Eowyns daughter Neoli – -chap 4

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Neoli saw the elf leaning her head on a man’s shoulder sleeping, she was with someone just in case she might have fallen off the horse. Her eyes were fully open. But she looked like she was resting! There were many eyeing the elf, looking at her with wonder. Captain Barahir said that she would come with the party. She would be tended by the maids of Medusled of her wounds. she was in no condition to go back to where she had came. The elf did not protest to this she was too tired and worn out.

Neoli saw she was wounded on her forehead and the ropes that had bound her, left her wrists dried with blood. She had golden hair as Neoli, but longer with traces of dirt and her own blood. She was wearing a dress that was tattered with dirt the original colour, Neoli guessed must have been a navy blue. The horses were galloping as they had receded from running. Neoli lifter her head she was feeling better but had not gotten over what had happened.

She looked up and felt that she wanted to get away from all these men that were surrounding her. She turned and saw her horse, she whistled to her. The horse answered and jogged beside the horse she had ridden. The man that was riding with her approved for her to mount her own horse. She flung herself onto Spring. She neighed and Neoli laughed. The horse filled her with joy and she forgot for a time what had happened.

Now she had noticed how grubby she was it was still afternoon.
Barahir noticed what had happened and saw the expression on the girls face. He turned his steed towards her. They were twenty minutes away from Edoras.

‘So, he started she turned to face him, ‘why were you riding your horse in the mark? The king had informed everyone about what was going to happen. You are The Kings niece are you not?

‘Yes I am. I did not know, it was going to happen today’

‘There was warning, you might have been killed out there, he paused. I saw that you had came out of a ditch somewhere near the river and that you killed an orc. Your aim is very good. You have some skill with a blade.

‘It runs in the family’

‘Ah yes, Neoli, you are Eowyns daughter lady of the mark.
Had she told you that she slew the King of the Ring Wraiths in the Great War?. Saurons slaves, spirits of kings of men, yes thats what they were, that had come from the east. But do not fear when Sauron was defeated all that he had fell. The Great War, he shook his head. I saw the ringwraiths once, together, nine there were. It would pierce your heart to hear them cry’. Neoli saw in his eyes there was knowledge of the years long passed.

‘Did you fight in the great war?’

‘Yes, it was a terrible war, it claimed many lives, many men fell’.

‘I think that my father and mother met at Minas Tirith’, she kept her feelings to herself.

‘Will the elf be staying in Edoras for a while?’

‘Elf, yes she will be staying in Edoras for she is in a bad state, we will help her’, he glanced sidewards and looked at the elf doubt in his eyes and wonder at what he saw.

‘Look, we are comming near Edoras’, he pointed to the city.

‘Im going to get into huge trouble’, she thought.

‘I know what you are thinking Neoli, that you are going to get into trouble by the King for being out in the fields of battle, do not worry, he assured her, i will tell him that you were not aware of what was going to happen and the rest is up to you. King Eomer will be expecting your explanation, though and your mother and father they will be too’.

She gently kicked at her horses sides and Spring ran forward. She left the crowd of riders and the elf.


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