Elrond’s Dilemma – Arwen’t Protective Father

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Arwen and Elrond were talking, a large fire banked to ward off the winter chill, it was late at night, and the winter wind was swift and merciless.Estel entered the room, his dair hair blown up at odd angles by the gale, his green cloak askew. As he came in, Arwen’s face seemed to brighten,much to Elrond’s dismay. “Excuse me, Master Elrond” Estel gasped (he had obviosly been running through the chill wind) “May I speak with the Lady Arwen?”

Elrond’s somber face stretched into a scowl. His daughter was the one thing that Elrond did NOT want to talk about. He adored the child, of course, but she was too pretty for her own good, and too headstrong. And she, like her distant ancestor Lady Luthien,was destined to fall, to die at the hands of a human, whom she would love dearly. Elrond would NOT let his little Arwen be killed by any HUMAN, not if he still drew breath.

“You may speak with my daughter HERE, can you not?” Elrond said icily to Estel. “Privately, FAther” Arwen responded, laughter in her voice. She looked so small and frail, that Elrond was painfully reminded of his late wife, the Lady Celebrien, who had died in excruciating pain.

Elrond sighed resignedly. ” O, very well”he said “But be careful,and wear a cloak if you go outside”Both Arwen and Estel laughed at this. “Surely, your daughter has more wisdom than you think” said Estel, and Arwen followed this up with “O, Father, I’m not a child anymore”. The two left, still laughing, leaving Elrond alone with the dying embers of the fire.

Elrond did not like this Estel fellow, not one bit. Estel was in love with Arwen, a fact that made Elrond despise the man. Master Elrond struggled with himself “Let her go”a part of his consiousness said ” She loves him, she will be happy”, but another side of his brain argued “This cannot happen. Their love will consume them, and destroy her. Estel will condemn her with his love for her.”

With this argument fresh in his head, Elrond went to talk to the Lady Gilraen of the Dunedain, Estel’s mother. “Lady Gilraen” he said “I wish to speak with you concerning your son” Gilraen was a formidable woman, short and stocky, with a cascade of long silvery hair. “Lord Elrond, if you wish to address me, by all means, do so” she commanded, imperiously.

“Gilraen, your son has looked upon my daughter, the Evenstar”Elrond said “They have been friends in secret,but he wants more. He loves my daughter, and she is predestined to die because of him. I WILL NOT let this happen to her! You must keep him away from her,so that she can go to the Valinore and forget him!”

In answer, Gilraen answered “My son is like my late husband, the Lord Arathorn. They both sought after women of higher staure than themselves” Elrond knew this was her last word on the subject, so he left, pondering the meaning of such a harsh destiny.


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