Elven Ranger – Chapter 16 – Nîr

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+ Elven Ranger – Chapter 16 – Nîr + -Weeping

Eleniel found a quiet place in the wood and sat down. She crossed her legs and sat there for hours, staring off into nothingness thinking of all she had just beheld in Galadriel’s mirror. So much was still to come to pass, there were things in that mirror that cut straight through her heart, but she would come to accept them.

`Enjoy what you have before it is gone, and then look forward to the things you will gain.’ She told herself. But there was still a great sadness that had built up inside her since her poisoning that wanted to get out. The flood gate was going to burst; she hunched over and placed her face in her hands. Somebody placed a hand on her shoulder and she looked up, it was Haldir. He sat down beside her. “What is wrong? Will you speak? Please speak Eleniel.” He gave her a pleading look; tears ran down Eleniel’s face. “Please my friend, I feel so guilty.”

Finally Eleniel spoke, “No. Don’t.” Haldir put his arm around her shoulder, “It is my carelessness that put you in this condition. I am sorry. But thank you Eleniel, you saved my life.” Eleniel just nodded and hung her head and cried, she didn’t know for a how long but it must have been for a lengthy while because in the end when no tears would come she was so tired and fell asleep.

Haldir lifted Eleniel’s exhausted form up into his arms and carried her to her room. He placed Eleniel in her bed and went to find Lady Galadriel.


Eleniel woke up the next morning and felt much better, the heaviness that had been upon her heart was lifted and she could think straight and understand so much more about her life. She smiled and got up, Eleniel washed and got changed into a simple silver dress that had been given to her and went to find anybody to speak to. Eleniel just wanted so much for someone to speak with right now.

Eleniel came down from her room and went for a walk, soon she found Vénie talking with another elven maid; Eleniel came up to them. “Good morning Eleniel.” Vénie said with a big smile. “Good morning Vénie.” Eleniel answered, Vénie looked quite shocked for a moment. Then she smiled kindly at Eleniel, “I see you are feeling much better Lady.” Eleniel nodded her head, “I don’t believe we have met.” Eleniel said turning to the other maid, she shook her head, “No we haven’t; I am Suléwen, Vénie’s sister.”

Eleniel smiled, “Pleased to meet you Suléwen.” Suléwen gave Eleniel a little nod, suddenly an elf rushed past them. “Orophin!” Vénie called out, “What is wrong?” The male elf turned around and gave them a little bow, “There are Orcs from Dol Guldur advancing on our Eastern border. I need to go speak with the Lady.” Orophin gave another little nod in their direction and turned swiftly and was gone.

Vénie and Suléwen began talking quickly and worriedly about the approaching attack, Eleniel stood back and listened, they seemed to forget she was there, she smiled. `Good.’ Eleniel turned and hurried away, she came up to the main hall where she had to pass through to go to her room higher up in the tree, there Orophin and Haldir were speaking to the Lady and the Lord, “They will be here by noon my Lord.” Eleniel walked across the hall to the stairs and looked over to the Lord and the Lady as she went. Eleniel and Galadriel’s eyes met as she walked, Galadriel frowned and shook her head. Eleniel tilted her head and raised an eyebrow then turned and disappeared up the stairs.

Eleniel came to her room, and looked in the trunk at the end of her bed. In it was placed the amour, the shoulder plate had a dint in it. Eleniel picked it up and looked at it, then threw it back in the trunk; she did not want to wear it. She pulled on a light coat of mail, and over that a tunic. She strapped on her quiver and belt with knife and sword and picked up her bow.


“Haldir, can you please go up there and persuade her not to go.” Galadriel asked after Eleniel had disappeared up to her room. “Yes, I do not think it wise she puts herself in danger so soon.” Celeborn added. Haldir nodded, “I will see what I can do. But I doubt I can make a difference.” Galadriel sighed, “I know. I do not think she always know what is best for her. Well, as long as we try. But if there is no way to dissuade her then let her help, we lost many elves at Helm’s Deep, though we knew this would come upon us, the enemy knows the Ring passed within our borders and he is testing us. Eleniel’s skills will be very helpful.” Haldir gave the Lady and the Lord a bow then headed off to see if he could get Eleniel to stay and not go off and get herself hurt again so soon.


Eleniel braided her hair so that it was out of the way, and then went to door. She put her hand to the door knob and then came a knock from the other side. Eleniel opened it to see Haldir. She smiled, “Hello Haldir, the Lady wishes you to try and get me to stay behind?” Haldir raised his eyebrows, “Yes Eleniel, we do not wish for you to put yourself in danger so soon. You may still need to heal.” Haldir placed a hand on each side of the door frame, blocking Eleniel’s exit.

Eleniel shook her head, “I am fine now. I have healed, I rested and my arm healed, and then it was my mind that needed healing; that has now happened. Last night I saw many things in Galadriel’s mirror; they answered some questions and raised others. Then you found me and all I needed was a shoulder to cry on and you gave me that. I understand now. Do not worry!” Eleniel quickly ducked under Haldir’s arm and stood behind him.

Haldir turned around; he looked at her for a minute and then shrugged his shoulders. “Ok. I knew I could not change your mind, maybe I should try harder in the future.” He looked down into her eyes, trying to discern if there was any lie in them, whether she was trying to hind anything. He concluded there was no deception in them; in fact they were livelier than they had been in many days.

He smiled, “You are well I can see it in your eyes.” They walked down to the main hall and talked along the way. “I got your first words? I feel honored!” Eleniel laughed, “Now Haldir, do not start to make jokes concerning the state of my mental health.” Haldir looked at her, worried he had crossed a line. Eleniel noticed this and laughed again, “Don’t worry; now I’m joking around. I can take anything you throw at me!” She smiled.

Haldir and Eleniel came into the main hall, they had stopped their joking and laughing as it really did not seem appropriate. Eleniel walked forward to the Lady and Lord and gave them a little bow. “Lord Celeborn, Lady Galadriel I wish to offer my services to you with the impending assault from Dol Guldur.” She looked up at them both, Galadriel smiled when she looked into Eleniel’s clear and fearless eyes. Celeborn looked to Haldir then to Eleniel, “I see you could not be persuaded to stay safe inside Caras Galadon.”

“No Lord, I could not.” Eleniel answered. “Well then, go forth with the Galadhrim in the protection of our land, and we thank you very much.” Eleniel smiled and nodded her head.

“Haldir, go now and get the elves ready along the eastern border.” Requested Celeborn. Haldir nodded and left, Eleniel followed him.



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