Eliana Itarildrë- Middle Earth’s Archer – Chapter 3- Hobbits and Healing

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Legolas left Eliana’s room that night with a sigh. Eliana Itarildrë. An extraordinary maiden, he had never met anyone quite like her. Indeed, it seemed she had never met anyone like him before as well. It was strange, how after only meeting her for the first time, she could seemingly hold him in a trance with her star-like eyes, framed by ridiculously long dark lashes–why was he thinking like this? He had only known this maiden for minutes, and already he was thinking about Eliana like he was……. Shaking his head and smiling, Legolas continued to make his way along the spiral staircase that led down the great mallorn tree.

Yes, he said to himself. Eliana is amazing. Simply amazing. It seemed to him, now that he looked back upon the meeting that in some way Eliana seemed rather familiar to him, even though at first he thought he had never met her before. Now, her face, her mannerisms… they reminded him sharply of someone he had perhaps known long ago. Oh well. No matter. Perhaps he could remember later.

Grinning broadly, despite the horrors of the day, Legolas realized that he would have the privilege of accompanying Eliana when she demonstrated her skilled with a bow; when she recovered of course. Hopefully Galadriel could let them use the Wardens’ archery fields. There he could possibly learn more about Eliana. When Eliana becomes known in the Golden Wood, she will perhaps have throngs of hopeful young elf-lords all vying for her attention, beautiful as she is, and will probably be too occupied to spend time in any archery field. Legolas thought, though he found himself hoping that would not be true, that it couldn’t be true. With a struggle, he suppressed the thoughts; he would not act like a lovesick elf-lad when he thought of her, much less when he saw her. Although, he added, with an inner smirk, Eliana seemed to be clearly charmed by him, and that was most definitely not something he could have been imagining.

Strange, yet thrilling that she should come from another world, but it seemed that she would find her place in Middle Earth in due time. Legolas did not doubt that both Aragorn and the Lady Galadriel herself thought that Eliana had a great role to play in the war that was to be; certainly she did, and would discover what it was when the time was right. In the meantime, Legolas contented himself with looking back upon the night’s events.

When he returned to the camp set up for the members of the Fellowship at the base of the great mallorn tree, he found that Aragorn had already returned and was asleep in one of the pavilions after the long and trying day. Legolas contentedly lay down upon the remaining couch in the tent, where he allowed the nighttime sky and his memories take him along the unknown paths of elvish dreams.


Three days passed by in the Golden Wood without any unexpected or remarkably wonderful happenings to Eliana.
She was moved to new rooms in the great mallorn tree, where she came to learn she was treated as a guest of honor. Healers had changed the bandages on her wound, which, much to her surprise and that of the healers, was almost completely mended after three days rest. Eliana credited her new elvish stamina with the unusually speedy recovery yet was a little unnerved; such severe wounds usually took weeks to heal fully.

Nonetheless, on the fourth day in Caras Galadhon, after being strictly ordered to a week of bed rest, Ellie was feeling incredibly uninterested with the prospect of lying down for another three days. She was restless, although it was not the gracious hospitality and care that had been given to her in the Golden Wood that made her so. Her hands itched to shoot a bow again; another day of sitting still and she would get out of shape and out of practice.

Her thoughts often strayed to the Fellowship of the Ring; she rather wanted to meet more of its members. Aragorn had come to visit her once, but only for a brief while before he swept out of the room, and Eliana was unable to ask him any questions. Her mind often wandered to Legolas and his doings. She greatly hoped she would see him again soon, and be able to accompany him to Lothlórien’s archery fields, as promised.

Try as she might, she could not get him off her mind; every aspect of him seemed to bring her joy, from his bright blue eyes, his handsome face, and not to mention the fact that he was a prince as well. There was a new emotion inside her whenever he looked at her; it was beautiful as it was pleasantly terrifying. Eliana shook her head to try and clear her thoughts. Why was she thinking like this? She was most certainly not going to be falling in….. After all, he was almost a complete stranger. Almost. Eliana knew that she had seen him before, and not only in a potential vision that she might have had in the other world. Although even now, the possible reason that Ellie knew so much about Middle Earth after living in America was a faded mystery to her. Oh well, Eliana told herself. She did not seem to be leaving Middle Earth any time soon, so she could leave that matter for another time.


