Elven Light – chapter three: Of the king under the hills

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The hours passed like ages as the mysterious figure carried Elizabeth and Alice through the trees of Mirkwood forest, the girls thrown over its’ shoulder, as if they were but sacks of barley.

Elizabeth had finally conceded to the stranger’s ways of ruoghly handling herself and Alice, and she only lay quietly, listening to the songs of the birds that she had not yet suffered to hear; their song was beautiful.
As time pressed on and still it seemed they drew no nearer to their destination, the cloaked figure began to sing, and so fair was its voice, that even Alice, who had never fell silent to the figure, now was so as she listened with an intent intrest. Here nw I shall write it as the girls heard it clear:
” Snow White, Snow White, O lady clear,
O queen beyond the WesternSeas,
Give us light who wander here,
Amid the world of woven trees!”
Elizabeth and Alice both sighed as one as the figure finished its haunting song, and then it stopped where it stood and it lay the two girls down where the grass was soft.
It was silent for a moment as it sat itself before them, but then it spoke to them, and its words were kind, as they were sad.

Elizabeth, too, was silent and Alice. The stranger raised its hand to its’ hood and sighed as it slowly removed it. Elizabeth gasped in awe as she saw before her the most beautiful man she had ever to lay eyes upon. His hair fell as if it were gold about his shoulders, it was long and in it was set a crown of silver wrapped and woven amid his fair brow, and his eyes were black as the night, and stars shone within them. His skin was perfect and white as the snow, wherein were set lips so fine when e’er he would smile. This man removed the whole of his cloak and lay it upon the ground, and Elizabeth saw that his arms were strong,and his body was young and lithe, like the strings of the harp. ” Forgive me, My ladies,” He said,” For I was far to rough with your frail bodies, donnot begrudge me, I pray you.”

Elizabeth and Alice were only silent at his words, for they were still in awe at who sat before them. Finally Elizabeth spoke though her words came frail and quiet.” Y-Yeah. Um… who ARE you?”

The man laughed and by his clearness of tone, he was known to not be a mortal man. ” I know now that we are safe from prying ears and so I shall say of my place.” He said,” I am the king of the Sindar elves, Thranduil, lord of this realm.”
Alice, whose knowledge of Middle Earth surpassed Elizabeth’s by far, finally spoke up and she spoke not of fear: ” M-my lord,”

She began,” I pray you tell me what age of this world it is.”
” It is the first age of the sun,” Thranduil replied ” And I fear that times for the Elves now are grim, and our lands are not merry as once they were, for the War of Wrath rages forth and deadens our land.”

” Yeah, me and Elizabeth kinda know that part.” Alice said,” We pretty much know of everythng that will ever happen here.”

” Be you witches or some druid?” Thranduil asked, But Elizabeth shook her head. ” No, We’re not magical,” She answered,” Only we just read about you in a book. It’s called ‘ The Lord of the Rings’ and really, it’s the best book ever!”

Thranduil was silent but then he began to say a word or two, however, he was hindered, for a sound came from close behind them, and he started up.

” Come, and if you will run I pray now that you do so, for orc warriors come and they are too great to fight alone.”

And so he took hold of Elizabeth and Alice’ s hand and pulled them swiftly behind him.

” We have not far before we reach the hills!”

” What, your’e the King under the hills!?”

” Aye, That I am, Now come, we must be swift, for The orcs have yet to see us!”

Elizabeth held tight to fair Thranduil’s hand as she followed the elf through the forest, and thought to herself at what strange fate had befallen herself and her dearest friend.


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