Elven Ranger – 1-Bringer of News

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Into the Prancing Pony walked a figure cloaked in blue, dark as the night sky. It was obviously one of those rangers, tall and imposing, but of a slimmer figure than others that had passed through. And weapons galore, truly a mark of a ranger. A bow strapped to their back with a quiver and two sleek fighting knifes, and a sword at their side. Adding to their dangerous and mysterious look was that their face couldn’t be seen, their hood hung low and under that was some type a scarf that covered their nose and mouth.

The stranger strode up to the counter, and waited for some service. Over scuttled Butterbur not wanting to make this person wait, this looked like someone you didn’t want to put offside. “Oh- Good Evening…Uh- sir? Asked Butterbur, and tried to look under the hood to see if they were male or female. Though why would they be female? Women didn’t wander in the wilderness, or come to places such as this.

“I want a room for the night and maybe more I do not know as yet. And I will have meat and bread for dinner, and ale. Serve it to the table over there with Ara- Strider. Tell him he has company.”

“As you wish; here, room 16, up the stairs and to the right.” Answered Butterbur and handed the stranger a gold worn key.

The stranger took it in their gloved hand, nodded their head in thanks and walked through the bar and up the stairs. Eyes followed them as they walked, and people moved clear when they walked past.

The stranger came into their room, and through back their hood and unwrapped their scarf from their mouth. Eleniel threw back her long dark brown locks, (I bet you all guess by now it was a female, I tried so hard to hide it.) and breathed freely. She took her bow, quiver and knives from her back. “Think I may be creating a bit of a scene with these. I’ll keep this I think.” She said patting her sword. Eleniel washed her face off with some water, but didn’t put the scarf back on it would get in the way when she ate.

Eleniel tucked her weapons away under the bed, wrapped her cloak around herself, and pulled the hood back over her head. She headed back downstairs and saw a plate of food and a mug of ale sitting on the table with Aragorn. Eleniel got a seat pulled it up to the table and sat down; she began eating without a word. She was very hungry. Finally Eleniel spoke, “Hello Aragorn, they aren’t here yet?”

“No, the hobbits haven’t arrived yet.” Replied Aragorn.

“That tis ill news; the riders crossed the river Isen on Mid-summers eve, I could do nothing to stop them. I shot fire arrows and uncloaked four, and so overtook them before they could reach The Shire. But as Saruman is in league with the Dark Lord now, he would have given them news cloaks I would say. They have reached The Shire. We held them off for as long as possible, but five took the Greenway by night. I came here through the wild, off the main roads. But I didn’t see them. Though I suppose if they saw me first I would have looked threatening and would not of shown themselves.”

Aragorn sat in silence, thinking of what she had said. “We didn’t lose anyone though did we?” Asked Aragorn with a noticeable worry in his voice.

“No Aragorn, we didn’t. Hallbarad was injured but nothing life threatening. They had strength in them, a terror. Though, I don’t know why. But they do not frighten me, they make me want to fight and stand up even more just because of their evil.”

Aragorn nodded, then sat up with a start. His eyes were following something from under his cloak. Eleniel looked around, four hobbits had just walked through the bar and sat at a table against the wall on the other side of the room.

Eleniel took a sip of her ale, “That’s them isn’t it Aragorn?”

Aragorn nodded, “I’m sure of it. And they look afraid. It must be them.”

“The two younger looking ones don’t look afraid, looks to me that they just want a drink of ale.”

Aragorn chuckled, “Well hobbits do look to those simple things than at the dark and mysterious.”

“Yes, and they bounce back easily don’t they.”


The next thing Aragorn and Eleniel noticed was the one who called himself Underhill, who Eleniel and Aragorn knew must have been Frodo was racing across the room to the youngest looking hobbit. Then he slipped, a glitter of gold flew up out of his hand and then came back down, then he was gone. Aragorn and Eleniel nearly jumped out of their seats, the men in the bar were shocked and frightened. The young hobbit looked speechless, his friend had just disappeared. Aragorn and Eleniel looked about the room for a sign of the hobbit where was he? Then Eleniel saw him re-appear under table near theirs. She quietly pointed him out to Aragorn.

Aragorn got up and made his way over to Frodo, picked him up by the scruff off the neck and dragged him up the stairs. The other hobbits noticed this and followed, one of them even picked up a chair. `I wonder if that would help?’ she thought to herself with a laugh. Eleniel slipped out of the room unnoticed and followed after the hobbits. The room was still in an uproar about what had just happened, and now they noticed the hobbit’s friends were missing now to.

Eleniel walked quietly behind the hobbits they had no idea she was there, she was a few steps behind them. They were talking about the stranger who had snatched up Frodo.

“I’ll get him!” Growled a sandy haired hobbit who was walking in front of the others, he had his hands ready and clenched in fists. The other with the chair showed them the chair he brought with him, and he would hit the man over the head with it. The young one nodded his head, as though satisfied with his friend’s idea to pick up the chair to use against the stranger. They bashed open the door, Eleniel stood on the other side of the hallway watching.

Aragorn spun around and drew his sword as the sandy haired hobbit shouted. “I’ll get you longshanks!”
Eleniel couldn’t help but laugh at this. The hobbits spun around, they had not know she was there. The hobbit with the chair went to throw the chair at the her, but Eleniel drew her sword and with it hit the chair away. The put the sword back in it’s scabbard.


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