Epilogue – Moria

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Authors note: This is my third post of five. I still have to do Mirkwood and Aragorn. Please write any comments or sugestions you might have.


Legolas and Gimli entered the great hall of the mines of Moria. The new lord of Moria “Lor Brickeye” had summoned them there to talk to them about times past and times that were yet to come.

“Welcome, Gimli son of Gloin, lord of the Dwarf people,” said Lor with a giant smile on his face. Legolas could tell that Gimli was a bit embarrassed

“Well I’m not that much of a hero amongst dwarves. You were involved in the war of the ring as well,” Gimli argued

“Yes but that was just battles you were involved with the ring bearer and the assault on Mordor. You represented our people well.”

Gimli could see he was not going to win this argument against Lor so he changed the subject to other matters “Moria is looking magnificent and there are no goblins in sight,”

“No we got rid of all of them at the beginning of this age when a great host of dwarves marched in from the front gate and swept through Moria with an iron fist. And how go the elves?” he asked turning his attention to Legolas.

“Things are going well in the Wood of Green Leaves, thank you,”

“And how have your adventures been since the downfall of Sauron?”

“There has been much to do,” said Gimli

“A lot of orc hunting for a while but it’s slowed down know so we’ve been visiting a lot of old friends,” put in Legolas

“Ah good, good” agreed Lor “Now I did have a reason for inviting you here. I need your help in recording the dwarve’s part in the war of the ring. We have records of the battles of the dwarves but nothing of our part in the fellowship or any of the major battles,”

“Alright, I will give you my account of the war of the ring.”

And so it was that over many hours Gimli told his part in the greatest story ever.

“And as we battled,” told Gimli “a great noise came from mount doom and a great howling from the ringwraiths and from the tower of Barad-dûr. The ring had been destroyed and Sauron was defeated.

After this a great many celebrations were held to honor the heroes of Middle-earth and crown the king. I partook of the celebrations before leaving on my new adventurous life with my good friend Legolas.”

“Good,” stated Lor “Now we have an excellent account concerning the war of the ring. But just out of curiosity is there anything you wish had happened or ended up differently and what was it?”

This question made both Gimli and Legolas think hard and long in silence. Lor waited excitedly to see what they would answer. After long thought Legolas finally said “I’m not really sure what I would have had differently, what about you Gimli?”

Gimli opened his eyes and looked up and quite contently said, “Nothing, I like things just the way they are.”


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