Elven Jedi – Chapter #1

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~Elven Jedi~ Chapter 1~

Ninde Lome slowly sat up. She could hear loud noises about her, noises of a sort that she had never heard before, and that slightly scared her. Her eyes were caked shut, but she forced them open when she began to hear voices murmur around her. At first, her vision was blurry, but then she began to see everything about her.

Her eyes went wide, as she took in the sight about her. There were many things floating in the air, and the noises they made hurt her ears. All around her stood many creatures of a strange sort. They scared her. One of them, with blue skin, and two tail-like things on his head, stepped forward. Ninde could tell from his gestures that he was a she, and meant no harm to her. But she couldn’t help but scream, and cover her head with her arms. She then began to scream in her native tongue. “Get away beast!! Away!!” Tears began to stream down her face, as she screamed. She closed her eyes, and began to scream for her Uncles.

Somebody picked her up, and at first Ninde tried to get away. But then, a famine voice began to whisper soothing words to her. Ninde suddenly calmed down, and snuggled close to the woman. The woman’s skin was soft, warm, and smelled of wonderful flowers. Her voice seemed to have a calming effect. It reminded Ninde of her mother, though her memory of her was little. But Ninde still had that blurry memory of her once strong, and wonderful mother.

She felt that the woman was now walking, but did not care. She sobbed lightly, her face buried in the woman’s shoulder. She was acting like a wild animal who had suddenly been thrown into a bunch of woods hundreds, if not millions of miles away from the home she had once known.

Just then, the woman sat her down in something, then sat down next to her. She heard a slam, but did not open her eyes to see what it was. The woman then began to speak to her, and she could surprisingly make out her words, because she was using the common tongue. “What’s your name?”

Surprisingly, Ninde was able to push the large lump aside in her throat. “N-Ni-Nind-Ninde Lome.”

“Ninde Lome, that is a beautiful name. I am Adi Gallia. How old might you be?”

“…..Nearly fifty…..”

“Fifty?!” The woman slightly cried out. “What planet do you come from, and what specie are you?

“I-I am from a world that you may have never of heard of before, and I am of a specie you may have never of heard before either. I am and Elf of the Sindarin race, sent from the planet Arda to introduce ourselves to you culture, and I am to introduce your culture to my people.” Ninde huddled up next to the woman, still fearful of the new world she was in. “I-I also need to speak with the…J-Jedi…K-Knights….”

Adi seemed to let out a little laugh. “I may not know what an Elf or Arda is, but I myself am a Jedi… So that little matter I can help you with young one…or, um, well.”

Ninde shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. I am quite young compared to those that I had lived with, but to you I might be old. So let’s not worry about it. Age is not something we Elves worry about much.”

The woman nodded, and whatever they were in came to a halt. Adi opened the door, stepped out, and offered a hand to help Ninde out. Ninde began to step out, but then she looked down. She gasped, and shrank back, as all she saw below her was a long drop and a lot of flying objects. Adi gazed at her, kinda surprised. “Is something wrong?”

Ninde couldn’t find her voice to speak with. Instead she pointed down with a slender finger. Adi let out a small laugh, and picked her up. “Come, come, I was not about to let you fall young one. It is alright, I will not allow anything to you to happen.” She sat Ninde down on her feet, and turned her around. She then motioned a hand to the building in front of them. “Welcome to the Jedi Temple, Ninde Lome. Come, I will take you to the Jedi council.” Ninde refused to move, so Adi had to pick her up, and carry her into the temple. Ninde buried her face into Adi’s shoulder, and didn’t look up, even when Adi was stopped to have a small chat with one of the people in the Temple.

Adi soon stopped, and sat Ninde down. She then began to address some people in a strong voice, but Ninde did not bother to look at them, instead she buried her face now into Adi’s thigh. A small hand rested on her shoulder after a while, and she turned to see a green guy. She leapt back, crying out in fear. She fell to the ground, and covered her head. “Much fear this one has, like a small animal. But none the less, strong in the force is she. A Jedi we shall train her to be.”


A few years later…

Ninde looked up from her datapads as someone entered her room. It was the green Jedi Master Yoda. She stood up, sat her datapads aside, and bowed lightly to him, smiling as she did so. “Good morning Master Yoda, I hope that the day has treated you well.”

“Indeed it has.” Yoda said, responding to her bow with a nod of his head. ” I hope that it has been doing the same for you. But that is besides the point, I have come here to talk to you about something.”

“What about Master Yoda?” Ninde continued to smile lightly at the Old Master, as she directed him to sit down on her bed. She sat down next to him, and began to scroll through the datapads as she listened to him.

“As you should have learned by now, a Jedi Master is coming here in the attempts to take on a Padawan learner. This may be your last chance to get a Master Ninde, and I believe this order will need you more then ever. I suggest that you do everything it takes to become Master Qui-gon’s apprentice. It will do you a lot of good Ninde.”

Ninde stopped scrolling through the datapad, and turned worried eyes on Yoda. “What of Obi-wan. You know his time is coming when he won’t be able to get a master either. I would rather have him get a master before me. He is a Jedi right down to the heart, and is the only person who could nearly beat my butt at anything we did in training.”

