. I used my voice to make them think I was her. I told them that she was from Rivendell. They needed proof. So they asked how old she is. I told them she was three thousand two hundred and sixty three years old,” Firithdholien answered.

“I’m so glad Firithdholien found you!” Legolas said. “I don’t want you to go back into that dungeon!” Erquellewen was glad that all of her friends really cared about her.


That night, Erquellewen dreamed of her family. It wasn’t a fake dream. Erquellewen was really there. Her family was perfectly fine. Gaurds had given up searching for her and Legolas. Infact, they forgot what she even looked like.

But then her dream turned into a nightmare. Fire flared about a mile away. Urak-hai came marching into view. Elves scattered. Some stayed to battle. Erquellewen was recognized by King Thranduil, and as taken back to the dungeon. But he didn’t have his gentle elf face. He had turned into an Urak-hai. He had Erquellewen tortured. Legolas would secretly come to visit her. But she would never see her family again.


An earthquake had started. The dungeon was falling in. Legolas was calling to see if Erquellewen was okay. But when he went into the dungeon, he saw her being crushed by the rocks.

Erquellewen was awoken by Legolas. He was shaking her, and calling her name. For help, the hobbits sat on top of her.
The hobbits were the rocks, Legolas was calling her, and when he shook her, she imagined the earthquake.

“Erquellewen,” Legolas said, “You’re having a nightmare. It’s alright. I’m here for you!” Erquellewen opened her eyes. She looked around nervously. She wasn’t in the dungeon. She was in the party room.

“You fell asleep while we all had some drinks.” said Merry. Pippin added happily, “And I had a pint of rum!” Everyone laughed. “You must’ve been really tired. How long were you knocked out hanging from that tree?” Sam asked.

“Just about three hours I guess,” Erquellewen said, rubbing her wrists. She yawned. Sam was right. She was very tired. Legolas looked at her, as he put his hand on her shoulder.

“Why don’t you tell us about your nightmare?” he asked gently. Erquellewen nodded, but she didn’t really want to talk about it. If that dream was true, they would need to rush back to Mirkwood immediatly.

“I was back at home. You were at the castle,” she said, gesturing to Legolas, “My family was fine, but I could see flames about a mile away. Then These great Urak-hai came in and attacked us all. Your Father recognized me. He took me to the dungeons. But he wasn’t just any ordinary elf like you and me. He had the face of an Urak-hai. You would normally come to visit me in the dungeons. But then one day there was an earthquake. That started when you were shaking me to get me to wake up. You rushed to the dungeon calling to me. That was when you started to call to me to wake me up. When you came in, that rocks were crushing me. That started when the hobbits jumped on top of me. If that dream is true, we have to go back. Mirkwood can be in danger!”

“Don’t worry. It’s not true,” Legolas said. The expression on his face looked worried though. Frodo looked at the other hobbits. “Mithwethiel is down at breakfast,” he said, “You can explain this to her. Maybe she will go back to Mirkwood to see if everything is all right.”

So they went down to breakfast. There Erquellewen explained her dream to Mithwethiel. She agreed to go back to Mirkwood. “If I don’t come back in two weeks, I’m in trouble.”
she said. Erquellewen and Legolas went to see her off. She got onto a horse and rode of in the direction of Mirkwood.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” Erquellewen asked Legolas, “I think she’ll be fine! How do you think she got here?” he responded. Erquellewen looked worried. She watched Mithwethiel and her horse gallop into the distance.


Two weeks later, Mithwethiel returned safely. She wasn’t harmed at all and she said that Mirkwood was safe. There was no sign of any Urak-hai. No flames. Nothing evil had come to Mirkwood.

Erquellewen sighed with relief. “We were so worried that you wouldn’t come back. Did you see my family?” Mithwethiel frowned. “I didn’t see my family either. Your family wasn’t home.”

Maybe their families were coming to visit them in Rivendell. But secretly, Mithwethiel smiled. “Are you ready to set out to the Misty Mountains?” she said.

“Sure. But let’s spend another day here in Rivendell,” Legolas said. So it was settled. They would head out for the Misty Mountains.


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