Elven Light – chapter six: Irish Dancer in the halls of the king of the elves

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Thranduil led the girls onward for a moment untill they had reached the place where the battle had been held. There they saw that there, still, was one last remainig Vampire, bound to a tree by the silver elven hair rope and it was timid and would not see as Thranduil aproached it. ” I pray you, donnot cause myself more grief!” The Vampire whimpered, and Thranduil said:” Were it that you had befriended my lands before and not caused us ourselves grief, then you would not have this pain brought upon you.”
The Vampire bent its head, for it saw that Thranduil held his long hand upon the long hilt of his blade Eriendiel. ” I wish not to cut you now.” Thranduil said as he saw the Vampire in fear, and his heart was somewhat softened. ” Although it was that you brought pain upon my land and my people, I will spare you more humility. But mark you now this moment wherein you were spared, for it will not come to be a seccond time.”
The Vampire was gratefull and humbly bowed his head to the Elven King. Elizabeth sighed, for as she saw Thranduil stand so tall and proud over the Vampire, such a cruel creature and yet given kindness still, she saw that the elf was kind and merciful, and not a brute. But this was not so in Alice’s mind, who still looked upon him with disgust, and so, too, upon Elizabeth, who had taken a liking to him.
Thranduil drew his blade and held it to the ropes that bound the Vampire and cut them.
” What are you doing!?” Alice said as the Vampire walked free. ” You’re not supposed to let the enemy go!”
Thranduil paused and said:” That is only if you have no mercy within you.” and Alice was silent, for she knew this to be true.
” What are we going to do with it?” Elizabeth asked as the Vampire shook all of its’ limbs in a most peculiar manner.
” He will serve in the household of the king.” Thranduil said in reply:” Now come. He is sworn to his word and so shall not ham us. He needs no bindings now.”
” Are we finally off to your grand palace?” Elizabeth asked eagerly and Thranduil said that indeed they were.
” But it is far from here and so the remainder of this night we will spend beneath the trees, for we will to gain streangth for travel upon the morrow.”
And so it was decided and the girls were allowed to choose the place where they would rest. They chose the shelter of a great willow tree, who’s branches wiped the ground, and they sang the song of the wind. Here all stopped their tredding of ground and sat beneath mother Willow.
Suddenly, Elizabeth became aware of her back-pack that still was upon her shoulders, of which she had forgotten untill now.
” Hey Alice,” She said, ” take your pack—“
” Oh,right!” and Elizabeth was inter rupted for Alice would not stand to hear aught that came from her mouth. ” That’s right, I’ve got my lunch in it! Awsome, I’ll have some dinner!!!” and she removed her back pack and slefishly ate all of her lunch, for she cared not for the hunger of others around her. Elizabeth removed her pack and took out her lunch, but seeing that Thranduil laid himself against the Willow, prepared to have no supper, she came closer to him and offered him some of her spagetti and soda.
And it was when he refused, saying only that hungered not, that Elizabeth was persistant and forced him to eat some of her food. ” You’ve got to eat something!” She said and so he conceeded and she halved her spagetti and he ate upon his cloak, which was far beyond her expectations. However, she soon saw that he had great trouble trying to eat the noodles, for they were long and he could not eat them quite properly.
” Here.” She said with a giggle, and form her pack as well, she pulled a pair of chop-sticks, with wich she used to eat all of her pasta meals, weather they be Japanese or Italian.
” These might not be any easier to eat with, but just twist the noodles around the chop-stick and it shoud shorten the leangth of what you’re eating.” She said as Thranduil looked akwardly upon the sticks and held them in his hands. But he finally ‘ Got the idea’ and soon was finished with his meal.
After they had eaten, Elizabeth and Alice left Thranduil and the Vampire and went to where Thranduil had said was a river wherein they could bathe.
When the night hd grown late and the girls were finished with their bat, they returned, only to find all of what they had carried in their bags strewn upon the ground. ” What went on here!?” Alice cried when she found her school papers torn and all in a mess. Elizabeth looked and saw that Thranduil sat alone beneath the Willow, the Vampire long asleep, and that he was rid of his cloak and all o his heavy robes, so that he was in his white tunic alone. In his hands he held a pair of pretty black shoes, strung with fine black laces.
” Ahem.” Elizabeth said loudly and Thranduil started. ” Forgive
me my ladies,” He said,” It is only that you held within your bagage many strange and wonderful treasures.”
” Treasures?”
” Aye, yes,”
” THOSE are treasures,” Elizabeth said as she came to him and took from him the black shoes,” These are my newest pair of Ghillies. Any thing else by all means you can keep, or we can just leave them here.”
” Ghillies?”
” Yeah, I use them to dance in.”
Thranduil was silent for a moment and then he looked to Elizabeth. ” You are a dancing lady, yes?” He said and motioned toward her shoes. ” Yes,” She said,” Would you like me to show you some steps?”
Thranduil replied that indeed he would enjoy it and even better if the both of the girls would dance together, if it was that Alice knew how to. Alice said that she did, but refused to show anything. So Elizabeth was forced to dance alone. But she did and was beautifull. Her feet turned out marvoulously and her posture was so graceful and perfect.
Thranduil watched as the girl danced and he smiled to him self. She was lovely, he thought, and so kind. ” So shows the faerey blood within her.” He thought, and as she would glance upon him he would not deny her gaze. He knew well what she thought of himself, for lingering glances and blushing smiles said that she cared for him, and though still he thought of her as still being only a child. No one person could grow to love another in only but a day, and so, although he denied her no looks and smiles, he felt no love within him for her. ” How she resembles so greatly the lady…”
But then he was silent for of what he spoke was naught but a aged memory, of whom it rested upon gone and lost tohim forever.


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