Eltinuviel – Part 6

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Thoryon went to answer the door. Who could it be? He wasn’t expecting anybody. He reached the door and opened it. If anything, he certainly wasn’t expecting this.

Thorwen was deathly pale by the time the door opened. ‘What if he doesn’t remember me? What if he blames me for Mother’s death?’ She thought frantically.

Both Father and Daughter gasped when the door opened, though for different reasons. Thoryon because on his door step was his daughter accompanied by the Royal Family. Thorwen because she was seeing her father for the first time since she lost her memory.

“M-m-m’lords and M’lady! W-what brings you here, Your Majesties?”, Thoryon exclaimed.

“Escorting your daughter home, good sir.”, Aragorn answered finding great amusement in the poor man’s discomfort. Arwen kicked his leg for this, sending her husband a glare.
Aragorn ignored it.

“Thorwen?! Why I hardly recognized you, my dear!”, Then he turned to the royals and said “Your Majesties, is there any way I can express my gratitude?”

“Yes”, Eldarion answered. “But please do not do what I will ask out of obligation. For even if you say yes, I will not take up on this if you do not do it willingly.”

“What is your request, Sire?”

“Your daughter’s hand in marriage.”

Thoryon’s jaw dropped. The Crown Prince of Gondor wanted to marry his daughter?! M-may we go inside to discuss this, Your Majesties?”, he asked, voice trembling.

“Certainly”, Arwen answered.

Thoryon seated them all comfortably and then asked “Is this your will Thorwen?”

“It is, Father”

Thoryon wieghed the pros and cons of this arrangement. If he accepted, his daughter and he would have a better life, Not to mention Thorwen being the future Queen of Gondor and Arnor. But then he would have to give up the farm. He had become quite attached to the land he had lived his whole life on. Thoryon shook the thought about the farm out of his head. He would say yes. That choice would be better for everyone.

“I accept M’lord. But if I may ask, how did you all come to escorting my daughter home?”

Eldarion and Thorwen told the story while Arwen and Aragorn kept quiet.


“So, here we are now”, Thorwen finished.

Thoryon, who had been silent all through their tale now started to let all this information sinnk in. He couldn’t say anything, so kept quiet.

“If we are all done here, I suggest that we return to the palace to make wedding plans and have the two trothplighted. Thoryon, you may accompany us if you wish.”, Aragorn finally spoke up.

“It would be an honor, Sire.”

“Then let us go. Go ready your horse, Thoryon.”

The group took leave of the house and walked back towards the company.


They reached Minas Tirith right before nightfall. The company was exhausted, to say the least. Arrangements were made for Thoryon’s housing and they agreed that the young couple would be trothplighted on the morrow. The King and Thoryon got to know eachother better, after all, they would be family soon. By the end of the evening, both had consumed large amounts of wine and were very drunk. They all departed to their rooms. It seemed that again, Thorwen would have to rise ere break of day.


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