Elven Ranger – Chapter 14 – Poison

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Eleniel fell forward on Celebnaur and began to slide off. Aragorn hastened to her side and took her upon his horse Hasufel. He wrapped an arm tightly about her to keep her steady, Eleniel’s head drooped forward. The elves who survived the battle cried out in dismay as they saw Aragorn holding Eleniel’s seemingly lifeless body. They rode quickly to Aragorn, “she is not dead, but I need to see to her quickly. She is very ill.”

Aragorn took his friend back into the Hornburg; he had some dry athelas leaves from Weathertop crumpled in his travel bag. Haldir boiled some water; Aragorn threw the leaves into the water then washed the wound with it. He did this a couple of times, then he sat back, he could do nothing else. “The poison is quite a sickening one it seems, but not as bad as some I have encountered; it may be the pain from the broken shoulder that adds to this, it’s harder for her to overcome the poison.” Aragorn said with a sigh, Haldir sat beside Aragorn with his face in his hands he shook his head. “What is it my friend?” Aragorn asked. “It is my fault.” Answered Haldir, “Her shoulder, if I was in her place I would have had the Uruk-Hai’s axe in the back of my neck and I would be dead. She pushed me out of the way and took it, she saved me.” He shook his head again; Aragorn placed a hand on Haldir’s shoulder.

“Haldir, do not blame yourself for her decisions, she saw someone in trouble and she did the first thing that came to her mind; she put herself in harms way to save them, it is her nature. Eleniel has done it before; she has put her life on the line for Frodo, riding against the Nazgúl to Imladris, guarding the North with other men of my kind, facing the Nazgúl there as well when they passed the borders to the shire. There are many more instances.”

“She sounds like a very brave Lady.” Came a voice from behind the elf and man, they turned to see Éowyn looking at Eleniel from the door. “She is, Lady Éowyn. Most young boys admire the valiant men about them as they are growing up, but I thought Eleniel to be the bravest; maybe because she was a woman, very different from all the others, a strong and determined warrior. Eleniel has been my friend all my life, this can’t keep her down.” Aragorn paused for a moment. “She won’t want to go out like this. But maybe she will have no choice, I can do nothing more for her here, take her to Lady Galadriel, Lórien is closer than Imladris and your people can heal her.” He said to Haldir and Haldir nodded.

Horses were made ready for the elves to depart; Haldir took leave of King Théoden. “Thank you for your help. Thank Lord Elrond, and your Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. For long we have not understood your people and feared you, and said things in a misunderstanding. Though, I would not say we understand you now, but I know you are a good people and thank you for what your have done for us.” Haldir bowed to Théoden, “And I would not think to understand men though I have lived many years. We are proud to have helped men once again in battle.”

Aragorn lifted Eleniel into his arms and carried her out of the tower, Eleniel murmured and tried to move, and then she cried out in pain and was silent for a moment. She then opened her eyes and looked up at Aragorn and smiled, then closed her eyes again. She said something quietly but he didn’t catch it. “What is it Eleniel?” He asked softly. “Give the horn to Elladan.” She said quietly, “What?” “It’s his, take it, keep it then give it to him when you see him.” She mumbled, “But I’m sure you will see him before I do.” She shook her head then grimaced, she shouldn’t have done that.

Aragorn sat Eleniel in front of Haldir on his horse, because Eleniel wouldn’t be able to stay upon a horse by herself. “Take it.” She said quietly, though she had not the strength to take it herself. Haldir put his arm around her to keep her steady. “What is she saying Aragorn?” He asked. “She told me the war horn she wears is Elladan’s and that I should take it to give to him when I see him.”

“Then why don’t you?” Asked Haldir. He had one arm about Eleniel’s waste and with the other he took the horn from over her shoulder and gave it to Aragorn. “Elladan gave it to her for Helm’s deep. She said she would give it back to him in Rohan.” Said Haldir. “In Rohan.” Eleniel mumbled.

“In Rohan?” Asked Aragorn. “I do not know what she means by that, all I know is that Elladan and Elrohir were sent off on some errantry by the Lady.” Said Haldir. Eleniel mumbled again, “Where now are…” Eleniel murmured and moved a little, Haldir held her tighter, the last thing they needed was her falling and doing herself even more injuries. “Shhh, Eleniel.” Haldir said quietly. “Yea… Dúnedain, Elessar…?” Eleniel stopped her mumbling and was quiet.

Aragorn and Haldir exchanged worried looks. “Goodbye, stay safe Aragorn.” Aragorn nodded, “you to my friend.” He looked preoccupied, thinking on Eleniel’s words. Haldir rode off quickly with the other elves.



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