Eleven Ranger – A night at the Prancing Pony

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“Do not worry little hobbits, we will not hurt you.”

“How do we know that?” Answered Frodo.

“You are being hunted, let us help you. Get inside.” She said as she walked past them she threw back her cloak.

They were amazed, he was an elf, no she, and it was a female elf. They stood there shocked.

“Well? Won’t you come in? I promise you. We mean you no harm!”

The hobbits came in; Eleniel closed the door behind them. And sat in a chair in the corner and Aragorn sat in a chair by the window, the hobbits stood there.

“Sleep in my bed; you will all be able to fit in it.” Aragorn offered. The hobbits walked over and sat on the bed. They didn’t quite feel like closing their eyes when they had the shady strangers in the room with them.

“You’re Strider, that’s what the barman called you.” Frodo sat on the end of the bed, while the others got in the blankets but stayed sitting up.

Aragorn nodded his head.

“What are you? What do you know about me? This thing you think I carry.”

“I am a ranger, long have we kept your borders safe though you might not have known it. I know Bilbo, would that comfort you?” Aragorn didn’t look at the hobbits; he kept his eyes on the window, watching the street.

“You know Bilbo? How?” Frodo asked, amazed.

“Rivendell, I met him there. When I’m not out in the wilderness, I am in Rivendell. I was sent here to intercept you.”

“Where is Gandalf? Do you know Gandalf?” Frodo sat up with a start and looked intently at Aragorn.

“You cannot wait for the wizard Frodo, he has been delayed.”

Frodo turned around, “and what is your business here? I would not have thought I would ever see an elf in a place as this.”

Eleniel sat up straight in the chair. “I am Eleniel, I am a ranger alike to Ara-, Strider here. I came to bring news to him. The Riders, did they harm you?”

“The Riders? Yes, they followed us, but I think we lost them at Bucklebury Ferry.” Exclaimed Pippin.

“You lost them, but they will find you.”

“Where do you come from?” Asked Frodo.

“I was born in Rivendell, I have been a ranger now for a long time. I like to wander, haven’t stayed in one place for a long period of time unless I had to for years now.”

“Why?” Frodo questioned her again. “Why does a fair elf such as you wander alone?”

Eleniel smiled, “Not always alone. I have friends that I travel with on occasion.”

Frodo was about to say something else, when they heard a heart piercing screech. I was the sound of death, and a bang. They were in Bree. The Nazgul. Eleniel stood up and went to the window, she watched them get off their horses and enter the Prancing Pony. “They are here; they are in the Prancing Pony.” The other hobbits sat up with such a start at this. Eleniel barricaded the doors just to be safe. Minutes later more blood curdling screeched were heard, Eleniel was back by the window. They were getting back on their horses. They had left.

“What are they?” Frodo turned to Aragorn.

“They are the Nazgul, ring wraiths. Once great kings of men. But Sauron the deceiver gave to them nine rings of power, and blinded by their greed, took them without question. And now they are bent to his will, to do his bidding.”

Frodo said nothing. The other hobbits sat there in silence, eventually falling asleep. Finally Frodo fell asleep to. He lay across the end of the bed. Instead of waking the other hobbits to get Frodo in bed, Eleniel picked him up and took him and put him in her bed. Aragorn stayed in the chair he was in, he sat there all night, falling in and out of sleep.

Eleniel tucked Frodo into her bed then went over to the other side of the room and slept in the chair.


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