Eliana was bored of sitting in bed; she felt so caged and useless when she was supposed to be `recovering her strength’ as the healers had told her. Ellie suddenly wanted to get up out of her room now or she thought she would lose her mind. Patience was rarely one of my strong points. she thought with a smirk. Tossing off the coverlet on her bed with an exasperated sigh, she cautiously stepped on the floor. Her legs were only a little shaky, but after she had walked about her room for a little while, she found that she was quite recovered. Her side muscles were still slightly stiff, but that was to be expected.

Eliana went to the wardrobe in the corner and looked through it. She chose a soft blue gown and slipped behind the changing screen. She emerged and looked in the mirror. The gown was very pretty, she admitted; it had sleeves that reached to her elbows before flowing away in soft waves of shimmering fabric and a bodice that laced up her front with silver ties, accentuating her tall slender figure and hiding her bandaging. After running a brush through her wavy tresses, Eliana quietly slipped out of her room and onto the white staircase that led to the ground.

As soon as she had reached the floor of the wood, she heard voices and the patter of little feet. Two small figures with curly hair and furry feet were running about in a clearing. Hobbits. Eliana realized with amusement. It seemed as if one of them was chasing the other. Ellie could hear there high melodic voices as they drew closer:

“Pippin, come back here you fool of a Took!”

“And why should I, Master Meriadoc?”

Merry and Pippin! Eliana knew them at once.

“You should know better than to play nasty tricks on unsuspecting others! I hope at least next time you desire amusement it is nothing more than a wicked plot to steal one of my blankets!”

The rustling and footsteps disappeared for a moment. A clump of bushes next to Eliana sprang apart to reveal the Hobbits. But before she could turn out of the way, Merry and Pippin bounded near her, almost knocking her over. The Hobbits fell to the ground and stood up clumsily, staring at Eliana and looking horrorstruck at what they had done.

Ellie stared back with a stern gaze for a moment, but she could not keep up her displeased guise for long. Her eyes began to sparkle with mirth, and she laughed outright, a bright ringing sound that spoke of pure happiness.

“So!” she said a smile on her face. “At last I get to meet the Hobbits! Merry and Pippin are your right names, are they not?”

“Y-yes my lady.” Merry said, looking very confused. “How do you know–?”

“Your names?” Ellie finished for him. “Well, I just know them I suppose. But never mind. Where are the others? Frodo and Sam, and the other members of your Company? I should very much like to meet them, if you would be so courteous to show me the way.”

“Of course lady, um…” Pippin said.

“I’m so sorry, how careless of me! My name is Eliana Itarildrë, or Ellie, whichever you prefer.”

“Lady Ellie. I like that.” Pippin said as they made their way down a path in the great mallorn roots. “This way, my lady.”

Laughing merrily, Eliana followed.


Merry and Pippin brought her to the pavilion that had been set up for the Company. Sitting there were Frodo, Sam, and Boromir.

“I see you have returned, young rascals.” Boromir said lightly, not noticing the other new arrival. “Have you settled your quarrel?” It occurred to Eliana that he had not heard her approach with the Hobbits, silent as her elvish feet were.

“We have.” Pippin said, giving Merry a shove.

Ellie’s laugh drew the other companions to look at her. The all stood up quickly and stared at her for a moment. Boromir was the first to recover, as he came over to Eliana and bowed over her hand.

“This is Lady Eliana.” Merry said, smirking for a moment at his companions.

“Lady Eliana.” Boromir said gallantly. “I trust that you have recovered from the injury you bore when you arrived at the Golden Wood?”

“I have, Lord Boromir of Gondor.” She replied somewhat stiffly. Something flickered in Boromir’s eyes when she said his name; uncertainty, or momentary fear perhaps? She gently took her hand from his hold. Good manners or no, she told herself, still rather skeptical about the more formal mannerisms of Middle Earth. Her senses told her to be careful about Boromir, she had a feeling he would become conceited and arrogant if something failed to go his way.

