Elrond and Celebrian -I – a not much hyped love-story

by Jul 6, 2004Stories

“My lord, they’re under attack!”
Elrond stood up hastily. Glorfindel, Erestor and the others gaped at the panting Lindir’s pronouncement.
Elrond tried his best to make his voice maintain it’s usual dignity.”You mean Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel and their entourage?”
“Yea, my lord”, Lindir gasped”I ran hither to report. Orcs of have fallen upon them!The few of our border-sentries who were there are of no avail. AND…”
Elrond could hear no more. Seizing his great sword Hadhafang he shouted at Glorfindel:”Gather what warriors you may and come. I now go to their succour!”
Glorfindel did not dissuade the young lord. No Orc could stand against an Elf-lord like Elrond.
Elrond swept out of the hall and the clatter of hooves on stone could be heard. Glorfindel sent his mind bck to the sweet years spent at Lindon…the ill-fated attempt to rescue the Elves of Celebrimbor..Elrond’s unparalled leadership during the retreat..and the eventual founding of the haven of Rivendell…the preparations for the arrival of Celeborn and Galadriel…
Lindir’s anguished cry brought the Elf-lord to his senses.”My lords, there is also a Ringwraith out there!”
Erestor viruallyscreamed”WHAT?”
Could Elrond survive, much less than rescue the visitors?

to be continued


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