“Sadly, your skills are more greatly needed then his. You can heal with your powers, and are the strongest that I have yet to know that has these types of powers. Ninde, this order needs you, you should be able to see that by now. Please, just listen to me this once, think not of your friend on this one. I know that this goes against your training to some extent, but you’re needed more then you might ever know.”

Ninde thought for a second, then looked back at Yoda. “Do you think that we could possibly go against the code for just once and allow two padawans to be trained at the same time by the same master? Because I refuse to get a master while Obi-wan cannot get one. It is not something that I am willing to allow.”

Yoda blinked. “If that is truly the way you feel then I will talk to the council, and Qui-gon. If this is what you mean to do, then I will allow it to happen, for you are a quick learner, and won’t get in the way much.”


The next day, Ninde sat with all their friends in the mess hall. She tried to keep a smile on her face the entire time while they ate, and talked silently. But then word of Master Qui-gon coming to the temple began to take over the conversation. Everyone joined in except Ninde. Ninde continued to eat the gel like food that she had gotten with her food today as she listened to her friends state what they would do if Qui-gon took them for his apprentice.

Ninde shivered lightly as she got the sense of eyes on her. She noted then that many eyes were glancing in her direction as talk of the master continued to circulate through the mess hall. She could even feel that the council members eyes were on her, which made her all the more uncomfortable. But she held her emotions in well, placing them in the dark so that they were clouded to all, even the strongest mind readers. Another thing that she was well known for around the temple. She hid her feelings so well that even the best could not make them out. It was like looking into muddy water, you just couldn’t see through it unless she wanted them to.

A hand touched her shoulder, and she turned to Bant. “What do you think Ninde? Are you excited?”

Ninde shrugged. “I guess I am.”

Obi-wan chuckled lightly.” You know Ninde, you can open your feelings up to us sometimes. We are your friends after all. It’s not like we are going to be mad if you get picked over us. And it will more then likely happen, I mean we can’t even tell your feelings half the time. Not even the best can tell your feelings.”

“Alright, you want to know my feelings about this?” Ninde allowed her walls to collapse for a mere few seconds allowing her emotions of worry, and what not out. Everyone in the room immediately turned their eyes to her, as she closed her emotions back up. “Those are my feelings. I do not want to be taken right away, I would rather see all you with masters before me. But I know what is going to happen in either case. Now, if you will excuse me.” She slowly stood, pushing her tray over to Reeft, who loved food as much as air. “You can have the rest.” She then began for the exit to the mess hall.

A tall figure with a bird, and long brown hair suddenly blocked her path. Ninde took a step back, looking into the man’s blue eyes. She recognized him to be a master, and bowed to him. “Good afternoon, Master?”

“Jedi Master Qui-gon Jinn, young one.” He stared straight into her eyes, and attempted to start feeling her mind and feelings. In the blink of an eye, she closed up her thoughts and emotions completely, so that, even if he was a good mind reader, they would only be thoughts floating around in the dark. They would be like feathers in a windstorm, and each time you reached to grab one it would fly away before you could see if up close. He blinked, and smiled lightly. “Interesting.” He then walked past her, and over to the council members.

Ninde looked over her shoulders at her friends. She shivered lightly, turned, and ran off, spiriting down the hallways. She pushed a few people out of her way as she went, but it wasn’t like she cared. Some of the teachers would yell at her to stop running, but she wouldn’t. if anything, she wanted someone else to have him for a master. She was the most liked in the temple, yes, but her heart would not allow her to put her own personal gains first, but rather her friends.

Ninde ran into the room of a Thousand Fountains. She sat down on a small bench, and stared into the water that flowed freely through the room. She continued to do this for a long time, until a hand rested on her shoulder. She turned, and looked into Obi-wan’s eyes. “I knew I would find you here Ninde.” He sat down next to her. “Why did you do that to him? And why did you run like that? I know that you are strong, and this is not in your nature. What’s the matter?”

Ninde sighed, and began to stare into the water again. Her speech was slow, and low. “I know Obi-wan. I am just afraid that if I am picked before one of you that you will not be able to get a master. I could never forgive myself. I have a kind heart, too kind actually. And about my feelings, that is not something that you wish to know about.”

Obi-wan nodded. “You know Ninde, if you don’t want to open your feelings up to anyone else, at least open them up to me. I have known you for a few years, and I still cannot read your feelings. So at least try to let me share your feelings.”

Ninde nodded. “I will start letting you in on my feelings. But you and only you.”

Just then, someone walked into the room. It was Master Yoda, and with him walked Qui-gon. They both waited for Ninde and Obi-wan to stand and bow before speaking. “Well, good news I have for you Ninde, and for Obi-wan as well. I will allow Qui-gon to tell it to you himself.”

Ninde and Obi-wan both turned to Qui-gon who stood staring blankly at them, waiting for the announcement.

(And that is all I can give you for right now. Sorries. Look out for the next one!!!)


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