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Elenya stood before him, and yet it was not her. A golden crown with a shining Silmaril was fixed upon her head, and her eyes had changed from a deep sea blue to a piercing crimson red. Was she truly beyond all hope or could he still save her? Whatever the case, he would still try. Legolas fixed an arrow in his bow.

“Release the star!” he cried.


Morgoth laughed darkly and touched Elenya’s golden crown. She spoke, and yet it was not her voice.

“You will be released piece by piece into the depths of fire for coming to challenge the rulers of the world.”

“The Valar rule the world. Eru rules the world.”

A powerful force ripped Legolas into the air, and his back connected with the stone wall. He sword he could have heard something crack, and he realized it was Elenya who had done this to him. Fletcher unsheathed Ringil.

“Will you challenge me again hand to hand, little elf?” asked Morgoth arrogantly.

“I would challenge you a thousand times and would wound you a thousand times until you die!”

Gondolin now knelt before Legolas who began to ride but still in pain. He approached the throne, but did not walk very far. An invisible wall blocked him from moving any further. Legolas looked into Elenya’s red eyes.

“Elenya, Elenya, look at me,” he said. “I know you are there. Lasto beth nin tolo dan na galad.” hear my voice come back to the light

“Your quest is fruitless, helpless elf,” she answered harshly. “You have come here only to die.”

“I have come here to free you,” he continued with hope.
She answered with crushing words. “I have already been freed. And now you shall die.”

A clamorous growl issued from the chamber to the right, and a gleam of red light flooded out to meet them. Gondolin readied his sword as did Fletcher. Legolas’s aim was ready. He knew what this devilry was, and it struck fear into his heart, but he stood firm. Before their eyes appeared a Valaraukar a balrog of Morgoth. Wreathed in flame it appeared carrying a whip of fire. Fletcher knew he could not use Ringil upon Balrogs for they were made of fire. It approached them scarlet eyes gleaming ready to strike as it raised its whip.

Suddenly, a streak of white light appeared. It was the Pegasus but now a long horn of many different flashing colors protruded from her head. She attacked the Balrog, and Legolas saw that Morgoth and Sauron were concerned by her appearance. It was not only the sign of her white purity, but also a sign of someone else’s coming. They felt something all too familiar. They had finally come!

“She has brought the Valar!” Legolas cried out in triumph.

“We must aid her. Come!” Fletcher charged though they stood barely to the Balrog’s knee.

The elves rushed quickly, and it seemed to their death. Legolas shot an arrow into the Balrog’s eye, but it instantly turned to ash. Yet, whenever the Pegasus charged, a thick coat of impenetrable ice protected her. Her horn also seemed to upset the Valaraukar, and it shrieked in rage whenever the horn touched him. This caused enough distraction for Fletcher and Gondolin to hack at the Balrog’s ankles attempting to bring it down, and they were succeeding. However, Legolas was faced with a new danger.

The wargs swarmed out from the left chamber their numbers so many they were difficult to count. He loosed his arrows shooting one after the other. Fortunately, when one met its aim, the creature’s end was final. Legolas drew out his knives and prepared for the onslaught. Legolas hacked at the first warg, which attacked him and within a few moments brought the creature to his death.

From out of the corner of his eye, another warg charged at Legolas. Thanks to his elven senses and quickness, he rolled out of the way and raised his knife blade up plunging it into another charging wargs mouth. He could smell its fetid breath, and the claws scratched his skin, but he plunged the sword further into the warg’s mouth, and it finally colappsed. He stood and glanced at Fletcher and Gondolin who were insane by ascending atop the Balrog who was slowly faltering.
Legolas turned his attention back to the wargs. He knew what would be helpful now. He dragged an arrow from his quiver, and took the flint out of his pocket. The arrows were dipped in oil, and it would not be difficult to set afire. He did this in quick time, and he was soon charging fiery arrows at the beasts. One of the wargs fell instantly to the ground writhing at the burning pain. He then took a stick of wood from his cloak and lit it afire from the burning warg and drew out his knife and charged with the burning wood. Many of the wargs fled after seeing what had happened to another of their company, but the brave ones remained in attack but advanced slowly.

Legolas’s senses were alert, and he knew when one or all were about to charge. One drew too close and he quickly ended its life by diving his knife into his mouth. When he was distracted, another warg approached, but he kept his left hand occupied and finished the approaching one with the fire stick.

Gondolin knew his brother needed help, and Fletcher and the Pegasus were doing quite well. The elf slid down from the Balrog’s shoulder to his arm and shot one last arrow into the Valaraukar’s hand causing the creature to drop the whip of flame. He took off to aid his brother.

Elizabeth moved stealthily and wounded the Nazgul once again in the shoulder. She knew though the wraith lord had been reawakened, he had been reborn into the wrong world. He was a person now of flesh and bone trapped in a cage though his evil mind was still the same. She was the same, but fortunately her mind was upon the correct side.
Elizabeth ducked as the mace came down. This provided a distraction for the Nazgul to injure her. Elizabeth gripped her shoulder and switched hands for her sword. She would be slower, but she had learned how to fight both ways.

“You incompetent child! You can never defeat me!” the Nazgul prided himself.

