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“Right. The one thing Morgoth doesn’t know is that it can only be handled by a true elf pure of heart otherwise whoever that is not will touch it and his hand shall burn and sear instantly.”

“Emilie!” Leo said to her at once. “We’ve got to get away from here then!”

No sooner than did Leo say it that Emilie’s feeling of horror returned. She looked outside her window and saw a large shadow descending. Emilie instantly shut the blinds and grabbed Leo’s hand sharply taking him out of her room. She saw the doorknob of her front door turning, and she remembered that she had not locked it. Before it could open Emilie jammed her body against it hard closing it on the dark figure standing outside. She heard a shriek and saw a piece of black fabric sticking through the door. Elenya pressed her body against it as she felt the pressure loosening behind her.

“This is a temporary situation,” Emilie said knowing she was strong but if the other wraiths were to come, the door would fly open instantly.

Leo looked around and started pulling the couch over to the door. Even if it did not sit against the door, it would be enough since the Nazgul were quite massive. Emilie could hold on no longer. Leo gave one last push and Emilie flew over the couch as the door opened and pushed at the sofa. It would give them some stalling time, but not much. Then Emilie realized just how much as she heard her back door window breaking. She took Leo’s hand sharply and ran to her parent’s bedroom locking the door behind her.

“What are you doing?” Leo asked.

Emilie hurried into the closet as Leo looked out of the window quickly seeing three dark figures issue into the house. It was not long before they heard pounding upon the bedroom door the wraiths attempting to break in. Leo hurried into the closet with Emilie seeing her pull a string down, and the stairs to the attic appear. Emilie hurried up them first then Leo. She wrinkled her nose in disgust as mothballs and dust filled her nostrils and eyes. Emilie was highly allergic to dust and mold, and it was the perfect place to be at the moment. Leo took the string to the attic door and lifted it up as he heard the wooden door breaking.

“Where now?” he asked.

Emilie made for the end of the attic, and Leo saw a skylight leading up to the roof. Emilie pushed her hands against it, and it easily gave way.

“Give me a boost,” she requested.

Leo cupped her foot in his hands and hoisted her up onto the roof following shortly after. Emilie looked around her and saw the black Jaguar parked in the street. One dark figure stood beside it, and she saw his red eyes flaming as it looked up at her. It was now raining, and the wind blew fiercely against Emilie as she and Leo attempted their escape.

“This is no ordinary storm,” Leo shouted as pelts of raindrops hurled down upon them.

“Whatever the case, we’ve got to get to the car.”

“I don’t think the car is an option, darling,” he said pointing to the smashed automobile.

Emilie cursed. Without waiting, she made her way to the east side of the house and hoped no wraiths were awaiting them. She proved correct and hurriedly climbed down the drain pipe. Leo hesitated, and Emilie looked up.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked harshly.

“Em, I have a thing with-“

“Shut up!” she snapped. “Now’s not the time for a height fear. Get down here!” she ordered.

All thoughts of falling were driven from Leo’s mind as he turned seeing the dark figures climb through the skylight. Leo rapidly followed Emilie down the drainpipe until they had reached the ground. She ran without waiting. Emilie’s house rested in front of a lake which proved very useful.

“Those jerks can’t swim! Come on!” she shouted heading for the lake taking off her shoes.

“How do you know?” Leo asked removing his shirt.

“Because they got their arses kicked at the ford!” replied Emilie.

Emilie dove into the water along with Leo, and they swam for their life as they heard the hisses and shrieks of the wraiths pursuing. It was then that Emilie heard pelting happening from something much larger and dangerous than raindrops in the water. Emilie screamed looking back toward the shore at the rifles aimed in their direction. Emilie sunk beneath the water and held her breath hoping to gain some distance between where they could not shoot at her. Emilie continued until she could no longer hold her breath and came up seeing Leo ahead of her. She knew he was a good swimmer though Emilie was far better at holding her breath underwater. Emilie saw the wraiths leaving the shore and climbing into the black Jaguar.

“Do you think they’ll follow us?” she asked.

