Emerald Fire – chptr 1

by Jul 14, 2004Stories

The skys were black. Azhure grasping onto life as she crawled away from the battlefield. Through the hazing smoke, Azhure gazed at was once her home, and was now burnt to the last crisp. Diminished. Her long raven black hair covered in the bloody filth of her enemy , the light in her emerald eyes slowly dieing, and her body smelled with the scent of death. Azhure stoped and wept, for she had failed king legolas , and his son armand (her lover).
One month later.

Azhure awoke in the elven hospital, Armand was siting next to her sleeping. How long has she been here? She moaned for there was a huge infected gash in her side. Instantly Armand aroused from his slumber.

“Oh, Azhure we thought you wouldn’t make it ” Armand said lovingly.

“How long have i been here?”

” A month.”

“Help me up.”

Armand helped her up and took her to the palace guestroom.

“Did you get the sacred saphire?”Armand said hopefully.

“No” Azhure sighed.

“Why not?” He said disdained.

“touch my forhead” She moaned

“why?” Armand said confused.

“I will show you what i saw with my telepathic powers”

He touched her forhead and closed his starry brown eyes. A gush of wind blew at his chocolate hair. What he saw was the utmost horror…

And this is where I leave you cliff hanged.


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