Elven Light – chapter eight: Feisanna

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There suddenly, through Elizabeth’s deep and peacfull slumber, came a high and frightning scream. Elizabeth rose swiftly from her bed and ran to the garage, from whence the scream had come. There she saw her mother standing against the wall as if it was her very life’s support was dependent on it.
” Mother, what is it!?” Elizabeth cried, and her mother turned her head.
” I allways knew that raising a teen-aged daughter would be difficult, Elizabeth, but NEVER had I thought that this would come to be…..and of MY child!!” Mother said angrily, whereupon she turned and went within the garage, only to return once more holding Thranduil by his golden hair. ” WHO is this?!” Mother continued, and Elizabeth replied:” He’s a cousin, from Germany, he kinda just showed up at the door late last night saying that now we’re his only close and living family…..I thought he could at least stay with us and go with us to the Feis. After that he’ll find a hotel to get himself up on his feet…..after all, he lost everything back in Germany.”
” H-he lost everything?”
” Oh,yeah, some Hitler freaks we’ren’t done with his land yet and ……bombed it.”
” Elizabeth, so help me, if you are lying to me I’ll….”
” Relax, mom.”
Elizabeth’s mother looked hesitantly upon Thranduil but then let him free of her seige and welcomed him to their home.
” Well, it’s morning now, so let’s get us some breakfast.” And so Thranduil and Elizabeth were forgiven by mother, who can be the most dangerous person to walk the earth if made cross by her children.
Breakfast was a simple meal, bacon and oatmeal, and it was soon devoured, then Elizabeth and her mother readied for the
long flight to Millwakee. Thranduil laughed when Elizabeth smiled in her dire happiness and exitement, and then finaly, they were all ready and so left the house, to meet Alice and her parents on Main Street.

The flight was long and tiresome and so Elizabeth slept, in her seat beside Thranduil. But sleep did not come so easily for the poor elf, for he felt a sickness in his stomach, and thought the air-plane a horrible achievment.
The stewardess came up to him while she made her way to give snacks and drinks and she asked Thranduil if he would like some of her goods. Thranduil only shook his head and turned away.

“We’re here!” Elizabeth said joyously as they were led to their room in a hotel in which they were to stay, the feis itself being below them in the hotel conference room. ” We’re finaly
here!” Elizabeth continued as a bell-boy entered the room, carrying the family’s lluggage and a large black bag.
” My gosh, Thrand– I mean Hagen, look, here….” And Elizabeth took the bag and opened it, ” is my solo dress! I’m in the more advanced competitions so I get my very own solo dress! It’s new!” And Thranduil looked upon the dress that Elizabeth held before him. It was a dark and misty green and about its surface wove ivy an vines and knots of many colors.
There were four crests upon it that Elizabeth said were the Franklin, McVicker, Morgan and Blevins crests…her family’s. A drape that hung upon the back-side of the dress revealed a fifth crest, a banner bearing a swan upon it. Elizabeth smiled, ” Those were allways my favorite elves.” She said happily as her mother entered the room and hurried Elizabeth into a small room saying:” Hurry, child, and dress yourself! The competitions start in two hours!” And so Elizabeth donned her lovely dress and sat before a mirror to don as well her wig, a thing of pure beauty.
Finaly, she came out and stood before her mother and Thranduil. They were delighted and aplauded her. Then she wore her smock to cover the dress well and they all three went to a seccond breakfast. There, they met Alice and her father, Alice donned in her own dress and smock. They all sat and ate in the cafe and their meal was hearty and well.
Elizabeth could only just finish her meal, for exitement swelled high within her. She looked upon Thranduil who sat opposite her and smiled. He was so lovely and pure, and she thought that never could he have ever done aught to hurt a soul. ” You’re really going to enjoy this!” She said and Thranduil smiled. Suddenly, loud speakers that seemed to be hidden through all the crowd gatherd for the feis, cried out:” Will all competitors please report to the front counter for their registration.” And so Elizabeth and Alice ran off and into the crowd, their families and friends close behnd them.
They were soon registered and went into the conference room to take seats. ” Okay, me and Alice are in prizewinner, so there’s a little bit of a wait, but it’s going to be worth it. So, stay right here.” Then the two girls went away, and the competitions began soon afterward.
Thranduil intently watched the dancers of different levels, and he enjoyed their talent, but then he was distracted, for he saw to a far corner and partially hidden by a large door, a figure he was angered to see had followed. It was the Vampire King, and how he had followed Thranduil and the girls, the elf knew not. ” such a pity I took not his life.” Thranduil muemered, ” For his pressence can mean no good.”
Then he drew a slim and leathal blade from his sleeve and nodded grimly unto the presence of the foul creature.


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