Leo answered. “They can sense our presence. We are elves as you say. They do not need to follow us.”

“Terrific!” Emilie said as they continued to swim. “We’re basically caught up in a web of intrigue and evil involving a reborn dark lord demon and there is no way we can escape him.”

“There is one way,” Leo answered.

“Share please.”

“We get to Middle Earth and plead our case to the Valar.”

“How can we get there?” Emilie asked.

Leo said nothing. Emilie noticed the edge of the lake approaching, and she swam harder until she had reached the shore. Emilie collapsed from exhaustion. However Leo stood up seeming more energetic than before. All Emilie wished to do was sleep. Leo hovered over her, and she looked up. The moon’s rays glowed upon his bare skin, and Emilie longed for him to take her in his arms, but this was not the time. Leo reached for her hand and brought Emilie to her feet.

“We need to get out of sight.”

“I’m tired,” she complained.

“Don’t get pessimistic on me. Come on. Do I have to carry you?”

“No!” she said suddenly refusing her pride to be wasted. “Well, oh! I’m so tired!”

Then Emilie realized this was not normal. Swimming energized her not exhausted her. Emilie then reached into her side feeling a dull pain. She looked at the object fixed within her skin and pulled it out. Emilie cursed.

“Tranquilizer dart.”

The last thing Emilie saw was Leo’s face before her world went dark.


Emilie stirred opening her eyes to see Leo resting comfortably beside her. She felt a warm blanket upon her skin. Leo noticed her stirring and leaned over her touching her hair.

“Sorry about that. I had to get your cold wet clothes off of you when I realized you had a fever.”

Emilie looked under her realizing she was stripped down to her underclothes. She blushed embarrassed.

“Hope you had fun,” she remarked smiling.

“You’re not mad,” he grinned caressing her cheek.

“What about my clothes? No,” she rolled her eyes. “A little embarrassed, but not mad. And where are we?”

“We’re in a cave at the moment. Kind of like that one you found back in Duluth. This one’s bigger though, and more concealed within the forest. I brought you some new clothes,” Leo said handing her a pair of dry jeans and a short-sleeved black top. “Found them in your room.”

“You went back there?” Emilie asked.

“Your clothes were ripped and wet what was I supposed to do? Leave you freezing to death in them?”

“Thanks,” she muttered.

Emilie stood up. The pain from her side had abated and with good reason. Leo had wrapped the wound in a handkerchief. Emilie stood up letting the blanket fall to the ground. Leo turned as she began to change. Emilie took her still wet bra and underwear off and changed into the dry ones Leo had brought for her, though she still felt some embarrassment since he had seen her sizes. Emilie finished and approached him from behind wrapping her arms around his waist. He smiled and placed a hand around her neck bringing her face to his. Without warning, Leo took Emilie’s mouth in his kissing her firmly. Emilie breathed him in. He felt just like Legolas. He was nearly here with her, and Emilie wished they were in Middle Earth. She wished this was Rivendell not some dark cave. She wished they were beside a waterfall kissing upon a bridge. That was how it should be. Emilie released herself from him and stepped back. Leo seemed puzzled.

“Sorry,” Emilie apologized.

“I thought this was what you always wanted,” he told her.

“Not here.”

“I see,” he approached her and brushed a hand across her cheek. “You still miss Leggy don’t you?”

“He would have killed me if I had ever called him by that name. And I don’t want you doing this to me unless you want to do it.”

“Emilie, we are different people here. You have to remember that. My memory is returning slowly but surely. I am remembering a lot more about our previous life together, but you have to accept it wont be the same as it was before. You have changed just as I have.”

“I haven’t changed,” she argued. “The world has changed around me, and I simply become accustomed to it.”

“Perhaps,” he smiled thumbing a spot upon her chin. “But you are not Elenya here just as I am not Legolas here. Don’t be afraid of change.”

“I’m not,” she said.

“Then why are you afraid of me?” he penetrated her eyes with his blue ones.

“Because you’re different!”

“And I always shall be. So shall you.”


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