Entering the Fellowship of the Ring – Tari’s Dream

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One day Tari was was watching a movie on her new TV. The colors were so bright and life-like it almost felt as if you were actually in the movie. YOu may have already guessed it, but yes indeed Tair was watching The Fellowship of the Ring. She was totally obsorbed into the beauty and majesty of the movie up to the point where the fellowship was first put together. Surprisingly enough, the avid Lotr fan fell asleep right after the swelling music when the travelers appear over the mountain. Instantly she was carried to a place where she had hoped to visit from the time she first saw the movie…
“Who are you? Please name your purpose for being here.” Snapped Aragorn at the first sight of the young maiden. The other members of the fellowship quickly turned to Aragorn to see whom he was talking to. OUt of all of them Legoals looked the lost surprised for he did not hear the girl coming with his elvish hearing. Boromir was teaching Merry and Pippin how to sword fight and almost chopped Pippin’s ear off in his distraction. All the males stood up and gathered around Tari and studied her with immense suspicion.
Tari had never been in a such a position before in her life so she did not know the proper way to go about things. “Oh, umm… I really did not mean to intrude on all of you like this…” Tari trailed off as she stared into Aragorn’s gorgeous eyes. Suddenly they noticed the birds. “Hide!” Someone shouted. Tari dived for the nearest rock and watched in horror as the birds circled the rock then continued on their way. “Spies from Saruman.” Gandalf remarked. Then they all turned to Tari. Instinct told her to run for it, and she did. Being chased down by an elf, a dwarf, two humans, four hobbits and a very old wizard is not fun. Legolas caught her first but she managed to twist out of his grasp only to be grabbed by Aragorn then tackled down by Boromir and the dwarf. The hobbits then jumped on top of the already heavy weight and continued to crush Tari. Gandalf was the only one not to jump onto the dog pile which was very fortunate for her.
“Frodo get off!” Somehow Frodo manged to get tangled horribly in the fray but matters weren’t improving when Boromir was practically choking Frodo by holding on to the chain that held the ring and wasn’t letting go. Aragorn shuffled around and pulled out Narsil and held it to Boromir’s neck(after accidentally poking Gimli with it) and finally he let go of the ring. The rest of the feloowship slowly got off but Aragorn and Legolas still held her firmly. Tari couldn’t have been more happier.
“I am called Tari Niphredil on the web of Tolkien Online.” She answered after they repeated the question. Everyone looked confused for a second then Legolas replied “You must be from Mirkwood, I do not remember you though. And you do not look like an elf either.” The hobbits walked around her and took into consideration her clothing of jeans and a Disney World t-shirt.
“How do we know you are not a spy and can be trusted?” Merry commented with suspicion in his voice. The other hobbits seemed to agree because Sam got in front of Frodo like he was expecting as attack from Tari and was ready to shield his master from the dangers of this stranger.
“Enough of this! We have no time for this foolishness! We must be off before Saruman’s spies report us!” The fellowship quickly agreed with Gandalf and began packing up their stuff. Frodo cautiously walked up to Tari. “I do not know if I should trust you or not but you seem to know us and seem like you will know what will happen to us.” Tari didn’t deny it, she knew everything there was to know about all of them. “Do you know anything that could help us…” Samwise interrupted them “Mr.Frodo.” He gave Tari an untrusting scowl. Tari racked her brain for some good advice that won’t ruin the story. She remembered she had chinese food and dug in her pocket and brought out her fortune cookie fortune. “Do not assume things for they could be different than what they appear to be.” It was the perfect fortune for what would happen to Gandalf. Frodo nodded then joined the others. She waved sadly goodbye to her heroes and hoped to meet them again soon in her future dreams.


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