Elven Ranger – 3-Into the Wilderness

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Frodo woke the next morning to see Eleniel equipping herself with her weapons. Eleniel finished and looked around to see Frodo watching her. She smiled.

“Good morning, nice to see you’re awake. Strider came in a minute ago to say we are leaving. We will have a quick breakfast and then we are gone.”

Frodo got out of bed. “Where did you sleep last night?”

Eleniel pointed to the chair, “It’s more comfortable than you might think.”

“I’m sorry Eleniel,” Frodo gave a little bow. “You could have put me in the chair.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ve had worse. Now follow me.” Eleniel threw her cloak on and put her hood over her head. She walked out of the room, and Frodo followed her as they went back to Strider’s room. Eleniel knocked on the door; it opened a crack and then opened wide when they noticed her and Frodo. They walked in, Frodo’s bag was in the corner, he went over and got it then they all made their way downstairs. They sat at a table for six, and had breakfast. Aragorn went and spoke to Butterbur, brought back some supplies.

“Here are some supplies, and I have acquired a pony. It is outside. We can use it as a baggage horse. Now we must go.”

Aragorn walked out and the hobbits followed. Eleniel walked behind them. The ponies name was Bill, they got him ready and then they were off. They walked very far without even a word. They did not stop, although Pippin wanted to know about their second breakfast. Aragorn didn’t seem to know about it, Pippin seemed a bit worried about this.

“Doesn’t he know about second breakfast Merry?”

“Don’t think so Pip.”

“What about Elevensies? Morning Tea? Lunch? Afternoon Tea? Dinner? Supper?”

“I wouldn’t count on it.” Merry kept walking ahead.

Pippin stood there for a minute, he seemed a bit sad and shocked about all this. Eleniel came up and patted him on the back and gave him an apple.

“Here maybe this will help.”

“Thank you.” Pippin said with a bow.

“How do you know we can trust them?” Sam murmured to Frodo, Aragorn didn’t hear, as he was further ahead. But Eleniel did.

“We have no choice but to. And when have you ever heard of an elf who would lead us astray? We slept last night and they didn’t hurt us when they had the chance.”

“Yes, ok. But where are they taking us?” Sam talked a little louder this time.

“To Rivendell, master hobbit. I am taking you to the house of Elrond.” Aragorn didn’t look back; he looked up at the sky. “Rain, Eleniel?”

“Yes, I was just thinking that.”

“Did you hear that? We are going to see the elves!”

And no doubt about it, around half an hour later rain clouds gathered and it started to rain. They pulled their cloaks about them. Pippin complained about being tired, and Aragorn explained that they do not stop till nightfall. Then as night fell, they came to Weathertop.

“The great watch tower of Amon Sul.” Exclaimed Aragorn. “We will rest here tonight.”

The hobbits sat down, and Aragorn and Eleniel went to look around. Aragorn lit two torches and gave one to Eleniel. They looked around; there were old statues, and crumbling walls.

“Do you think it is safe with these torches Aragorn?”

“A flame such as this would not attract attention inside these walls. I just hope that the hobbits don’t do anything. Only sleep.”

“I smell food, oh no they are cooking!” Aragorn and Eleniel heard the scream of a Ring Wraith. They ran back towards the hobbits. They heard a shout of pain but it was not of a Nazgul. Eleniel Wrapped materiel around a couple of her arrows lit them on fire then shot them. She found three targets, then unsheathed her sword and joined Aragorn. Fighting, sword against sword, swiping at the Ring Wraiths with their torches. The Nazgul retreated. Aragorn and Eleniel rushed over to Frodo.

“He has been stabbed with a morgul blade.” As Aragorn said this the blade disappeared as a whisp of dust. He handed the hilt to Eleniel. “Keep this; there are inscriptions on the hilt. It might help.”

Eleniel nodded and put the hilt in a side pouch. Aragorn lifted Frodo up and they made their way down Weathertop. They came into a clearing; Aragorn had to set Frodo down. He and Eleniel went to find some Aethelas. Eleniel could find none, but Aragorn came back with some. And with him rode Glorfindel upon his horse Asfaloth. Eleniel ran forward and inclined her head to Glorfindel.

“I have been looking for you for five days now, the wraiths are out there. I can feel them and hear them as you all can.” Glorfindel jumped down from Asfaloth and went to Frodo, Aragorn put some Aethelas on Frodo’s wound. There was a great screech and it was closer this time, Glorfindel got up and went towards the sound, a ring wraith appeared. It was coming closer, Glorfindel and Aragorn held them off. Frodo was looking at Glorfindel, his eyes bright with wonder.

“Eleniel! Take Frodo on Asfaloth to Rivendell. Don’t look back. Ride fast!” Aragorn shouted.

Eleniel scooped up Frodo, placed him on Asfaloth and jumped up behind him.

“Noro lim, Asfaloth!”

They sped off towards Rivendell, the Nazgul gave a great scream. They were following her. She rode as fast as she could, never stopping. She had to make haste; she was still seven days from Rivendell. Maybe five or six days even, if she rode fast enough; and with no delays.

The Nazgul were getting closer, Frodo was getting worse. But Asfaloth was a great steed and could last the distance. Eleniel didn’t tire; she was just worried about Frodo. They came eventually to the Ford of Bruinen and crossed; suddenly the foremost Nazgul spurred his horse forward. It checked the water and reared up. “Go back! Go back to the land of Mordor, and follow me no more!” Frodo cried at the Nazgul with terror and hatred. Eleniel looked down at the little hobbit in front of her, he looked so weak.

Their harsh chilling laughter rose as they called out to him. “Come back! Come back! To Mordor we will take you! The Ring! Give him to us Elf!”

Eleniel put her arm tightly around Frodo, and laughed at the Nazgul. “Never! Not until I am dead will you have him!” And as Eleniel spoke she could hear voices around her, in the water and in the air. They were powerful but not fell. “So be it!” Cried the Nazgul, “We will kill you!” And as they tried again to spur their horses forward into the river, riding towards came great waves like horses.

The waves crashed against the Nazgul and swept them away. Eleniel watched them be swept away by the force of the waves, then turned Asfaloth and sped towards Rivendell. Frodo was worse, just speaking and confronting those Ringwraiths took so much out of him.

Finally Eleniel came to the gates of Rivendell, Gandalf and Lord Elrond appeared. Lordly they looked together thought Eleniel, though their faces were drawn and haggard. Eleniel jumped down from Asfaloth and took Frodo in her arms.

“Quickly Eleniel, follow me!” Elrond spun around. Eleniel held Frodo in her arms and raced after Elrond. She laid him in a bed and gave Elrond the hilt of the Morgul blade. He and Gandalf studied it for a moment. And Elrond began to do his work. Now and again looking at the hilt.


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