EPIC RESCUES (Legolas and Menelya) – FLIGHT FROM TROJAN WAR: Part 1 Time: 2300 BCE (approx.)

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What can one say about Olympian gods and goddesses and heroic (and not so heroic) men and women of Achaea (Greece) and Troy (in Turkey, Asia Minor)…?

Do you think I wanted to go on that errand with Menelya? I did not. I had no love for those gods or those people!

“Then I shall have to go by myself,” she said. And she would have, too.

So I relented.

Let me take a moment to explain about the Olympian gods. When the Valar and Maiar came to Earth in the Arda-shaping days, not all of them stayed in the part of Middle-earth that you are most acquainted with. Some of them took up residence in one part of the eastern-lands and stayed there. Their history became far different from the one you know best.

These Valar and Maiar established a kingdom unlike any other. They soon rejected the authority of Iluvatar (so you know why it was only a matter of time until they passed into oblivion and folklore.)

But while their Olympian Era lasted? There were two Telerin-Elves, a brother and an sister, taken captive to Mount Olympus during the First Age, and since Zeus thought the Elves ‘unusual’ in the fact they, too, were immortal, but far ‘lesser’ than he or the other Olympians, they were made after awhile, ‘presents’…the male-elf, Ciryatan, to the great warrior and leader of the Myrmidons, Achilles, and the maiden-elf, Larien, to one of the princes of Troy, Paris. In both cases, the Elves were to become their personal servants.

Why Zeus did that no knows, but it was probably just another whim of the god to see what might happen…but to be sure, he could not have thought Iluvatar (through Manwe and Varda) would ever send someone to rescue them!

So with that said, now let me tell you the story!


When Menelya and I arrived inTroy, it was during the tenth year of the Trojan War! “Fine time to stage a rescue,” I griped to Menelya. We were on the edge of the Myrmidon encampment near the harbor filled with hundreds and hundreds of Achaean ships. There was much confusion all about! “Do you know where the Elf Ciryatan is at?” I asked her, shrinking up against a high pile of bronze shields and hoped no one saw us! (Thankfully, we were at that moment dressed as Achaean soldiers!).

“In the tent of Achilles, I assume!” she replied anxiously, with fear in her tone!

That puzzled me! “What’s the matter with you?” I asked, “don’t tell me you’re as scared to be here as I am!”

“There are very powerful men and Immortal Beings here to deal with!” she exclaimed. “We will have to be very careful!”

Wonderful! Menelya was actually scared? Now she let me know! Oh, sure, I thought, if she got in a tight spot she could always disappear! But me? Peaceful ambassador or not, right then, I wanted a *** weapon!

(to be continued)

NOTE: Do you think Achilles and the Olympian gods will eventually ‘mistake’ Legolas for Paris? Afterall, both look just alike except for hair color…(Orlando Bloom)

NOTE: You can also read more about Legolas and Menelya in SAFE HAVENS.


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