Elone: Forgotten Daughter of Rivendell – Prologue

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In the days of old, in Middle Earth, when Celebrian, wife of Elrond Halfelven still lived, she bore to him two sons and two daughters. The sons, Elladan and Elrohir, gre up tall and handsome, and the daughters, beautiful. The eldest of these daughters was called Arwen, and by her people Undomiel: the Evenstar. For her beauty was reputed to rival that of Luthien Tinuviel, who was lost to her kin to mortality. The second daughter, the youngest of the four, was called Elone. She, too, grew up in grace and great beauty, and many secretly favored hers over the darkness of Arwen.

However, the hearts of the Elves and Men turned always towards Arwen, adn Elone faded and was forgotten, even by her father and those who loved her best. Many years passed in which she remained a slim shadow, a beautiful echo.

After a time, her heart welled up with sorrow, lonliness, and rage, and she rode away from Rivendell. She swore to herself never to return. She disguised her true self and became known to those who met her as Arnach, the elf-prince. She traveled to Gondor, and became learned in ancient lore, and the histories of Men she had been neglected to learn at Imladris. She stood side by side with the Men of the West, and became widely reknown for her skill with bow and sword. Known to all save Gandalf as Arnach, none even suspected her true identity. The red-gold hair was always carefully hidden, and only her sharp green eyes hinted at who she really was.

And many years passed thus. Not once did she return to Rivendell. Only once she ventured to Lothlorien, to speak and pour out her heart to her grandmother Galadriel. There, in The Land of The Vally of Singing Gold, on the banks on the stream called Nimrodel, she heard tidings of her mother. Celebrian was killed, they said with sorrow, murdered by Orcs; Elladan and Elrohir were seeking her vengance. Arwen herself was at Lorien, and so, also was Aragorn of the Dunadan.

With Aragron she held counsil, and he grew to respect the quiet warrior Arnach. He sensed there was more there than was on the surface, but he said naught of it. She learned much from the Ranger, much that was otherwise secret or forgotten. She had long known of the One, Isildur’s Bane, and of the Dark Powers in Mordor. From Aragorn she learned that evil was again stirring strong, and that the One must surely have been found, and have awoken.

So, after a fortnight had elapsed, and the Dunadan rode from Lorien, went him went Arnach. They spoke little, but Arnach was a great aid to him, and they drew their swords togeher against Sauron. With them also journeyed Gandalf the Grey, and they aided him hunt down the wretched Gollum. Elone sat with Gandalf through the long, loathesome hours as they put the final pieces of the tale of the One were put in place. Together, they bore the creaure to Mirkwood, and there handed him over to the Elven-king Thranduil. From the forest, Aragorn and Gandalf turned to the North. Elone turned southwards, and they parted.

Elone rode once more to Gondor, and was welcomed there by those who knew her. The sons fo Denethor were pleased to see Arnach again. And she stayed in Minas Tirith and they strenghtened their defenses.

And so, Arnach was in Gondor when the dream of Faramir troubled the land, from Osgiliath to Minas Tirith. Also, when the word “Imladris” was first spoken, it was she who translated it for the Men. No more would she say of Rivendell, however, save that indeed, she had once been there. For this reason Boromir, when he recieved the blessing of his father and prepared to search the meaning of the dream, he asked Arnach to accompany him. She was loathe to go, for indeed she dreaded returning to the house of her father, alias or no. However, Boromir pleaded and she consented.

For a hundred and ten days they journeyd, riding many leagues from the White City to the Last Homely House, Arnach as the guide. Reluctantly she passed through the Gap of Rohan, north past Isengard, through Dunland, and the Enedwaith until they reached Bruinen. This they followed still north, until in the grey of the morning they rode through the gates of Rivendell.


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