Elenya_Lives – What will happen to Elenya and Legolas?

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“I have powers you cannot even begin to imagine.”


Emilie had begun to explore this place. She was glad they had not done anything yet to her. It seems they were awaiting something, yet she did not know what. She had asked many times about Leo and he her, but she simply received cold stares, hisses, and promises that she would never remember him again. Emilie paid the rumors no heed. A dark lord could not break her heart, and neither could a jealous lover. Her heart was like steel yet soft and warm for one person inside.

This place was the most massive castle or mansion she had ever seen. She was not allowed outdoors, but she easily noticed through the windows the two cobblestone courtyards with flowing fountains. The castle was made of entirely black stone though it included black marble. She was disgusted by the color black, however. Emilie did not dare make a descent into the dungeons or down the stairs. She was afraid of what she might find there. Emilie had spent most of her time within the library surprised that the former dark lords would even have one though they had continually reminded her they were dark lords in man’s form, and a little pleasure and intelligence could go a long way.

This day Emilie decided she would go to the floor above her since she had explored the entire 2nd floor. Emilie ascended the stairs slowly her hands resting on the wooden banister. Emilie had quite grown tired of the two former dark lords tastes in the bizarre paintings and sculptures planted upon every wall.

The third floor was very much like the 2nd one though to her right she noticed what looked like a conservatory. The windows were clear and looked out toward the east though the sky was still full of clouds and it was raining. But Emilie was glad to look out since the entire room was surrounded with French glass windows. Then Emilie nearly gasped at the sight of something very familiar. She ran to the black item and stood before it amazed. Emilie ran her fingers over the delicate black and white ebony keys and slowly sat upon the bench. She began with one of her easiest and favorite songs. She softly played the notes to Pachabel cannon in D. She loved this song, and it always relaxed her. Emilie moved on to play Fur Elise and even Moonlight Sonata. She finally played a song that seemed easiest at the moment. She softly began to sing the words of Music of the Night. Emilie finished with her favorite song and began to softly sing to it.

“May it be an evening star shines down upon you. May it be when darkness falls, your heart will be true. You walk a lonely road. Oh how far you are from home.”

Before Emilie reached the elvish part of the song, a hand slipped over the piano and grasped the black top closing it nearly over her fingers. She turned and saw Morgan standing over her. She glared.

“Don’t like elvish songs do you?” she sneered.

“No, nor do I care for the stars, and I will have you stop.”

“What are you going to do? Spank me?” Emilie asked sarcastically.

Morgan did not even respond, but Emilie suddenly felt a propelling force driving her to her knees. A coursing pain ran through her, and she fell with her face to the ground nearly screaming out for it to stop. Finally the pain abated, though Emilie still did not move from the ground for fear if she stood, it would occur again. She then felt a hand lifting her chin.

“You are learning well,” Morgan grinned looking into her eyes. “You are beginning to fear. And you will respect me.”

“Whatever you think I will do for you, you’re wrong so wrong.”

“Time is drawing near, Elenya. You shall be assisting us soon.”


[l]Fletcher could feel a change within his soul. He had sensed it every day, and it ate away at him as acid did to metal. Something was about to happen soon. He had been tracking Morgan and Smith and knew they were up to something illegal or at the least unethical. His contact had proved him right. Soon he would act. Morgan and Smith had just abducted two people they noted from their unusual plane ride. Fletcher would stop their plans somehow. He would not allow Omega to happen.[/l]


Emilie dreamed and her dreams were not peaceful. Everywhere she looked she saw blackness. She kept running and looking behind her to see if they were there. They were coming after her, and she needed to run. She was tired and her head was burning, but she knew she needed to keep going. She could not let them take her. She continued to run not even knowing where she was running to. It was an endless black hole, and she could see nothing but darkness. She suddenly stopped as a small fire rose up to meet her. She weaved her way around it, but it was not long before many started to appear. Emilie felt herself trapped between the fires, and the heat was extreme. The smoke filled her eyes, and she coughed though it hurt to do so. Her eyes burned and swelled, and Emilie collapsed to the ground. Emilie suddenly felt a cold hand reach out and touch her face.

