Eowyns daughter Neoli – -chap 3

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As everyone knows when Aragorn became king he announced that Faramir was to be steward of Gondor, prince of Minas Tirith. And your all probably wondering why Faramir and Eowyn are now at Edoras. ( This my version of the story): Faramir and Eowyn were married and stayed in Minas Tirith with King Elessar and Queen Arwen for two years and Eowyn became pregnant with Neoli at the same time Queen Arwen was pregnant as well with her son. Eowyn yearned to go back to her hometown so she could give birth to her daughter at Edoras. Faramir gave up his title and resigned to his job of being steward of Gondor. The couple moved to Edoras and lived in Meduseld with Eomer and his wife (they have not had their child yet, Arfin), as you know the palace of Medusled is very big with many beautiful houses surrounding it. The family had visited Minas Tirith many times and Lord Aragorn and Queen Arwen would welcome them with open arms. Aragorn knew that Faramir had lost two of his family members; Boromir and his father. I hope you now understand now ppl’s, lol.


Neoli sat frozen her limbs were as of ice, she could not move.
Far in the horizon she could see black shapes many of them like ants, an army of orcs. She shivered, her teeth chattered. They were jogging at an easy pace. Many of them were laden with black bows and arrows, knives and axes. Her horse stood still. And then she noticed a lady being dragged by a goblin that was a size of a man. Her face looked tired and scared, she WAS scared and her looks told her that she was going to be tortured. Neoli felt sorrow creep over her, she could do nothing at all to help her. Her conscience told her she had to leave now or else they will notice her.

She took hold of her body again and moved her horse. As she turned her mouth dropped. In the distance she could see…yes, they were riders of Rohan and they were to track down the orcs that were raiding through their country, orders by King Eomer. ‘Not today’, she thought. ‘I did not know they were going today’. She bit her lip and panicked. What to do? What to do? She noticed the speed that the horses were at, determination was in their eyes. The orcs hissed and yelled they had noticed her. Neoli turned her horse again, she did not know which way she should go. The riders and orcs were blocking her way of escape. ‘Wizz’. An arrow had barley missed her head. For a second she caught her breath. She noticed a dyke that was near the river beside her she could hide her horse there so the riders or orcs could not see her. She would get into trouble, BIG trouble if Eomer caught her.

Her horse went down a dyke, which was near the river. Neoli crept over the edge watching everything. A yell came from the captain, all the riders answered. They were throwing their spears and arrows at the orcs. Many squeals were heard and hoofs were pounding onto the ground. Neoli breathed hard. They nearly had slaughtered them all. Then she clearly noticed the person, no it was not a mere mortal it was an elf. She was lifted up by a rider and taken off. Then an orc saw her.’Uh oh’. It came for her then she saw a man aiming for the orc. It sqealed and dropped to the ground. The man unmounted and searched the river side. Neoli ducked. He came towards the edge of the dyke and then turned. She looked over the side. She was eager too see the battle. Neoli came over the side and two orcs carrying black swords ran to her laughing and saying stuff in orcish to each other.

The man that killed the orc saving her life jumped off his horse and unsheathed his sword. He fought at the first orc and sliced his head off. The second orc cut at his leg and he fell. She picked up the knife out of the mans pocket and aimed for the orcs head and threw it. The orc fell to the ground screeching. Neoli saw the man laying on the ground, still breathing. She ran towards him. Neoli thought quickly she ripped off material on her dress and wrapped it around the mans leg. It did not stop the bleeding but it helped allot. Still the battle was around her. There were men falling to the ground. Dead bodies of men. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around her legs. At last there were no more orcs. The riders saw Neoli’s frail body sitting beside the man.

Neoli did not move though she knew all the riders’ eyes were fixed upon her. At once Barahir said to Neoli. ‘Let us go, i have many questions i must ask of you’. The man lifted up her frail body and mounted her onto one of his steeds. The injured man was tended to. Instantly Neoli’s horse appeared following the horses ride to Rohan. She did not speak. Though on their journey back the injured man thanked her for dressing his wound.
Her hair was spilt with black orc blood, her dress was ripped and her arm was scathed. She could still remember everything it was now compressed into her mind. She was wounded with the memory and was traumatised with the event. Never in her life had she seen people die.

Her eyes were wide open. Barahir looked at her and wondered to himself. She turned and noticed that the elf was staring at her along with the rest of the riders. Pity was in their eyes. She felt ashamed. They were also checking out the elf they had found. Neoli looked upon her with great wonder. She was not of this land. And yet truly unique of this world. The crowd was full of whispers and talking. Neoli nor the elf was talking. Her heart was silent full of thought. She could hear a wisper of a sweet language. She could see the elf was wounded badly and was very tired.


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