Elven Light – chapter seven

by Jun 25, 2004Stories

” so, How did you like it?”
” It was quite lovely.”
” Really?!”
” Aye, it was.”
” Well, that was something we inIreland used to call a Reel.”
” You are a lovely dancer.”
” Well, thanks! I’ve never had anyone say something so nice to me before

Elizabeth sat down upon the ground and rested her weary legs. ” It’s as hard as anything on my legs.” She said with a sigh, and she laid her hand upon her throbing little legs and rubbed her ankles with her fingers, so that the numbness of pain left them slightly. Thranduil wished dearly that he could help her, but any thing that he could do would be so very in-apropriate. ” Elizabeth…” He said slowly, for her name was still a strange one to him and he had a time in the begining to say it. ” Perhaps now you should lay yourself down. Lay down your weary head, and sleep.”
” Nah, I’m fine.” Elizabeth replied and Thranduil’s words were downcast. Soon, Elizabeth took her bag and from what lay upon the ground she looked through, trying weather or not to decide on what she should leave and what she should take.. Finaly she piled everything back into her pack. While she did so, she came across a torn peice of paper and her eyes widened. ” Oh, crap!!!!!” She cried out and ran to Alice’s side.” Does this look familiar?!”
Alice shot up from where she sat and huriedly began to gather everything of hers up.
” What ails you, my ladies!?” Thranduil asked as he saw the girls paniking and running aimlessly about.
” Thranduil, i’m really sorry, but we’ve got to go back to our own land.” and she showed him the paper. On it was a picture of a dancer and writing strange to him.
” We have the Millwakee feis to compete in!”
” You cannot go back!”
” Thranduil, please, you would’nt BELIVE how important this is to us!”
Thranduil sighed and he finaly gave his consent. ” You may go, But I must away with you for It is that you cannot pass beyond the border of Middle Earth into your world alone, and you cannot pass back hence. I must show the way to leave and to come back.”
” Fine then! But we’ve got to leave now, cause our plane leaves in the morning!”



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