Elrondand Celebrian-II – The Meeting

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Elrond rode at break neck speed through the golden beech trees bordegay Rivendell’s borders. The ford was drawing near. No doubt the visitors had been ambushed as the were crossing the shallow waters.
He doubted if Orcs could withstand Celeborn and Galadriel. He remembered them faintly when he had been at Gil-galad’s side:the tall stately Sindar Lord, and the golden fair Lady, who, Elrond sensed, weilded a Great Ring. Their daughter was with them too! Elrond hoped they had’nt come to harm.
He could hear now the crash of weapons, and the twang of bows. And, he felt a piercing chill, and a deep foreboding. His heart turning over in worry, he urged Horteala forwards, his Elven powers increasing his aura of ethereal might – the Elven and Maiaron blood that beat in his veins lending him enormous might at his call.
He crashed out of the greenery, and out onto the shingle banks of the Loudwater, a white flame in his overpowering wrath, and Hadhafang blazed a chill blue.
Near the middle of the shallow waters were Celeborn, Galadriel and a silver robed maiden, presumably their child Celebrian, and about them were about five Elves of Lindon, judging from their gear.
Surrounding them were about fifty Orcs. But Elrond saw with terror the huge black-swathed Rider, the same he had faced when retreating from the rout at Eregion-a Nazgul.
He called out calmly:”Welcome to Rivendell”
Celebrian answered back:”It would be welcome indeed, except for this Nazgul ” The Elf’s fair hair streamed out across her hauntingly beautiful face, the heat of the battle making her thin gown stick to the buxom contours of her lissom figure, the sun glinting upon her slender blade.
Elrond watched her, spell-bound, and felt a rush of blood in his loins. He had seldom been in contact with women, and the Elf-maiden’s ethereal beauty took away his breath.
Savagely, he tore his mind back to the present and charged like a falling star into the ranks of Orcs, the enemy wilting at his approach.
The Nazgul now engaged Celeborn and Galadriel in a fierce battle of sorcerey and swords. Heartened at Elrond’s approach the Elves of Lindon drove back the enemies.
Seeing his defeat, the Nazgul veered towards Celebrian in his attempt to retreat.
Aghast, Elrond furiously drove himself forwarsd,shouting,”Fall back beyond the banks.”
Elrond mustered his will and dueled desperately with the Nazgul, trying to trigger a flood at the same time, his mind and body faltering at the palpable threat of the Nazgul.
Faintly he heard Celeborn’s deep voice cry'”Lord Elrond!”
Galadriel’s voice was anguished as she cried”Fall back Elrond!”
Celebrian screamed in unrestrianed worry,”Elrond!”
At least she cares for me!
Elrond war falling before the Nazgul….


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