Eltinuviel – Part 3

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Aragorn looked up as Eldarion entered his study with a beautiful girl by his side that looked scared to death at the mere thought of being in her King’s study. “Hello, Eldarion”, he started, “What brings you here? And who might this lovely young girl be?”, he said giving the girl a reassuring smile, for it looked like Eldarion was the only thing that kept her from fainting right then and there.

“Actually, Father”, Eldarion answered, “thats the problem. We don’t know who she is. I found her wounded in the woods of Ithilien. When she woke up, she couldn’t remember anything, so i named her Eltinuviel until she regains her memory. I know that you are expeienced in matters such as this, that is why I brought her to you.”

“Eltinuviel”, Aragorn mused, “Nightingale of the Star. A name well given.”, he said smiling up at her again. “As for the memory loss, I would reccomend-“, he never got to finish his sentence, for a loud gasp cut him off.

Both Eldarion and Aragorn immediately turned torwards the source. It was Eltinuviel, and before either of two men could say anything, she fainted in Eldarion’s arms.

“Quick!”, shouted Eldarion. “We must get her back to the Houses of Healing! She is still tired from her injury and if the Warden notices that she’s gone, he’ll skin me alive!”

“The Warden doesn’t know she’s here?!”, groaned Aragorn, “You won’t be the only one to experience his wrath, I know that from first hand experience!”

“Father, are we going to get her the Houses of Healing or not?”

“You are right, my son, now let us be swift!”

Eldarion picked up Eltinuviel in his arms and ran out of the study, closely followed by his Father. It was quite a sight to see both the King and Crown Prince running at full speed into the Second Citadel, the Prince with an unconcious woman in his arms.

When they reached the Houses of Healing, the two men were very lucky, for the Warden was in his office at the moment and it seemed that he had not noticed her disappearance.

They got her into her room and bed without incident.

“Father”, Eldarion began hesitantly, “There is another matter I wished to speak to you about.”

“Yes?, What is it?”, answered Aragorn.

“I would ask your permission to request her hand in marriage.”

“I will not give my consent until she regains her memory. I do not wish to dishonor her Father by marrying her off without his consent.”

“Very well, Father.”

Suddenly a soft sigh interrupted the conversation. It was Eltinuviel.


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