After Boromir had returned to his low stool, Eliana turned her attention to Frodo and Sam.

“I am glad to meet you, Frodo and Samwise.” She said with a thoughtful twinkle in her eye. “I have heard that your Fellowship has had quite an adventurous time, especially with- dark events of late.” She faltered only for a moment when she spoke of Gandalf’s fall. “Nonetheless, my curiosity cannot desert me for long. May I ask you to tell me of your homeland, the Shire?”

At once the Hobbits brightened, and began to enthusiastically describe the goings-on in their little country as they sat with Eliana upon the grass. Ellie felt Boromir surveying her once or twice, but whenever she lifted her eyes, he lowered his head and avoided her gaze.

Sam was giving Eliana a vivid account of Gandalf’s fireworks at Bilbo’s birthday party. “I’d like to make a song about them someday,” he said. “Something like this:

The finest rockets ever seen
They burst in stars of blue and green
Or after thunder golden showers
Came falling like a rain of flowers

Though that doesn’t do them justice by a long road.” Sam paused for a moment and blushed.

“I think it was lovely Sam,” Eliana said to the little Hobbit.

Just then she heard approaching footfalls: the heavy tramp of thick boots, and the whisper-soft steps of elvish feet. She turned and saw Legolas and Gimli the Dwarf walking towards the pavilion.

“Legolas,” she breathed, standing up hastily to greet him, and feeling her side give a sharp twinge. “And Master Gimli,” she added, smiling kindly at the Dwarf.

Gimli considered her for a moment before bowing to her in dwarf-fashion. “Good morning, Lady.” He said to her before taking a seat beside Boromir.

“Lady Eliana,” Legolas said, coming to stand beside her.

Mae govannen, Legolas. ” she said to him in the Elvin speech, a little breathless as she looked into his incredibly blue eyes. She felt color rush to her face, very much against her will.

“I thought you would still be recovering from your injury,” he told her, determined not to stare like a smitten elf-lad, even though Eliana did look astonishingly pretty in the pale blue gown.

“Well, I am supposed to be,” she admitted, a good-natured roguish sparkle in her eyes. “But I think that I am recovered well enough to walk about, and I was beginning to tire of being in my room all alone.” Her face was determined when she said her thoughts.

Legolas smiled to himself, admiring Eliana’s fierce spirit. “Even so, my lady,” he told her regretfully, “It would not so for you to tire yourself.”

“He is right, you know.” Boromir cut in, gazing at Eliana in a most peculiar way. “A wound such as the one that you took could take weeks to heal–“

“Yes but I believe I know quite well the amount of time I need to rest after injury.” She told him, slightly unnerved that the conversation was drawing the Hobbits’ curious stares.

“You should return to you rooms,” Legolas told her, concern written on his handsome face. “Come, I’ll take you there.” Gently taking a hold of Eliana’s shoulder, he steered her away from the camp.


When they were out of hearing to the others, Eliana stopped and turned to face Legolas. She noticed with some regret that he had taken his hand from her shoulder.

“Please don’t make me go back to my rooms.” She told him, pleading in her bright eyes.

“Lady Eliana–” Legolas began.

“And please don’t call me `Lady’ anymore. In my home, things were a lot less formal than they are here, and I’m not very used to it.”

“Very well. Eliana.” Legolas said, smiling a bit. “What would you do if you did not go back to your rooms? You will be missed.”

“Then I will be missed. I need something to do. I need to shoot again or I’ll get out of practice. You could show me where the archery courts are here, for future references you know,” she said cheerfully. “Please?” she added, beautiful face shining with the promise.

Legolas felt that he could never deny her anything of she looked at him like that. “Of course Eliana.” He said to her, grinning as he offered her his arm, which she accepted with a playful smirk. “I thought you would never ask.” Laughing, they made their way to the archery courts of the Golden Wood.

“I think we are going to be very good friends, you and I,” she told him blissfully as they walked in the merry golden sunshine.

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