Eltinuviel – Part 8

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Thorwen was frantic. It was her wedding day! Sure, she was a little bit nervous at the betrothal, but nothing like this. There were maids rushing everywhere with Queen Arwen managing to order them around and comfort Thorwen at the same time.

“Now, dear”, the queen started, “You know very well that my son loves you.”

“But what if he forgets about the wedding?”, Thorwen was coming up with every bad thing you could possibly imagine.

Arwen rolled her eyes. “Thorwen, nothing bad is going to happen. Just relax. I was like this on my wedding day as well. I’m sure that Eldarion is completely calm and relaxed.”

Thorwen snorted at the last part. If Eldarion was calm and relaxed right now, she was an Orc.

Thorwen didn’t know just how right she was.


“Eldarion!”, the king’s voice sounded throughout the room. “Why must you always fret on important occasions? Before every ball, holiday and dinner, you fret. Before your betrothal ceremony, you were fretting. And now you fret before your wedding? Sure, I was nervous, but nothing like this!”

As his father finished his little speech, Eldarion rolled his eyes. This was going to be a long, long day.


Faramir was checking to make sure everything was ready. It was the prince’s wedding day, and from what he gathered from the king, the boy was, as usual, fretting. His wife had gone to help the women with their preparations, leaving Faramir to do last minute check-ups on the citadel and such.


Eowyn watched the scene with amusement. Maids were everywhere, the bride was having trouble getting into her dress and the queen was trying to give orders, comfort the bride and help her get her dress on all at the same time. It was utter chaos. Eowyn chuckled, knowing that not even Arwen could do all those things at once. “Arwen!”, she called out. “I will take the ordering from here.” At first the queen looked surprised to see her, but then smiled and thanked her.


Thorwen and Eldarion had just exchanged ceremonial marriage vows. They were at this very second being given permission to kiss. Suddenly, Eldarion found her lips and placed on them the most breathtaking kiss she had ever had. She was sure that she felt her heart miss a beat just because of the kiss.


In the front of the crowd, Eowyn was watching Faramir rather hungrily, who in turn was blushing. Aragorn and Arwen were eying eachother as well, until Aragorn couldn’t take it anymore and leaned in for a kiss. He was stopped by Arwen’s finger going to his lips. That was her way of saying “Wait until tonight or you’ll be sleeping in the family room.” He reluctantly leaned back, showing just about the whole city that his wife controlled him. He didn’t care, though. Half of them already knew.


As Thorwen and Eldarion walked away from the atlar and back into the palace, Eldarion whispered in Thorwen’s ear, “Thorwen, I want you to know something. No matter what anyone says, you’ll always be my Eltinuviel.”


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