Elven Jedi – Prologue

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~Elven Jedi~ Prologue~
One day, Varda sat alone, atop a hill that rested near the sea. She was taking a break from her duties. But this break was not a restful one. Her mind was clouded with a thought that Eru had send to her. She looked up when someone came walking to her side. She nodded lightly to her love, Manwe. Who nodded back, and sat down next to her. “Hello my love.” He said to her, wrapping his arms around her, and pulling her close to him. “What is wrong dear?”

Varda sighed. “Eru has sent me a task, that another is to complete. I just do not know who to send.”

Manwe nodded lightly. “Aye, he sent the same thing to me. A vision of a galaxy far away. One that is govern by many different types of people. But who to send? The place there is so different, and none that we can send adapt well to change very quickly.”

Varda then smiled. “Aye, but you just solved out problems. We shall send one who adapts to change the best.”

“And who would that be?” Manwe asked, resting his head on hers. “Come on, you can tell me.”

“Who else? Ninde Lome.”


Ninde Lome was a young elf that was only about 50 years old. She acted like a little brat, and loved to pull pranks. She was the only child of Rumil, who was brother to Haldir, and Laurelasse, who just happened to be the only sister of Legolas Greenleaf. Despite those facts, she was an orphan now. For Laurelasse had died given birth to her, and Rumil had died of grief. She was now raised by her uncles, Legolas, Haldir, and Orophen.

Her uncles raised her good enough to know when to behave, but that did not mean she came anywhere close to being a perfect little angle. Oh no, loved to pull the cutest little pranks on people. She also had a habit of disappearing for a week or two, just to return with something or another that was not approved of.

As for looks, she looked much like her mother, who in turn looked much like Legolas. She was tall, paled skinned, golden haired, fair to look upon, but she had green eyes. People had often wondered about that because neither of her parents had green eyes. It was a mystery even to the Valar themselves.

Well, in any case, while Varda and Manwe were talking, Ninde was up to trouble. She ran into a small courtyard, and leapt onto a bench. She held a slender hand over her eyes, blocking the sun’s bright rays, as she looked for someone. She then saw him, a short, stocky looking person with a beard. She grinned wickedly, and leapt off the bench, running over to him. “Hello Mr.Gimli!”

Gimli let out a light cry, and turned to her. “Dear me child!! I think I just had a heart attack!! And dear me, not another trick!” He looked at her with wide eyes, now seeing her grin. She grinned more, and leapt onto his beard. She then proceeded to swing back and forth. “Cow-a-bunga!!” She giggled when Gimli cried out. “Not the beard!” She then let go, and began to run away. But then she ran into somebody’s legs. Slowly, she looked into her uncle’s eyes.

Legolas tapped his foot. “Ninde, that was not very nice. What do you say to Mr.Gimli?”

`Darnit!! I’m caught!’ She thought, as she slowly turned back to Gimli. “I’m sorry Mr.Gimli.” She then gave him her puppy eyes.

Gimli just shrugged it of. “It’s ok las. Just don’t do it again.”

Legolas nodded, and grabbed Ninde by the arm. “Come, Lady Elbereth, and Lord Manwe wish to speak with us. I don’t know about what, but I can only guess that it’s for some prank you pulled.” Ninde’s eyes went wide, as he dragged her towards where Varda and Manwe were to meet them. There, they were met by Haldir, and Orophen.

“Well, Legolas, what do you think this is about? Galadriel’s make-over while she was sleeping? Or hiding Elrond’s clothing while he was taking a swim?”

Legolas smirked. “I don’t know. But I do know that it was different seeing Elrond running around wearing nothing but two leaf’s.”

The three broke out into a laugh that was full of tension, but Ninde remained silent. She looked nervous. It was almost as though she were afraid she was going to get her head bitten off by the Valar. Just then, Varda and Manwe appeared. All went silent, and bowed their heads to the two. Varda looked over Haldir, Orophen, and Legolas slowly, then fixed her gaze on Ninde. “Good day, Elven children. What we have called you here for is not as you think. We have a mission for you.”

“We are ready to do the bidding of Iluvatar and the Valar, Lady Elbereth.” Legolas said in response.

Varda fixed her gaze upon him for a moment. “Only one of you shall go, and that shall be Ninde.” She then looked back to Ninde. “You are the only one cable of pulling this one off. We will be sending you elsewhere, to a place where they have never heard of the Elves. It will be your job to introduce us to them. Now, when you first get there, you’ll find yourself in a weird world where there are no trees, nor streams. In this world you’ll have to find something called the Jedi Temple, and speak with the people there.”

“How am I to find this place?”

“Trust me, you’ll find it.”

“But why me? Why not Legolas? Or someone else?”

“Because you are our future.”


Ninde wasn’t entirely thrilled about this, but she really didn’t have a choice. She packed her bag, and said her goodbyes to her friends. She then went to Varda, who turned to her. “Are you ready?”

With a heavy sigh, Ninde nodded. “Yes, I am ready, Lady Elbereth. Take me to wherever. The sooner I leave, the sooner I can return.”

Varda nodded, and began to chant. Suddenly, the world around Ninde darkened, and she grew weary. Before she new I, she was sleeping, and when she awoke she’d get the surprise of a lifetime. Thus begins the tale of Elven Jedi Ninde Lome.


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