She awoke perspiration and tears flowing down her face. She sat up and looked around knowing she was within the room given to her. Emilie stood up and looked out the window. It was still dark, but she did not wish to go back to sleep. Her dreams were horrifying. She knew who she wanted to see only one person. Tonight she would go to him.

Emilie quickly slipped into a robe and opened her door quietly. She walked through the familiar halls of black tapestries, stonewalls, and carpeted floors with suits of armor standing nearby. She made her way down the flight of stone stairs until she reached the very last ones leading to the dungeons. She took a deep breath and continued.

Emilie felt an odd feeling float up her spine. It continued step by step. She did not stop until she reached the bottom and slowly peeked around the corner. She shrieked back unprepared for the sight before her eyes. Hundreds of cells holding poor wretched captives lay to her right and left. But what guarded them was horrid. She hoped she would never see one of these creatures again. But Sauron and Morgoth reborn must have found a way to create them. She knew if they were released into the modern world, they could begin tearing it down. What other things could the reborn dark lords have in their possession? Emilie did not wish to know.

Emilie turned the corner hoping her approach would work. She had weakend ever since returning to America, and she had no weapon with her, but she would do her best at being aggressive. Emilie quickly walked to her right and was instantly met by a Uruk. He towered over her his eyes gleaming with hunger as he observed her standing in her white nightgown. She folded her arms across her chest and glared back.

“I don’t want trouble,” she began to say. “I simply demand you show me at once to the Prince’s cell or you will be sorry.”

The Uruk let out a harsh guttural laugh. “No one is to see the brat. Orders.”

“Well you can simply tell the lords to blame it on me. If you don’t, I hardly think you would want this knife to be imbedded in your groin.”

Emilie bravely pressed it against the only thing covering his hips and below. The Uruk sneered for he had no weapon. She pushed it further.

“Do as I say,” Emilie ordered. “And no tricks with your little friends.”

“Follow me.”

The Uruk led her down the hall as she keenly pressed the knife against his back. She thought it would take forever to see Leo. Her guess was that the lords wished to keep him as far away from escape as possible. They did not know that keeping him farthest from the entrance would give him the best escape possible.

The Uruk finally stopped pointing roughly to the dark cell. Emilie was struck with an intense feeling of déjà vu and hated it as she looked at Leo in the cell. She ordered the Uruk to unlock it, and he obeyed. She instantly pulled the door open and flew into Leo’s arms dropping the knife. Before she could react, the Uruk gave the door a prompt shut. She gripped at the bars.

“I will murder you for this!” she snarled as he ignored her and walked away to tell Smith and Morgan.

“Emilie,” Leo took her hand and led her away from the bars. “We’re together now. It’s ok.”

“Oh Leo!” she cried collapsing into his arms once again. “I am sorry for all of this. I should have told you all about this about everything.”

“We have time now. Tell me.”

“Sit down. There’s a lot to tell.” Emilie sighed and buried her hands in her face for a moment. Then she continued, “Do you remember the tale of the Silmaril?”

He nodded.

“Well, this jewel is so powerful that it can destroy the earth. And there were three made. Supposedly Maedhros took one and plunged into the fiery chasm with it. His brother took the other and drowned himself in the Sea with the second one. The third one remains upon Earendil’s brow. Yet, that one Silmaril, which was thrown into the Sea was recovered by a servant of Morgoth. I did not know how but a chink of it was saved before Angband was covered in water. Varda gave the Silmaril to me, Leo before I left Middle Earth. Morgan and Smith know I have it. And that’s the thing. Only an elf pure of heart can wield it. They cannot.”

“Wait!” he stopped her. “Are you telling me, they are going to use you to wield the Silmaril so they can destroy the world?”

“You are bright,” Emilie smiled.

“It won’t happen!”

“It will, Leo. Unless we escape.”

“I think I have some acid melter in my pocket, Em.”

“Don’t get sarcastic. We need optimism.”

“Shhh,” Leo pressed a hand against her lips. “I hear someone coming.”


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