Elven Light – chapter seven(cont’d)

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And so Thranduil and the two young girls left the land of Middle Earth, o’er the threshold that stands to part the World from lands thought to be but mere fantasies. Alas! For the threshold itself cannot be proven to exist, but that does not mean , by any reasons whatsoever, prove it does prove it does not exist. If you know the way you may cross it. It is there, if only in the dreams of some.
When finaly the girls came once more into their own land, it was dark for the night was old.
” We’re back.” Elizabeth said as she saw her home,” And there’s no search party so maybe nobody’s been to worried.”
” I highly doubt that!” Alice said with smirk,” Well, see ya’!
Better get on home and face the wrath of my father dear!”
Whereupon she ran away into the darkness.
Elizabeth took THranduil by the hand and led him away as well, to her home. When they came there, she reached high, above the eve of the door of her house and pulled down an odd little device Thranduil wondered upon, for as she held it before a large door , wrought of steel,( a garage door, but hey! HE’S AN ELF!) it opened of what seemed its’ own acord.
” This is a garage and this is where you’ll be sleeping tonight.” Elizabeth said as she went in and from a closet pulled forth blankets and pillows.” And tomorrow,” She continued, ” I”ll tell my parents you’re a cousin…..twice removed and some sort of of a decesed grandmother’s, aunt’s father’s nephew…..or somthing like that. Oh, yeah, and that I went to go stay with uncle Billy-Bob today that’s why I was gone for so long earlier today.” And then she removed the hood from his cloak and smiled upon him.
” Now, your name is going to be Haggen Dazz and you’re from Germany, you’re 15 but you don’t speak any English……
that means don’t speak at all. Okay, you’ll also end up coming with me and Alice to the Feis.” She looked upon Thranduil and laughed,” You’ll be so astounded at the modern world! Oh, yeah, and we’ll take you out dancing! OOOOh and we’ll go shopping!And—–“
But Thranduil took her hand and kissed it gently, with a smile upon his gracefull lips. She swiftly pulled her hand away.
” Please, don’t do that.” She said quietly as she pulled open a small cot. ” Here. You can sleep here tonight, and I’ll turn on the heater for you. Good-night.”
Then she left, closing tight the garage door behind her. Thranduil smiled in the dim and fading light and lay himself down to sleep.


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