Elven Jedi – Chapter #2

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~Elven Jedi~ Chapter 2~

Qui-gon turned to Yoda, and nodded. He then turned back to Ninde and Obi-wan. “Ninde will definitely be taken under my wing. Obi-wan, though, needs to prove himself with a weapon and training first. He will fight you Ninde, and if he wins, then you will both be taken as my padawan learners.”

Ninde looked over to Obi-wan, and saw the shock and fear written all over his face. This shocked him, yes, as it went against the Jedi Code. She then looked back at Yoda, and nodded, “very well…”


Obi-wan breathed heavily, after having been hit harm in the stomach by Ninde. He couldn’t see anything because of the Light Penetrated Hood that Master Yoda had both him, and Ninde wearing. He knew well that she was doing her best to let him have an opportunity to strike her, but for some reason he couldn’t focus. No matter how he looked at it, he was fighting Ninde, his best friend. He did not want to risk harming her, even though they were using lightsabers with the power turned down to low so you would only get a burn that a mere bacta patch wouldn’t fix.

Ninde took a step back, allowing him to caught his breath. He then heard something inside his head, her voice, `Obi-wan…hit me…’

Obi-wan sent a message in return, `no.’

`Don’t make me make you.’

`You can’t make me…’

Ninde swung her blade at his neck, and something in him made him duck down, and kick upwards, kicking her in the stomach. She took a step back, bringing her sword into a diagonal defensive position. Obi-wan suddenly realized what was happening. Ninde was provoking his sub-conscious with the force, making his body react when his mind did not want to. She had taught him how to do such things, or had at least tried to teach him, but it had never sunk in. And now he was attacking her when he did not want to.

Again she stepped forward, swinging her blade for his neck. He brought his sword up, blocking the attack, he then did a round house kick, kicking high, and hitting her in the chin, making her fly to the ground a few feet away. She skidded on her back for a few moments, then flipped to her feet, and turned slightly so her right shoulder was facing Obi-wan, an in her left hand was her lightsaber. She motioned for him to attack, and he couldn’t help it.

He suddenly understood that his sub-conscious was thinking that she was not who she was, that she was maybe evil, or something. His imagination had turned her into an enemy, someone wanting to take over the galaxies out there, and he was the only one who could stop her. She was doing this to him on purpose, she wanted him to win.


Ninde ran up to Obi-wan, and patted him on the shoulder, “don’t worry, you will get the hang of this stuff.”

“No I won’t, I will never be able to beat you.”

“Oh yes you will. Look, all you have to do is envision that it’s not me, that it’s some evil person who wishes to kill all that stands in their way, and take over the galaxy. Why don’t you try putting that thought into your sub-conscious, and then when we are fighting I can tap into that, and you can actually have a chance to beat me!”

“Ok, I’ll try, but I don’t think it’s going to work.”

Ninde laughed, and put Obi-wan in a head lock, then gave him a good nuggies, messing his hair up. “Don’t say that word, it’s do or do not. There is no try.” She let go of him, and smiled, “trust me, you’ll be able to bring yourself to fight me eventually when the time is right, and you start thinking that I am the enemy instead of your friend. It’s the only way you’ll only beat me.” She winked at him, turned, and began to walk away. “Come on, I’m hungry, let’s go find some food.”


Obi-wan stopped his attack, and looked at Ninde. “You don’t have to do that anymore, I am ready to fight you on my own now.”

Ninde nodded lightly, and though they could not see each other because of their hoods, they knew well that they were both smiling.

Ninde squatted down lightly, spinning, and putting her right foot behind her. She then leapt forward, charging, once again bringing her sword down to hit Obi-wan’s neck. Immediately Obi-wan brought his sword up, and blocked the attack while he squatted down, and spun on his heel, kicking Ninde’s legs out from under her.

Ninde landed hard, and dropped her lightsaber, landing precisely where Obi-wan had wanted her to. He turned slightly, still in the crouching position, and lightly touched her neck with his lightsaber, leaving a small burn mark.

Obi-wan hit the switch to the lightsaber, and stood, pulling his hood off. Ninde propped herself up on her elbows, while taking her hood off. To Obi-wan’s surprise she was grinning widely. She slowly stood, and bowed her head to him, and he did the same in return, it had been a good match, even though Obi-wan knew he had gone all out when he finally decided it was time to while she held back.

They both then turned to Master Yoda and Master Qui-gon, and both bowed their heads. “Very good, that was a splendid sight to see.” Master Qui-gon said, as he stepped up to them. He slowly circled around Ninde, staring at her with an unnerving look. “But you held back didn’t you?”

Ninde nodded, “yes Master Qui-gon, but you see, I think me and Obi-wan would make a great team to fight with. With the right training his skills could be as powerful, or even more powerful and sharper then mine.”

With reluctance, Qui-gon nodded, and looked at Master Yoda. “It’s your call Master Yoda.”

Master Yoda looked at all of them, his eyes staring into each of them. Slowly, he nodded, “very well, you’re apprentices they will be.”

Ninde smiled lightly, and Obi-wan gasped out of surprised. Master Yoda nodded to them, and left the room. Ninde turned to Obi-wan, and hugged him. “Can you believe it!? He is letting us train together under the same Master!” Suddenly, she overcame herself, and remembered her manners. She turned to Qui-gon, and bowed to him. “When are we to leave Master?”

[Author’s note: Ok, as for the training part here, I only have four of the Jedi Apprentice series, and those one’s are: The Hidden Past, The Defenders of the Dead, The Fight for Truth, and the Only Witness. So I will only be able to do little stories on those books. I did, at one time, have The Uncertain Path, but I lost that at school, so bare with me please. Um, yeah. Look out for the next chapter, it is a coming! And I will try to make these things longer, but I get very little time on my PC anymore.]


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