Eltinuviel – Epilogue

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Thorwen sat by Eldarion’s bedside. It was late in the evening, and Eldarion Telcontar, High King of Gondor, aged two hundred and five, was finally dying. Eldarion, Knowing that he had less than an hour left inside The Circles of the World, had handed down the crown and sceptre to his son, Elessar II. He had dismissed all servants, wanting none but his wife to be with him in his hour of death.


Elessar stood in the field of Cormallen and for for all of Minas Tirith to see, set the winged Crown of Gondor opun his head. He then took the Sceptre of Annuminas from the hand of the kneeling Beren, great-grandson of the Lord Faramir, late Prince of Ithilien and Steward of Gondor. Beren then shouted for all to hear, “Behold the King!”

Then the trumpets were blown, and King Elessar II went throught the gates where the guards thrust it back with bowed heads. He then passed into the City like his father and grandfather before him. Minstrels could be heard throughout the City as once again a new king was crowned and Elessar slowly walked through the flower-laden streets up into the castle and away from the celebrations.


“My Lord”, said Thorwen, “Would thy leave me so soon? We have had but over a century together, which is far from eternity.”, she cooed.

However, her husband replied, “My Lady, ’tis already too late. Do you not hear the minstrels singing, nor see the flower-laden streets? My time is over, for now the reign of King Elessar II, High King of Gondor has begun. And now I say to you, let our son have his inheritance. For he has waited long and has always prepared himself for this day. He will make a good king, for the people already love him. Do not take away our son’s joy.”

She sighed and finally said, “I will not, Lord, for your sake as well as his. But, alas, I fear that I shall not last long after your spirit departs. For indeed, I know not the ultimate fate of Men, but if there is any chance that our spirits would be together in death, I would have it that I might die with you.”

“Nay, Dear Lady, for I would have you enjoy the world yet awhile, for your day has not yet come.”

“Alas, for I cannot enjoy the world when you are not by my side. Your dying day shall be mine as well, for I have no wish to live without you.”

Then Eldarion sighed, and knowing that he had but a few minutes left within The Circles of the World, took his wife’s hand and said, “Thorwen, right after our wedding, do you remember what I told you?”

Thorwen, though confused, nonetheless answered, “Aye, M’lord. You said that no matter what anyone said, I would always be your Eltinuviel.”

“And to that I hold. Amin mela lle. Namarie.”*

With that, Eldarion’s eyes closed and his breathing stopped. His hand fell limp in Thorwen’s fingers. The dead king’s wife then threw herself opun her Husband’s chest and wept. When she could weep no more, she lay herself down beside him and there died of grief.

So ends this tale, of which many songs have told and has been passed down through centuries of generations and will be until the world is no more.

*Amin mela lle means ‘I love you’ and Namarie means ‘Farewell’.


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