Elves from Rivendell – Prologue

by Mar 29, 2003Stories

Author’s note: Okay, this is my first story, so tell me where i need to improve..hope y’all like it!

Mia thought she smelt smoke. She looked around her and saw a cloud of smoke in the air.

Rivendell. She thought.

“Anmarie!” Mia called out her sister’s name.

“Anmarie! Where are you?” She was starting to get worry that her 5 year old sister was lost. “I’m right here, Mia.” Mia looked behind her and saw her younger sister, holding a handful of daisy.

“Come on, Marie. We need to go back.” Mia used the nickname that she gave Anmarie. “But I don’t want to goback. I like it here in the woods. Its my mellon.”

“Yes, yes I know but we have to get back, understand?” Mia asked her sister. Marie just nodded.

Mia ran as fast as she could with Marie in her arms. She got to Rivendell and saw that it was destroyed. Everything was almost burned out. She put her thumb and index finger in her mouth and whistled. Soon after she whistled, her mother’s horse, now Anmarie’s came running.

Mia put Anmarie on top of the horse and whispered in the horse’s ear.

“Alfaloth, I need you to take Anmarie somewhere. Take her to Hobbitan. Bad End to be exact. Understand, boy?” The horse gave a slight nod. “Very well. Now GO!” Mia was about to run into the houses when her sister’s voice called her.

“Mia! Where are you going?” Anmarie called out. “I’m going to find mother and father. It’s alright. I’ll be right behind you with mother and father. Just go the Hobbitan and ask for Samwise Gamgee. Tell him that Mia from Rivendell sent you. Now go!”

Anmarie looked at her with eyes so sad, Mia was about to just go with her. “I’ll be alright. Trust me. Ride along now. Alfaloth knows the ride. Do not stop until you reach Hobbitan. And ride fast.”

Mia turned and ran into the house where her parents room was to be in. “Mother! Father!” As she was walking she saw dead elves all over. She didn’t think anyone survived except her and her sister. Then she was her parents. Her father were dead with an arrow pierced in his body. She touched the arrow.

Easterling. She looked around for her mother. “Mother!” She ran to the body that look limp. “Mother, can you hear me? Mother! Please answer me!”

“Mia, my bady.” Her mother called. Her voice sounded hoarse from inhaling all the smoke. “Yes, yes, it’s me. Please stay alive.” Mia was now crying at seeing her mother in pain. Mia saw her mother reach for something in her finger. It was her ring that she got from her father when they first met. She have been planning on giving it to Anmarie when she was 10 years old. Just as she have given Mia her necklace when she was 10. Her MoonStone. “Give this to Anmarie when she’s 10. Im melin le, Mia.” And she went limp. “NO!! mother, mother! Please don’t leave. Please–” She didn’t get to finish her sentence for a wood of fire dropped from the ceiling.

“Im melin le, Mother.” And she made a dash for the door. When she got outside it was worse than it had been inside. There were more smoke and she couldn’t see nothing. She was starting to feel lightheaded and dizzy. And the last thing she remember was the sounds of hooves on the ground, before the blackness over took her.


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