Elrond and Celebrian — VI – coming of Gil-galad

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Elrond stood silently on the high balcony outside his chambers, looking down bleakly into the golden valley of Rivendell. His internal conflict was in sharp contrast to the peaceful sanctuary of his Valley.

What’s happening to me?

Who’d have thought that I , Elrond of Imladris would be so madly in love! And to think I told Glorfindel for taking Lady elwen to bed the first day at Imladris!
Celebrian! Aah, sweet flower of Laurelin, how can I have ever be worthy of your love.
And, then, there’s this new person she loves!

His thoughts were rudely interrupted by a gentle knock on the door.
“May I come in, Lord Elrond?”
“but of course, Lady Galadriel. Do take a seat. What may I do for you?”
The Lady smilingly took her seat in an ornate couch, and looked into the clear grey eyes of Elrond. “Elrond, you left Lindon about four years ago. Am I right?”
“Yes, but, I don’t –“
“Let me finish. I have heard that you have the gift of foresight. Can you see into the future of my daughter, and tell me if she’ll be happy, married to the one she loves?”
Elrond was a bit suprised. “My Lady, your powers as a Seer are legendary. While I am but a child in that arcane art!”
Galadriel smiled sadly. “Nay, Elrond, the love I bear for Celebrian clouds my seeing eye, percieving only what I desire, not the truth.”
“Very well, my Lady. I shall look into her future after we have broken our fast.”


Celeborn strode into the shadowy Inner Sanctum where Elrond would see into the future of his daughter.
Galadriel and Elrond were already there.
Celeborn spoke: “To forge the Alliance between the long-sundered houses of the Eldar, my daughter shall be married to the High King of the Eldar in Middle-earth.’
Elrond barely managed to mask his suprise. the woman he loved was to be wedded to his Lord, and closest friend!
Galadriel continued serenely, “Celebrian loves him, for he is indeed noble, nut we want her to be happy for ages, not just the few passionate years after the marriage.”
Elrond said shakily, “I cannot do this.”
Celeborn’s eyebrows shot up in suprise.
Galadriel’s face was impassive.
At that moment Celebrian, in a long blue gown, walked in, looking ravishing.
Elrond’s fiery gaze followed her into the room. Feelong his hungry eyes she blushed.
Galadriel saw the gaze and the blush.
Celeborn a fine shade of magenta, his face working furiously.

Without a word, Elrond walked out of the room.
Glorfindel caught him as he was tearing across the lawns.
” Elrond! Gil-galad’s coming over today! I say — what’s with the flushed face, my lord?”
Elrond felt an embarassed half-grin come onto his face.
“Oh, so the Lord and Lady pieced two and two together? Don’t worry, same happened when Cirdan found out that Elwen had been visiting my bed for a long time before I proposed to her. Only, the old haddock almost sent me to the West on one of his precious ships!”
Elrond pushed away roughly and hissed, “Listen, old friend, I have no chance of winning her, so just forget about the time when the calm wisdom of Lord Elrond was replaced with lust. And, Gil-galad’s coming, so I want everything to be ship-shape to welcome our liege.”

“Elrond, I do hope you take a walk sometimes in these fair gardens of yours. I suppose you spend half the time cooped up with your books!”
Elrond retorted, ” Ah, my liege, if I didn’t study, who’d be your adviser in war, when you get your berserk fits on you?”
“Well, before I get berserk, I better take a walk with my love, eh?”
The High King walked out of the feast-hall with Celebrian. Galadriel looked momentarily in Elrond’s direction. He shortly got up, and went out as well.



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