Elven Ranger – Chapter 11 – Arrivials

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+ Elven Ranger – Arrivals +

They woke another day long before the rising of the sun and set off west along the stream they would not stop to rest until nightfall, they came to the ford Eleniel spoke to Haldir about at noon, they crossed and traveled south in sight of a dark looking Fangorn Forest. Eleniel sent scouts to ride out ahead as they were coming further south, nearer to Saruman’s fortress of Isengard. There was nothing blocking there passage south, Eleniel guessed as much, Saruman wouldn’t be looking north and east, he thought no threat would come upon him from the elves.

They came to the crossing of the Entwade in the evening they stayed on the eastern side and set up camp for the night. They rested well and in the morning crossed and headed south – west towards Helm’s deep. Lindir rode beside Eleniel, “Good, we will come to Helm’s Deep by late evening.” Eleniel looked out over the plains before her they were wide and green, the sun shone down brightly upon them. It was a fair day, but it seemed to her to be oppressive. She could feel the hand of Saruman lay heavily upon the land.

It was later in the afternoon, the sun was still high and bright and now the army was standing between Helm’s deep and Isengard. As was routine she was to send out scouts to check that they were safe, Eleniel sent Aldon and his brother Lavir ahead to make sure all was clear. “Lindir just keep leading them the way we are going now. Helm’s deep is straight ahead though it has not come into view yet. I have a bad feeling; I want to look towards Isengard.” Lindir gave her a strange look but just nodded his head. Eleniel turned her horse and galloped slowly then stopped and sat upon her horse facing north to where Isengard lay. She could see nothing of course, but there was a dark shadow lying upon her mind. She knew it must be Saruman’s army, not that she could see it she could feel it.

“Eleniel!” Someone called out to her; Eleniel turned and watched the elves march onwards. It was Haldir who called out to her, his red cloak stood out against the grey and blue cloaks. “What is it Haldir?” She called back, “What do you see?” He asked. “Nothing!” she called back, “…yet.” Eleniel added quietly to herself. Eleniel turned herself north again and rode on; the elven army was now in the distance behind her. Eleniel looked ahead intently, she saw them, it was a great dark mass. “Saruman’s army!” Eleniel looked out, hardly able to believe the enormity of Uruk Hai that marched towards Helm’s deep, ten thousand at the very least. “This is going to be a bloody night.” She said to herself as she turned her horse back towards the elves. She rode swiftly towards the elven army like an arrow from the string.

Eleniel came to the front of the line Aldon and Lavir had returned and were talking to Lindir. Eleniel rode up next to Lindir, “Is all well?” She asked and Lindir nodded. “What sends you back here in such haste? What did you see?” Lindir asked. “Saruman has emptied Isengard; I would say ten thousand marches for Helm’s deep to destroy Théoden’s people.” “Ten thousand!? I would not have thought he could have produced such a number.” Lindir exclaimed. “Well he has, it will be a long night.” Eleniel turned her horse. “I will go and speak to Haldir.”

“Eleniel what news do you bring to me?” Haldir asked as she approached him. “I saw Saruman’s army yonder.” She pointed north. “Ten thousand saw I at a glance. He has emptied Isengard.” Haldir looked as shocked as Lindir did to hear that. “Ten thousand?” He shook his head, “this will be a hard battle.” Eleniel nodded her head. “How close are they?” He asked. “They are miles behind us; we will make it to Helm’s deep two or more hours before they do.”

Eleniel rode her horse along the lines of soldiers, and called out to them. She wanted to make sure they all knew what they were in for. “I rode north and saw Saruman’s army of Uruk Hai, he has emptied Isengard.” Her voice was strong and clear and they all heard her words as they marched. “Ten thousand I would say. Saruman has made this army to destroy Rohan and it will if we do not try and stop it.” Murmurs ran through the army. “They come with fire and dirty weapons, but you are all worth ten of them at the least.” Eleniel rode up and down the line of soldiers again, she had no idea what else to say. She turned her horse and returned to the front of the line.

The sun set and the Hornburg was in site. There were torches lit in great brackets upon the wall that flickered under the dark sky. There was movement on the wall; they came under the shadow of the great tower and mountains it was set against. Eleniel brought the horn that hung over her shoulder up to her lips and blew into the silver mouthpiece. The sound of the horn was great and strong, another was sounded. Haldir came up next to her; he had a horn of the Galadhrim in his hands. Eleniel let the horn sound again. There were shouts upon the walls and the great doors were opened. Eleniel trotted her horse over the causeway into the burg with Haldir walking beside her and behind came the other elves on horses and then behind them the elves who came on foot. Their banners fluttered in the night breeze, symbols of Eärendil, and others of the two trees of the high elves.

