Elrond and Celebrian – III – A walk in the woods…

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Elrond fought savagely against the Nazgul, but could feel his mind wilt, choking on the bitter cold of the Ringwraith.
He sensed the Wraith’s merciless purpose, and put forth his powers.
There was a great rushing, as of great winds sweeping across verdant plains, West of West, and a mighty rumble as of the Forges of Aule.
A great cavalcade of foam-plumed froth-crested waves swept down the Loudwater in a wrathful flood, battering into the Nazgul.
With a ghastly shriek the Black Rider was swept out of view by the crashing waves.
Elrond, conciousness fast ebbing, felt the hungry waters suck him in, and he struck a rock, and knew no more…

A soft stream of star-flecked silver was flowing over, under, and into him. He heard the elusively beautiful words of the Elven song flow over him.
He struggled to open his eyes, and felt a great weariness.
THe singing ceased, and Elrond looked into the clear blue eyes Celebrian, who was sitting beside him, clad in a shift. The golden light of Imladris bathed the room, which was a sort of half-covered terrace outside the Lord’s own chambers.
“My lord, you are awake at last”, said Celebrian a mite shyly.
Elrond, bereft of words for once, gazed at the ethereally golden beauty that sat before him, his eyes unabashedly following the soft contours of the Elf-maid.
Celebrian blushed, intensely aware of her ‘less-than-adequate’ garb. At least, she thought, I am wearing something, unlike him.
Elrond hoisted himself into a sitting position, the sheets falling to his waist, and smiled.”Elen sila lumen’n omentielvo, my Lady Celebrian.I was not expecting anyone. What of the others?”
Celebrian answered, trying her best to sound composed, “They have all gone to the Last Homely House, to prepare a feast in honour of your defeat of the Nazgul.My mother foretold that you would wake today.”
“How long-“
“Two days.”
“I must thank you for staying by me even when the others had gone. Anyway, I think we must go and meet your parents, the honoured guests.”
The Lady admonished him sternly, ” No, not until you are a bit stronger. You might take a short walk in the woods, if you wish to stretch your legs – after you are dressed of course”, she added hurriedly, seeing Elrond about to stand up.
ELrond smiled wryly. “I suppose you would accompany me for a walk in the woods?”
Celebrian laughed , ” Now, my lord, are you making a pass at me?”
Elrond agreed readily, “Truly, I am.”
“In that case let’s see who can get dressed faster.”
Elrond stood up, a strange eagerness blazing in his eyes, aroused at the coyness of the maiden’s voice.
Celebrian blushed scarlet and ran out to get her clothes, discarding her shift as see ran.
Elrond stood unmoving for a long time before he went over to don his clothes.


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