EPIC RESCUES: Legolas and Menelya – Flight From Trojan War: Part 3 Time: 2300BCE(approx)

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Ciryatan, the Telerin Elf, was with Achilles when the two heralds of Agamemnon came. They didn’t even have to tell Achilles why they were there. Achilles knew. They came for his prize, the girl, Briseis. He sent his best and most trusted friend, Patroclus to fetch her and the heralds led her away.

Distraught, Achilles quietly slipped off alone to a deserted place on the beach of the sea.

But Ciryatan secretly followed him afar, fearing the great warrior might do himself harm because of his present mental state!

Achilles wept so woefully that tears came to Ciryatan’s eyes, too! The warrior stretched out his arms and prayed to his goddess mother, Thetis, daughter of the Old Man of the Sea. He begged her to come to his aide!

And she came.

Ciryatan hoped she would not sense he was there! But all her attention was on comforting her weeping son.

Achilles told his mother the whole of what had happen and full of wrath, he invoked her to entreat Zeus to pin the Achaeans back against their ships, to mow them down! He, the best of the Achaeans now felt disgraced, and said he would no longer fight for the Argives until they realized they did need him!

Grieved at even having bore Achilles, her son, and knowing he was doomed to a short life…still, Thetis agreed to entreat Zeus…but the matter would have to wait for twelve days as the gods had all gone to a banquet…

Ciryatan felt it was time for him to get out of there…and was shaken…what if Thetis did get Zeus to do as Achilles wanted? The bloodshed would surely be horrific even if Achilles did refuse to fight! Ciryatan quietly slipped away back to the black ship.


Menelya still imprisoned in her room in the Halls of Zeus, paced and paced and wondered and worried and could not think of any way to get out of that dread place! And she prayed and prayed to Iluvatar…

Then she got a surprise. An Olympian Maia came into the room to talk to her!

“I am Alesia,” she told Menelya, “I am a handmaid to Hera and Athena. By orders of the Queen, I am to come and ask you each day this question…’what are you doing in the Realms of Olympia?'”

Menelya could sense no wickedness in the Maia of her own! And her hopes rose! “Dear Alesia,” she pleaded, “we came from the same Maker long ago…do you not remember Him? We have obviously traveled different roads for whatever reasons, but…do you not remember your first home? And our true Creator?”

Alesia pondered a moment. “Once on some roads, one cannot get off them. Our roads did lead in far different directions. Will you answer the question?”

“Alesia, please help me?” Menelya preaded.

“As you are a servant of your god, I am a servant to mine. It is Hera and Athena you must plead with, not me. I can do nothing for you. I shall come tomorrow.” And the Olympian Maia disappeared.

Tears came to Menelya’s eyes. Never had she felt so helpless! Why had Manwe and Varda sent her on this errand? How could she compete against Olympian gods!


Awhile later, back on the black ship…

Legolas was now thirsty and his stomach growled for food! His head still hurt but he was now able to get up and managed to walk over to the cabin door and he banged on it. “Hey! Guards!” he yelled in Westron, not that the guards would understand. “Hey! I want something to drink!”

He heard some talking outside the door but he didn’t understand what they were saying either! Foreign languages were always the biggest problem for him in a country that didn’t understand the Common Language! He banged on the door some more!

What a shock for both Legolas and Ciryatan when the guards opened the door and let the Telerin Elf go inside. The two Elves just stood there looking at each other totally stunned!

“I cannot believe my eyes…” Ciryatan said in Achaean tongue.

“You must be the Telerin, Ciryatan?” Legolas asked in Westron hoping the Elf somehow understood the Common Language. His heart pounding with excitement!

“I am…but who in this world are you?” Ciryatan answered in Westron, his eyes bugging out. “I knew we were holding a prisoner aboard who attempted to steal my master’s horse, but no one said it was an Elf! Or…is this just some sick joke of my master or of the gods?”

Legolas gasped! “Nay! I am no horse thief! I did but try to pet it! I am Legolas Greenleaf…I was born in Greenwood the Great in the Third Age…and I sundered after three thousand years to the Undying lands and I am here to…”

The Telerin made a face for Legolas to be quiet. “We will speak of all this later…just tell me why you were banging on the door? It made the guards nervous.”

“I’m thirsty and hungry! I don’t know where I am! But since you are here I guess I am…”

“You are on one of the ships of Achilles, my master.”

Just then the guards, getting tired of a conversation they did not understand, spoke sharply to Ciryatan. “You speak too long! What does the prisoner want?”

“Drink and food!” Ciryatan told them in Achaean. “I will get it for him myself!” Then he turned to Legolas and spoke in Westron. “Be careful kinsman, we not only have men here to contend with but jealous and wrathful gods who fight for us, and against us. I shall return.” And he left, and the guards closed and locked the door.

Legolas was so happy and amazed he had found the Telerin Elf! But his happiness didn’t last long as he remembered the whole dire situation he was in…and dire distress of not knowing what had happen to Menelya!


(NOTE: For those who know Greek Mythology…I do realize there was a Greek goddess actually named ‘Maia’….but the “Maia” used in these stories is of the Tolkien brand, in that they are like the Valar only of a lesser power,etc.)


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