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The great tower of Tol Eressia rose to greet them the sapphire jewel shining brilliantly in the light of the stars.

The ship approached the shore and landed softly upon it, Fletcher climbed out of the boat and greeted a man with hair lying upon his shoulders like golden flax. He was dressed in clothes of royal blue matching his eyes. They spoke in elvish and Leo decided to climb out of the boat as well. He finally was tired of sea life. As soon as he stepped onto the shore, an elf slightly taller than he grasped his shoulders laughing.

“It is he! It is Legolas my brother!” he said to Fletcher in elvish.

Fletcher replied, “Leo is his name. He may not completely remember you Gondolin. He is a reborn mortal though he be an elf here.”

Fletcher was correct for Leo had changed during the crossing of the gap. His ears were now tipped, and his golden hair had grown slightly longer. Elizabeth had changed too. Her eyes were bluer and her hair longer. Fletcher also changed. Now his dark hair flowed just passed his shoulders.

“What’s going on Fletcher?” Leo asked.

“Gondolin is your older brother,” Fletcher replied.

“I do recognize him. I recognize everything here. It’s all coming back.”

Just then Leo was awestruck. Before him, approached a lady clothed in pure white. The light of the stars was in her eyes, and her golden hair fell gently to her waist. Everything was silent as she approached, and she herself seemed like a great star lighting the darkness. Leo knew well who it was, and he fell to his knees amazed for she was nearly like a beautiful memory, who he had not seen in centuries. She gently lifted him up.

“You return to us in the most dangerous time, Legolas. You yourself are in great danger for I sense someone has not accompanied you on this journey.”

“She was taken by the Enemy,” Fletcher answered Galadriel.

“Then only your love can save her, Legolas.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“The Enemy has ensnared her soul.”

Legolas refused to believe it. “That’s impossible! Emilie would never give herself to them.”

“She has Legolas. You are now the only person who can liberate her.”


“I cannot tell you. That you must learn yourself. The only thing I can reveal is that your love must save her.”


Leo was reunited with many old friends including one of special importance who would yet play a role in his life. Frodo Baggins of the Shire. The hobbit still lived though he was worn with age. He seemed much wiser than he had been before. He was much changed, and the wound still haunted him at times. Yet Sam was always by his side. It was good for the gardener as well. He missed Rosy all to often, but Frodo’s love and company helped ease the pain. Leo learned Gandalf had returned to Middle Earth for trouble was brewing. He was disappointed to learn the Istar was not there. Yet Leo met many more people including Elrond and his two rather dashing sons. They seemed rather amusingly displeased at his arrival. For wherever Legolas went, he was greeted by many she-elves taking away the advantage of the twins. Still Legolas knew he did not come here to reunite with old friends. He came to rescue his love and reunite his love with Elenya.

Leo tossed and turned in his sleep nightmares filling his mind. He finally climbed out of bed and made his way to the balcony outside his room. It was not yet morning but the moon was slowly sinking beneath the Sea. Tol Eressia was beautiful. The silver lamps lit the entire city, and the light of the stars seemed to shine even more radiant. Leo felt a hand grip his shoulder. He turned seeing Gondolin. Legolas smiled and consented that this person did resemble him.

“Leo, it is good to have you here,” he said struggling with the common tongue.

Leo learned that Gondolin had chosen to sail to Valinor barely after he had been an elfling. Legolas had taken over the duties of Prince when his brother left. The call of the Sea had not been as great upon him yet.

“Diolle lle,” Legolas spoke in elvish.

Fletcher had given Leo a book of Sindarin, and he had learned quickly. The more he spoke the language of the elves, the more memories and flashbacks returned to him. And now Leo was asking people to call him Legolas.

“Do you remember me?” Gondolin continued in English.

“Aye, but my mind has been preoccupied.”

“Thoughts of your lover?” asked Gondolin.

“Yes, Elenya. I love her yet she is a world apart. I do not understand how we are constantly being torn apart this way.”

“The road is long and difficult, but do not lose heart and you shall succeed.”

“Thank you, Gondolin.”

“Your Elenya was fair?”

“Oh yes. Elenya was to me the most beautiful in the world even more than Luthien or Arwen for her courage and kindness and how she seemed to shine like a star even in the most horrible time. She remained the optomist even when everything seemed beyond hope.”

“I do hope you save her, Legolas. And if you ever require assistance, I shall be with you.”

“Thank you again.”

“You are welcome, brother.”

Gondolin left the elf to ponder. Yet as he did, Legolas suddenly caught a gleam of white. An elf maid dressed in a flowing white gown with a long train walked in the courtyard beneath him. She bore long copper curls that fell to her waist, and she was intoxicating. Just then, she turned her face to Legolas and he nearly tricked himself into believing it was his Elenya looking at him. This girl’s eyes however were green not blue, and her face was different than Elenya’s. Her smile widened, but Legolas turned away thinking of Emilie. As he turned, the reborn elf came face to face with Galadriel. She held a silver water pitcher in her hand and pointed to the basin standing upon the pedestal in the middle of the room.

“Look into the mirror Legolas,” Galadriel said to him.

“I do not wish to see the future.”

“The mirror shows many thing that are not yet to come. You can never know the full future Legolas. The Ringbearer faced his fear. You must too.”

Legolas approached the silver basin and took a deep breath slowly peering through. The mirror blurred a moment, and images began to form. Legoals saw Fletcher and Elizabeth walking in a forest together. Then he noticed they were looking up at a great silver tree with golden leaves. He then saw a figure in the trees and knew it was himself. The scene changed, and the girl whom Leo saw in the courtyard appeared. She laughed seductively and faded as well. Then Legolas saw her. Yet it was not his love. A black crown she wore, and her hair was a fiery flame of red like her eyes. The great jewel was fixed in her crown, and she held a knife in her hands. Legolas gasped at seeing the figure kneeled before her as she was ready to take aim. It was himself.

“No!” he fell back as the pictures disappeared.

Galadriel lifted Legolas to his feet and spoke softly to him.

“What you see is merely a shadow of what is to come. You must be strong, Legolas. You are different in mind, but you are changing. One part of you is Leo the other Legolas. You must give into your memory of Legolas for your love for Elenya will save you. And only give into your other mind for your love as Leo for Emilie will save her as well.”

“Will she die?”

“I cannot say.”

“Will I die?”

“If you fail, you will die. And you will not be reborn again.”

“What must I do?”

“Travel to Angband. There you will find her.”

“Why are we constantly torn apart, Galadriel?”

She spoke with sincerity. “You are tested Legolas. She is tested. This is your last quest, and you must fulfill it. If you succeed, you will never again be tested. Beware of the girl you see in the mirror. Namarie. May a star light your path.”


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