Eltinuviel – Part 4

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Eltinuviel’s eyes slowly opened. Everything around her was hazy. Suddenly, she remembered. She remembered her father, mother, the family farm in Ithilien and the Orcs. At the last thought, she gave an involuntary shudder. Looking around her, she found that she was back in The Houses of Healing with Eldarion and Aragorn sitting by her side. She muttered, “I-I remember.”

Aragorn was sitting next to Eldarion, trying to comfort him when she woke up. Even though he currently had no love nor connection with her, his face was still the same ghostly white as Eldarion’s, for he knew that the girl he was watching just wake up in bed was most likely his future Daughter-In-Law.

Despite Eldarion’s attempts to hush her, Eltinuviel began to tell the two men her past. “My name is Thorwen, Eagle Maiden. The Orcs attacked while my father was out hunting. They killed my mother and took me captive. They wanted to rape me, but for some reason their Captain wouldn’t let them. Instead, the Captain ordered me dead. They cut two huge holes into my left leg, which caused me to swoon. That is how I got the blow to the head. When I didn’t wake up for two hours, the Orcs left me for dead in that marsh. I believe you know the rest, M’lords. Do you have any questions?”, she finished.

Eldarion shook his head, but Aragorn answered, “Yes, I do. What is your father’s name?”

“Thoryon”, Thorwen answered.

“Where was your house located?”

“Right on the border of Ithilien and Minas Tirith, just off the road.”

“And would you like to visit your father so that he does not grieve for you unnessarily?”, Aragorn spoke the last question with a smile on his face.

“Oh, could I? Sire that would be wonderful!”, Thorwen squealed in delight.

“Then we shall depart tomorrow.”, Aragorn replied, still smiling.

“Father”, Eldarion spoke up, “What about the Warden? He wouldn’t let her depart on a journey tomorrow for all the gold in Gondor!”

“Right you are, Sire!”, came a voice from the hallway. It was the Warden. “This girl is not leaving that bed for at least three more days!”, the Warden came barging into the room. You could almost see the smoke rising from his ears at the mere suggestion of Thorwen departing on a journey.

Aragorn sighed. He did not want to interfere with the Warden’s craft, but this was urgent. ‘Oh well’, he thought. ‘Tis must be done.’ With that he straightened and put his thoughts into words. “I do not wish to interfere with your craft, but this is urgent. Now, will you release the girl willingly or by command?”

“By command, Your Majesty.”, the warden said, bowing low.

“Very well. I hereby condemn you to release Thorwen of your care.”

“I release her”, the warden said bowing again.

With that, Aragorn, Eldarion and Thorwen walked back to the palace. Aragorn went to join Arwen in their chambers while Eldarion showed Thorwen to her room. The two lovers departed with a quick kiss and Eldarion saying, “Good night, my love. We ride ere break of day.”


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