Elizabeth faced him for a moment and then remembered something. She drew out the match within her pocket and held it in her bleeding right hand hoping the Nazgul had not seen it. She dropped to her knees feigning defeat giving her enough time to strike it against the hard stone floor. The Nazgul took a fistful of her golden hair and placed a knife against her throat.

“And now you die,” he hissed.

She endured the pain and brought the match into view.

“I believe you’ve seen this before!”

She threw the match onto the wraith, and his robes instantly caught upon fire. Elizabeth turned her eyes from the burning wraith as the flames consumed his body of flesh. The Witch King held up his arms in protest to the flames and ran to the precipice jumping off rather to die from falling than burning.

“Guess he never heard of stop, drop, and roll,” Elizabeth smiled. “I have to find Fletcher.”

“Legolas! Watch out!” Gondolin yelled as a warg attacked the former Prince of Mirkwood.

The warg would certainly have wounded him fatally if Gondolin had not warned him. Legolas ducked under the beast and plunged his knife into the warg’s abdomen. Gondolim took the dagger from his boot and aimed like a marksman and the dagger sailed into an oncoming warg’s breast. Legolas stood beside his brother and faced the remaining five wargs. Legolas still carried the burning stick and knew there was not much left. The wargs glared at the brothers and circled waiting to pounce.

Legolas acted quickly before they could all surround them and threw the remainder of his torch at the largest one. The fur instantly caught fire, and it sprinted wildly causing the other creatures even more confusion. Another warg ran forward lunging to Gondolin and leapt into the air just before its flight ended from the pain of an arrow. Another one approached from behind, and Legolas caught onto its head and swung upon its back as he had done with a horse in another warg fight. Legolas held on tightly as the warg attempted to knock the elf off his back. Legolas took out his long knife and stabbed the warg’s head deeply. The creature fell to the ground. Now there were only three left.

Elves did not easily tire, and it was a good thing. Fletcher continued to battle the balrog slashing at the ankles, and the brothers noticed it faltering. The Pegasus gave one last prod with her keen horn, and the Balrog stepped back and retreated into the chamber where a large cliff waited to send it to its death. But as the Balrog retreated, his whip of flame appeared from the chamber and wrapped around the Pegasus. A loud neigh of pain echoed through the room, and Legolas did not spare his arrows and killed the remaining wargs. The brothers rushed to the Pegasus aid, and Fletcher cut the whip of flame with Ringil.

The Pegasus crashed to the floor her thick coat of ice now penetrated. She neighed softly as Fletcher approached. A streak of golden appeared from the chamber where the Balrog had retreated, and Fletcher saw Elizabeth appear. She instantly rushed to the Pegasus side and lifted the horse’s head onto her lap.

“No, my sweet brave Istel,” her tears fell upon the Pegasus gleaming white coat.

The Pegasus sapphire eyes sparkled at Elizabeth for a moment, but she neighed softly, and her wings folded down to a resting stage. The Pegasus’s eyes began to close.

“No, do not leave us in this our hour of need, my beautiful Istel,” Elizabeth pleaded.

Istel’s eyes closed and did not open again. Elizabeth laid a hand upon the soft coat upon her chest and felt no breathing. She took the horse’s head and caressed it gently while her silver tears dropped onto the Pegasus. Fletcher took Elizabeth’s hand and kissed it raising her to her feet. Fletcher embraced her, and Elizabeth wept into his chest.

“Bravo!” Morgoth clapped. “Excellent show! You are all worthy fighters, but now that we have seen some sport, it is time for you all to die. Begin with the lover elf,” Morgoth whispered in Elenya’s ear.

Suddenly, from behind the company emerged demons, cold drakes, and dragons of all massive sizes ready to battle the company except for Legolas. But he never imagined that Elenya would be one to kill him. Elenya gripped a fiery sword in her hand and walked down from the dais and approached Legolas an evil grin on her face.

“Elenya, I will not fight you,” he said.

“Arm yourself, worthless rat!” she declared harshly and haughtily her red eyes gleaming.

“No, I will die before I battle you.”

“That is the point of this battle,” she held the sword up and crashed it down.

Legolas blocked it with his knife but still refused to attack. The cold drakes, dragons, and demons neared Fletcher, Gondolin, and Elizabeth. Since they were only three, and the demons one hundred plus, Fletcher knew they could not succeed.

Elenya raised her sword again, but a quote came into Legolas’s head inspiring his voice. It seemed his words were not his own, but he said them aloud. He knew he had to if only to reach her. He had to reach her.

“I love you, Elenya! I love you! I will always love you!” he said, and a shock appearance came upon her face. He continued louder, “I love you! And love is stronger than anything! Love stronger than sin, death, and betrayal! Come back, Elenya! Walk no longer in the darkness for love has come! Love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy, love does no boast, love is not rude, love is not self-seeking! It is not easily angered, love keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in anger but rejoices with the truth! It always protects! Love always trusts! Love always hopes! Love always perseveres! I love you, Elenya!”


Elenya walked in the darkness, but now not alone. She heard his voice, she saw his face. She saw the image of herself standing over him with a sword. But she could see. A beacon of light passed into the darkness surrounding her and enveloped her. The great wall had crashed down.


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