Eleniel jumped down from her horse and walked beside Haldir. They then came upon the King. Haldir bowed to him as did Eleniel, “How is this possible?” The King asked amazed to see these great tall elves standing before him. Haldir looked to Eleniel to speak, `oh I guess so, Elrond gave the message to me, Elladan and Elrohir, and they are not here.’ She thought to herself. Eleniel removed her helm; King Théoden raised an eyebrow to see a woman dressed so as a warrior but said nothing. “We bring word from Elrond of Rivendell; an alliance once existed between elves and men. Long ago we fought and died together. We come to honor that allegiance.” Eleniel gave the King a little bow of her head.

She looked up and saw that Aragorn, Legolas and Gimili had run out to meet them. There was a look of wonder on the three faces, and if Eleniel bothered to look around she would have seen that every man looked at the elves with wonder at their beauty, and Eleniel most of all. Aragorn ran down the stairs towards Eleniel and Haldir. “Mae Govannen Eleniel!” He took her into a hug; Eleniel hugged him back. “Mae Govannen Haldir.” He took Haldir’s hand, and then took him into a big bear hug also. Haldir looked shocked, Eleniel chuckled. Haldir just smiled and patted Aragorn on the back. Aragorn stood back and looked at the army of elves, many upon the horses he noticed as friends he had known all his life from Imladris.

“You are most welcome!” He exclaimed. The elves had just stood there waiting to be told where to go; they turned all at once to face Aragorn and Théoden in perfect formation. Haldir then spoke up, “We are proud to fight along side men once more.” Legolas came and greeted them; he placed a hand on Haldir’s shoulder and gave him a smile and a nod which Haldir returned. “Lady Eleniel, did I not say we would meet again? Though I wish it was under more pleasant circumstances.” Legolas smiled, he took her hand in order to kiss it, but Eleniel took his hand in both of hers and shook it. Legolas smiled and got the hint. She didn’t want to be treated like such a lady in front of all these warriors; it was time for battle not for these courtesies.


The horses had been taken into the caves, the elves were set along the wall and some others down behind the wall; they waited. Eleniel stood beside Haldir; they look out into the sea of darkness. Thunder rumbled along with the great stamp of feet coming towards them, lightning flashed and showed the vast army of Saruman carrying torches and burning as they go. There came more thunder and lightning, and then there was the tinkle of rain on metal armor.

Aragorn paced back and forwards among the lines of elves calling out to them, “A Eruchîn, ú-dano i faelas a hyn an uben tanatha le faelas!” (Show them no mercy, for you will receive none!) Aragorn took his place next to Legolas, and looked out at the army they had now come right before the wall roaring and thumping their spears ferociously. A Uruk-Hai leader stands alone upon a rock outcrop and lifts up his blade with a roar. The army of Uruk-Hai stops and they are silent, with some Uruk’s roaring up at the elves and men.

The Uruk-Hai leader roars again and they all start thumping their great spears in accord upon the ground, trying to rile up the soldiers upon the wall. The men had their bows bent and their arrows notched, ready to fire. The elves stood with bows in hand, waiting for Aragorn’s order to be at the ready. Suddenly a man let loose an arrow and it strikes a Uruk. “Dartho!” (`Hold’) Aragorn calls out, there is a tense pause and the Uruk falls flat on its face. The Uruk-Hai then growl and roar up at them in anger and the Uruk- Hai leader on the rock protrusion thrusts forth his blade with a roar and the Uruk-Hai advance.

“Tangado halad!” (`Prepare to fire!’) Aragorn shouts out to the elves. Along with the rest of the elves, Eleniel whips out an arrow and takes aim. “Leithio I philinn!” (`Release the arrows.’) The arrows rain down upon the approaching army of Uruk-Hai and many fall. The men let loose a shower of arrows as well.

Aragorn shoves forth his sword, “Fire!” he calls and the elves behind the wall fire also. A great storm of arrows strike the Uruk-Hai, many fall but there is always another uruk to replace the fallen. The Uruk-Hai are close enough to hit those upon the wall with their crossbows. Elves are thrown back off the wall; others fall forward over the wall to their death as they are struck. They cry out as they fall, Eleniel’s stomach twists and turns and she feels as though she is going to throw up. `No use feeling like this, that’s what has to happen in war.’ She thinks to herself as she pushes the sick feeling away and focuses on killing the advancing Uruk-Hai.

“Pendraid!” (`Ladders!’) Eleniel and the rest of the elves pulled out their swords ready for combat. The Uruk-Hai started to pour over the wall and hand-to-hand combat began.



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